The Chainsmokers Are Showing A Darker Side With Their Latest Song “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers have been gaining popularity to an impressive degree over the past few years, with many hits popping up throughout the years that have rocketed them into the spotlight. It was back in 2015 when the duo really started taking the limelight with their song Roses. Ever since that point, The Chainsmokers has consistently maintained a position on the top music lists throughout the country. In the latest news for the band, they have released a new song by the name of Sick Boy, which takes their music to a level of dark that fans have not seen before in their music. The Chainsmokers have typically stuck to the world of Electronic Dance Music, so this new direction will be interesting, to say the least.

When it comes to the music industry, there is quite a bit of pressure to continue producing new content for fans, which this duo has been duo practically every month. However, Sick Boy took roughly three quarters of the year for The Chainsmokers to release. According to the duo, this new direction is a way for them to respond to the various critics they’ve built over the years. Just like anyone in the music industry, facing the press and the critics can be daunting. Luckily for them, they can get it out in the music, which appears to be what The Chainsmokers is doing with their latest song.

The Chainsmokers have said that their music allows them to express how they feel and discuss the various issues that are affecting the world today. Ever since the duo decided to start producing music, they had a clear direction of what they wanted to convey and how they want to be perceived by the people. Any potential fans out there of this talented duo can check out their The Chainsmokers website to see all the music they have produced and their current schedule for shows and events.

A Highly Reliable And Reputable Bank

Are you an entrepreneur or someone looking for financial management advice? Want to find a bank that offers high quality financial products and services? Maybe you want to find out about Nexbank and its team of experts.

You may be considering getting a new bank account for several reasons. Perhaps this is your first checking account or you are relocating and need to find a new financial institution. In addition to doing your banking at a branch location, you may want to switch to a bank that offers online banking access.

When looking for a financial institution, it is crucial to consider every service you need. As a customer, you can switch to a different bank and can change accounts if you are unhappy with your current bank.

Many people want to know more about Nexbank and how this prominent bank can help them with their individual or business banking needs and secure their future. The bank is well known for rendering top notch service and outstanding features and can guide both entrepreneurs and organizations.

The ability to consult with well-trained and experienced professionals and help customers research their options and arrange their finances is a crucial factor you need to consider when comparing banks. In addition to having access to a vast range of financial products and features that can help you reach your goal, you also want to feel confident in the professionals at your chosen bank.

It is always advisable to have a consultation with a qualified professional when evaluating bank accounts or certificate of deposit at a financial institution. You’ll want to discuss with a professional who is well versed in the banking field.

Finally, you will want to make sure the bank provides online banking and a newtwork of ATM machines for your convenience. If you have any questions or concerns about their process, it is imperative that you let them know right away.

Nexbank is a highly reputable and reliable bank and has customers from all walks of life. Nexbank comes highly recommended in the industry.

Jeunesse Global sees popularity of Luminesce moisturizer climb through roof

Many people find the Jeunesse Global story almost difficult to believe. The company was founded in September of 2009 by a retired Florida couple. Just 8 years later, it would be one of the dominant international players on the global health and beauty scene. How did a company of such humble beginnings soar to such towering heights?

The answer lies in the fact that the company’s founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, were no ordinary Florida snowbirds. On the contrary, the couple had built an entire career out of founding and growing some of the most successful direct-marketing businesses in the North American health and beauty sector.

By the time the couple decided to found Jeunesse Global, mostly as a way to simply alleviate the boredom of retirement, they ranked among the most expert and skillful entrepreneurs in the United States. It is, then, perhaps not so surprising that Jeunesse Global quickly found wild success.

But from the beginning, Ray and Lewis were intently focused on creating the most revolutionary and effective products possible. One example of that drive can be seen in the company’s Luminesce skincare lotion and moisturizer. Luminesce serves well as a moisturizer, containing the usual ingredients, like aloe vera, that help with restoring sun-damaged and dry skin.

It is in what else Luminesce does, however, that it really shines. The lotion contains the Jeunesse secret ingredient, which is simply known as APT-200. This substance was developed by scientists working on behalf of Jeunesse Global, for use specifically in the company’s products. APT-200 has been clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles currently on a user’s skin while also preventing the formation of new wrinkles. It is also able to restore elasticity that has been damaged by the inevitable insults of time.

Luminesce has proven to be one of the company’s most popular products for these reasons. It is part of a larger basket of products that the company refers to as its Youth Enhancement System. Together with a healthy lifestyle, the Youth Enhancement System is the key tool that Jeunesse is using to create what it refers to as Generation Young.

OSI Food Solutions: Doubling the Production of Chicken Meat

OSI Food Solutions is one of the subsidiaries of the OSI Group, and they are currently operating in Spain. Recently, the subsidiary of the OSI Group has announced that they will be adding a production line with high-capacity on their location of operations in Toledo, Spain. It was also reported that the new investment cost €17 million, and it has been completed earlier in 2018. With the new production line in action, OSI Food Solutions have seen a rise in the number of chicken products that their plant manages to process. It climbed from 12,000 tons to a surprising 24,000 tons in a span of just one year. This upgrade in the production line of OSI Food Solutions in Spain would also mean that they will have greater capacity in producing other meat products. It is projected that for this year, OSI Food Solutions will be able to process 45,000 tons of livestock meat, including pork, beef, and chicken. It was also reported that the new production line will open up an employment slot for 20 people who will work together with the 140 existing workforce.

