The Foundation of CCMP Capital

CCMP is a global investment private equity firm specializing in buyouts and growth equity business transactions. The company was founded in 1984 and has progressively increased its business success throughout the years. CCMP Capital targets four areas of business they focus their strengths and expertise on. They are consumer/retail, industrial business structures, healthcare industries, and energy/chemicals. The company has many years of strategic and productive management processes which have established a high reputation of business for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. It has been named a world class investment partner due to their management and reputation.

CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. In 2006 CCMP Capital announced that they became their own independent firm in the business investment industry. The company is solely based and concentrates their line of business in North America and Europe focusing on the four different targeted areas. The expertise and depth of business this company has produced and allowed them to be extremely successful and hold a high reputation in the investment line of business. They continue to grow and expand their services, ensuring that each customer is totally satisfied with each business transaction.

Stephen Murray was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital, where he oversaw the conduction of business transactions and provided viable and valuable information to the company. Stephen has many years of experience in the equity and investment business. He attended Boston College in 1984 with his economics degree. He then decided to get his Master’s degree in business administration and graduated with that degree in 1989. He has over 30 years of experience where he has worked with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, MH Equity Corporation, Chemical Venture Partners, JP Morgan Partners and CCMP Capital. All of the companies he worked either merged together or branched off from one another, like CCMP Capital, which was a branch off of JP Morgan Chase. He was the co-founder for CCMP Capital, and spent many hours grooming and shaping it into the company it is today. In 2007 he was name the CEO of CCMP Capital where he oversaw every line of business and ensured that each transaction was carried through on an executive level of business. Murray also took part in many different boards that were related to major companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods and many other boards. Murray also was a sole supporter for the Make A Wish Foundation of the Metro New York area and took part in the Boston College food bank supporting those in need a solid meal. He was still very active with the activities at Boston College and became a member of the chairman’s council. Sadly Murray passed away in March 2015, but he will be remembered for his great achievements, dedication and hard work.

The Success Behind the Success of Eucatex

The future of the planet is behind the motivation at Eucatex. The company offers environmentally safe products, including tiles, acrylic resins, paints and varnishes. These products are quick drying and can be applied to bricks as well as natural stones. The resins are water based which means they are safe for those applying the products, as well as those who come in contact with them. Exterior, as well as interior areas, are able to enjoy the look and finish of Eucatex’s products.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2011, Eucatex enjoys the success of entertaining repeat customers again and again after they are pleased with the products the company has to offer. Today they have added laminate floors, wall partitions and other items to the product line. Employing over 2,000 employees and sending its products to 37 countries its success is well celebrated.

President and CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, is just one reason the company is so successful. A respected member of the leadership of the company, he has led the company to become a front runner in sales of its products across the world. In 2014, under his leadership, the company’s sales grew by 30%. With Eucatex for over 30 years, Maluf is also an accomplished mechanical engineer, a successful entrepreneur and a lawyer.

Maluf began his career with Eucatex long ago, working in the trade area. In 1996 he moved to the industrial side of the business and after that the company’s president. Maluf is also the president of another company, GrandFood Group. Known for his charitable heart he participates in many worthwhile evens and programs, donating much back to the local community. Exame Abril notes that Maluf is just one example of the type of people who have made Eucatex the respected and successful company that it has become today.  Flavio Maluf often talks environmental issues on Twitter, it’s a good place to open the dialogue, and follow Eucatex’s lead as they try to become a more and more sustainable corporation.

What It’s Like Owning An NBA Team

For most people who love sports, one thought in most of their minds is the imaginary idea that owning an NBA team can be quite amazing to have. The truth is that owning an NBA team is extremely amazing because of the opportunities it can open up for you. NBA teams and taking a share in them can give you the chance to make serious cash and have a strong capability to handle a part of the team. Whether so it making suggestions or just being a part of their parties, you can be sure this is an investment that can put you at the top of any huge party list.