According to OSI Food Solutions‘ managing director, the extension of the plant is a response from the headquarters to keep up with the higher demands for chicken meat, especially in Portugal and Spain. The managing director of OSI Food Solutions also added that the need for chicken meat in the region is growing at a pace of 6% to 8% annually, and it is a natural response for them to double or triple their production line to meet these demands. The trend with the demand for chicken meat is still expected to become greater in the coming years, and OSI Food Solutions wanted to ensure their customers that they will be able to accommodate the demand because of the recent extensions that they implemented.

The new production area consists of a 22,600 square feet building, a shipping and receiving area for packages and other parcels, a supplies storage, a waste container storage, utility areas, and the employee’s social and entertainment area. There is also a kitchen built inside the production area for the purpose of product development. David McDonald expressed his delight when he has heard about the new production line in Spain. He stated that it will provide more jobs to the people of Spain, and he is looking forward to more improvements with the OSI Food Solutions.

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Five Investment Suggestions That Clients of Southridge Capital Needs To Pay Attention To

Starting your own investment portfolio is an exciting enterprise. It means you are taking control of your finances and your life. Unfortunately, some clients get too excited and start to make mistakes. They take advise from people who are not qualified enough. Clients of Southridge Capital assume that certain strategies will pan out as long as they stick with it. One wrong investment will cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why you need to learn from and avoid the following 5 mistakes. Visit their Facebook page to see more.

1) You need to diversify, but pick your assets wisely.

“Wise men profit more from fools than fools from wise men. The wise men shun the mistakes of the fools, but fools don’t imitate the successes of the wise.”

Cato the Elder

Just because two investments look the same does not mean they are worth the same.

2) Asset allocation is more important than stocks, remember that. You should overanalyze and spend too much time on choices that do not make much difference. You should spend less time on the hot picks and more time on what you currently have.

3) Spend less time focusing on your trip to the spa and more time on where your finances will be in 20 years.

“A man without a plan is not a man.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

You need to map out a plan based on mathematical expectancy. Anything else is mere gambling and not an investment.

4) Education is the key. Always has been. Always will be.

“Only through education will you have an account of your own ignorance.”

Will Durant

Investing requires knowledge of both the art and science for you to have success.

5) Your investment choices need to run in concert with your personal lifestyle and goals. Some expert may have made millions by doing this or that, but that does not mean it will happen to you. Experts are not always right.

“The only true definition of an economist is someone who finds out tomorrow what did not happen today.”

Laurence J. Peter

Click here to get started with a Southridge account today or ask any questions you may have.</strong>

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How Ricardo Tosto is Evolving Legal Profession in Brazil

Ricardo Tostois a famous Brazilian lawyer, handling the business and corporate litigation. He has been handling the business-related cases for more than 22 years. With most of the cases involving the high-profile individuals, multinational enterprise, and large corporations.

Before establishing his law office, Ricardo Tosto used to work in the small law office where he gathered enough experience. Today, he has a vast litigation experience as well as the leadership abilities in a wide range of business legal engagements and commercial matters.

As he focuses on solving legal issues, Ricardo Tosto always bears in mind that business goals define legal strategies. He always takes the analytical and precise technique that is targeted to achieve the particular goals of the client.

Ricardo Tosto reported the case of cassation of the judicial decision a case about the division of the assets between a couple in a stable relationship, marriage or in a parallel relationship. He stressed that in the context, the decision was annulled, handed down in the recognition and the dissolution of a stable union and division of assets. This was because one of the co-workers was married and the wife was not summoned in the suit.

Ricardo Tosto further reported that apart from annulling all the original judgment, the ex-wife’s citation was determined by STJ. The superior court has the right to exercise the adequate defense in the case involving the ex-husband and the author of the action. He also claimed that the alleged couple separated, but also agreed that he had not left home permanently. Ricardo’s reports indicated that information provided by the author showed that the alleged partner was in Fortaleza during the weekend and lived with her in Mossoro during the week.

The accuser also contended that the ex-wife did not take part in the acquisition of the assets that she guarantees to be part of her estate together with the partner in the stable relationship. The man had already admitted the coexistence with the author but claiming to be a case of adultery as he was continuing to live with his wife. According to the report of the Ricardo Tosto, the ex-wife would have the interest of joining the defense to prove the maintenance of the conjugal coexistence.

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Talkspace for Your Mental Health

If you are struggling mentally but are unable to see a local therapist because of your financial situation or because it is too inconvenient, Talkspace is an app that you might want to consider for yourself. It has been estimated that online therapy companies have grown in popularity by almost 100 percent due to recent worldwide events, and it is just beneficial to utilize a company like Talkspace because of all that it can offer to you. This is why a lot of people have used Talkspace and are happy with what the company is able to do for them.

The reason Talkspace is as advantageous as it is is because it enables you to quickly and easily talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort of your own home. Not only does this save you time, but it can also save you lots of money since you will only pay a few dollars a day to have full access to your therapist. This is the reason thousands upon thousands of people have already downloaded and been using Talkspace for themselves. It is an app that you can give a try for yourself as well.

This is an app that you can trust, and it is far superior to anything else that you might have used in the past. In fact, Talkspace is easy for you to download and make use of whenever you would like full professional therapy from the comforts of home. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford therapy, and there may be situations where it is difficult or even impossible for you to leave the house in order to get this type of help. This is why Talkspace was created in the first place and is the number one home-based therapy app that is currently being used.

Talkspace and The Increased Engagement of People After President Trump’s Election

There are many untoward consequences that people had never expected to happen after the election of Dunald Trump. It may even be said that his election has sparked some of the greatest political, social and emotional changes in the landscape of American politics. One of these changes can be seen in the sudden spike and rise of young people that are flocking to use the online counselling therapy app, Talkspace.

The Rise of Talkspace Engagement

In a CNBC article, it was revealed that since the election of Donald Trump, Talkspace has experienced about 70-80 percent of growth in customers, which is the highest amount of increase that the app has witnessed since November 2016, which was when Trump got elected.

Another interesting discovery was that most of the people that were taken to using the app were from the Jewish community, the Muslim groups, the minorities and from female individuals. There were also LGBT customers and Jewish people aged from 33-34 that suddenly got to use the app for the first time. It goes with little explanation that these new users are from the millenial generation.

Co-founder and CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank had a lot to say in this new customer rate increase. For one, he cited that the election of Trump has incited a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and what adds to the level of national anxiety and stress lately, he said, was definitely triggered by the election and the president’s inauguration.

About Talkspace

Founded in 2012, Talkspace is right now one of the modern applications online today that let people work with their mental health issues with the help of professionals in the Talkspace platform. The plans that customers can avail of from Talkspace include a $32/week package. These customers can select their own therapist, which they can contact anytime online for help and support.

OSI Food Processing Network Professional David McDonald Makes Business News

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Food Processing Group Inc. has been proudly established since 1993. They remain a trusted network as one of the first to respond to a stabilized food network. Their customers have been guaranteed a nutritional diet backed by the strict guidelines set forth through food regulation. OSI was willing to respond outside of infractions or huge penalties. Today, thousands of customers choose their diet to feed their family. Their products have become the leading diet among too food competitors. In fact, they never make you guess what’s in your food or where it comes from.

OSI Inc. Professional Bio: David McDonald

David McDonald, graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Business School. He has over 16+ years experience in the food processing with a start in food during his early 20’s. He is proud be a part a putting nutritious meals on the tables of millions of families and works alongside their current COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have together a family iniative designed to give their partners business growth while expanding their current portfolio. McDonald says, he’s proud to serve millions of restaurants, delis, and eateries worldwide.

McDonald’s Recent OSI Contributions

OSI has had a very successful international partnership under the leadership of McDonald. He was able to recognize the significance of the EU food industry. He was quickly able to secure a partnership deal worth $7 million dollars and will operate from their popular Flagship Europe food group. They will process vegetables, meat patties, and food condiments. Their success in Europe caused them to become an attractive partner for the Dutch food industry. OSI will also introduce their organic vegetables to an Indian overseas food market. They would like their success to mimic that of their United States and Asian food deals.

Your invited to visit the popular OSI wensitebfor more details on putting a foodeal on the table tour family can trust. Don’t guess where your food comes from or what’s in it with the superior OSI food processing food group today and save.

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Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics: Reaching New Heights In Cancer Care

Founded on the basis that cancer treatments need to be more targeted to actually treat the cancer and not do significant harm to the patient, Seattle Genetics, led by Clay Siegall is succeeding in their battle against cancer. Clay knows first hand the devastating effects that cancer and traditional treatments can cause. Mr. Siegall saw a loved one go through a rigorous bout of cancer, almost passing away from the side effects of chemotherapy and became determined to put an end to patients having no options to traditional treatments.

Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been the beneficiary of all of Clays hard work to change the future. The company was started with a skeleton crew of people and Clay. Now Seattle Genetics is looking to become a pharmaceutical heavy hitter with their headline drug, ADCetris a drug that can target cancer cells for destruction. Along with ADCetris, Seattle Genetics has about 20 marketable pharmaceutical items that bring in money for more research. Seattle Genetics currently has several contracts with GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Genentech, and Pfizer.

Now days, Dr. Siegall works mainly in establishing funding for his research and development teams, but Clay has a very strong background in cancer research. Dr. Siegall received his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. After earning his college degrees, Clay worked up through the ranks from the National Cancer Institute as a researcher to working in developing treatments at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Dr. Siegall also sets on several pharmaceutical and research centers Board of Directors; Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall has 15 patents in his name and is an author of more than 70 publications. To read more about Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics please click here.