What It’s Like Owning An NBA Team

– Opportunities

There are countless opportunities for people like you wanting to make some serious cash. You can meet the basketball players, hang out with everybody, make big money, and be invited to all the biggest celebrities parties. It’s so much easier to make some big cash this way, especially since there are countless opportunities and ways

– Network

If you’re looking forward to meet other people and network, this is the perfect place to do just that. Being just a part of the group of an NBA team is more than enough. But owning the team and having a sense of authority over the brand can change you up life and put you on the map easily. Networking at parties and also within the NBA team is so much easier when you decide to be a part of the NBA world.

Bruce Levenson is one of the few people who previously owned an NBA team. The truth is that he was a huge success as an NBA owner. As a philanthropist and businessman, he founded UCG, owned and operated the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team. His ability to resell the team by more than 27 percent of what he sold beforehand, you will find that he truly knows the world of business and achieving that successful markup. Owning an NBA team, as he has mentioned, is not easy feat and requires plenty of diligence in order to grow as a business and help make the team better. Being at the peak and authority of what it takes to grow an NBA team, you will come to find that Bruce Levenson truly knows what he is capable of.

Forbes billioanire Bruce Levenson is a great example of somebody who knows and understands the world of owning an NBA team. The work involved and the time spent further developing the company can guarantee that you accomplish serious growth. Bruce is ultimately one of the few people who knows how to handle a team, and he has inspired other owners to take after him.


Spread Of Norovirus Incredibly Fast


Food preparation is serious business because intense vomiting is no way to end a meal. Chipotle serves as a harsh lesson about the spread of disease. An infected person can transmit the virus, so can infected food or water, also touching contaminated surfaces. Employees and customers both can spread the disease, even while taking safety precautions.
In December, there was an outbreak of norovirus at Chipotle at Boston College in Brighton, Massachusetts. The virus rapidly spread through the dorm, and 141 students were infected. The restaurant closed for two weeks for a thorough cleaning, then reopened.
Chipotle has been responsible for 500 cases of norovirus and E. coli since July. The company is under criminal investigation for the way it handled its food. As a result, Chipotle has announced new safety procedures in its supply chain, including safety testing and contaminant screening. The company will continue to use locally grown ingredients and more organics. There will be no antibiotics or growth hormones.
Although there is no certainty when it comes to the avoidance of contamination, doctor Sergio Cortes points out that there are some common sense rules that actually help stop the spread of disease. Food handling requires that employees wash their hands often. Although employees should stay at home when they are sick, food handlers generally can’t afford to do this, so they work anyway. This is a double edged sword when it comes to norovirus and E. coli.

Are Raw Meat/High Meat Diets the Only Ones That are Healthy for Your Dog?

As a modern dog owner, you might have heard a lot about how important it is to feed your dog either a raw meat diet or a high meat diet because this is what his ancestors, the wolves, would’ve eaten in the wild. Though this argument makes sense on some levels, and your dog would likely enjoy a diet like this; not only are these diets impractical financially and when you consider convenience; they are also not the healthiest for your animal. In fact, you can find, Beneful, one of the healthiest and most complete dog foods at your local grocery store or WalMart. Though wolves are the ancestors of domesticated, modern dogs; dogs are not wolves. Their genetic patterns do differ somewhat from wolves’; and it’s unnecessary to develop their instincts to eat raw meat, because they are house pets. They rely on you, their owner, for survival. In addition, they will eat raw meat if you don’t feed them and they’re hungry anyway, whether you encourage that instinct in them or not. The reason that diets that consist of a variety of whole pet foods like Beneful are so healthy for your pet is that they are balanced. In fact, most pet owners don’t even realize that wolves actually eat only 70% meat in the wild. The rest of their diet consists of wild vegetables and grains. Therefore, when you’re feeding your dog Beneful, you’re truly feeding your dog something much closer to what he would eat in the wild nutritionally. The only difference is that the foods in Beneful are cooked. However, while living in your home, your dog has to smell all types of delicious, cooked foods day in and day out. In many ways, Purina Beneful cooked dog food recipes are also emotionally healthier for your dog because they smell and taste like the types of foods you would feed your own family, the types of foods that your dog is constantly craving. In addition, experts don’t think that the, “Eat like your owner,” trend is going anywhere soon because it’s healthy and it gives pet owners peace of mind. So chances are, high-quality brands like Beneful will remain accessible for quite awhile.