Redefining the Wedding Experience

The wedding industry has made remarkable improvements in the past fifteen years. These changes have in effect redefined the wedding industry making the process easier, fun and less stressful as opposed to previous years when wedding s were mired with a lot of confusion and unnecessary headaches.

The most significant changes have taken place in the wedding registries. Back in 2002, the wedding registries had employed a new but ineffective system that was commonly referred to as the registry gun. The system was so ineffective that it took couples a whole day to fill the registry list.

However, this system which was relatively new was slow, and ineffective to the extent that in some instances it duplicated items selected, further the only items available were those on the shelf.

Fifteen years later the situation has changed significantly, wedding industries have through technological advancements designed utility tools that are user friendly meant to be used in the registries. This developments have significantly made the process of planning for a wedding a lot easier for the couple as well as the guests.

The Knot registry for example gives couples an opportunity to review retailer prices as well as compare registry benefits. Further the knot registry offers couples tips on how to customize their registry as well as share their profiles on the knots website.

My registry offers couples a platform seeking to acquire few items from different retailers. This great site also has a mobile app which enables couples compare prices to find the best prices for gifts as well as pull up all registries and combine them into one. The app also gives guests a chance to contribute to buying expensive guests for a couple.

Honey Fund gives beyond the spectrum of gifts with the registry offering a platform for guests to contribute to airfare, lodging and any other expenses that may be incurred in the process of preparing for a wedding.

The future of Wedding industries is hinged on technological advancements from RFID and Image Recognition. The industry is set to make further head way in making the wedding process interesting through software development. The process of planning for a wedding should not be stressful, in fact it should be exciting and this is what RFID and mage recognition set out to achieve.

Slyce the company that has come up with a visual search technology through a mobile app are set on redefining the internet experience as well as playing a key role in redefining the marriage experience.

Slyce has in the recent past received much recognition from the development of the slice universal scanner, which offers the most accurate image recognition technology. The application offers customers a platform that is flawless by snapping or scanning anything around them and will receive a quotation of the exact match of the goods online with different prices from different retailers.

Based on this image recognition technology it is safe to conclude that the process of planning for a wedding will in the future be very reasonable and exciting.

Lime Crime Pushes Forward By Bringing Fairy Tale Style To The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics brand Lime Crime has become one of the most popular new companies in the fashion industry over the course of the few short years it has been in operation for. New York fashion graduate Doe Deere is the brain behind the Lime Crime Facebook, which she formed as a response to the problems she found finding bright and bold colors for her self and her models to wear; According to Instagram, Lime Crime was established in 2008 by Deere after she struggled to find the right cosmetics to market the clothing Lime Crime was producing to sell via its own Online marketplace.

Upon first appearing in 2008 the Lime Crime brand was based upon the cosmetics Doe Deere had been creating for herself to wear each day after she felt unhappy with the options available from the traditional cosmetics producers. Deere was instrumental in switching the focus of Lime Crime from clothing to cosmetics; despite the success Lime Crime has been achieving in recent years Deere remains as active as possible in the research associated with new products, reportedly she feels happiest when working to produce the latest cosmetics products that will make the loyal followers of Lime Crime happy in the future.

Lime Crime has not been sitting still basing itself on the bright and bold colors the cosmetics brand made its name with in the past; instead, the brand has recently been looking to evolve into the future in the image of its founder, Doe Deere. The latest product launches from Lime Crime have seen a slight shift away from the boldest colors available to include more muted tones that can be used for more conservative events or work wear. The fairy tale nature of the brand remains as popular as ever as the marketing of the company still uses the founder in many of their marketing campaigns as the loyal customers of the brand look to her for inspiration and confidence based upon her social media platforms like the Lime Crime Twitter.

New Trustee Members for Austism Rocks

Having founded Autism Rocks as a charity to raise awareness and funding for research into autism, Sanjay Shah is now proudly expanding his enterprise. As reported by The Sunday Times, the foundation has recently added two new trustees to its board, Will and Pete Best.
The move is unsurprising for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Autism Rocks Is based around invitation-only live concerts that have since its inception is 2014 gained a significant amount of donations and attracted attention of the world’s famous musicians and philanthropists. Will Best is well versed in the entertainment industry, having begun as an organizer of underground music events in Manchester and eventually becoming a television presenter for various music shows. His insight into this creative environment is invaluable to Autism Rocks.

Meanwhile, Pete Best is a good friend of Shah’s and has made his name in the financial sector for 21 years, holding notable positions at various firms such as Icap. Combining his financial savvy with Will’s eye for the creative make these two natural choices to the Board of Trustees.

With Autism Rocks and his own financial services company, register FCA’s Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah has his hands full. Not originally intending to have a career in financial services, Shah studied medicine and was on track to become a doctor when he had a change of heart. He turned to accounting, and held jobs at prestigious companies such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. The discovery of his son’s autism prompted Shah to put his efforts into Autism Rocks and the furthering of research into the condition.

Solo Capital was the companycheck Shah incorporated in 2011. It is a financial investment firm with offices in London and Dubai, and offers consulting, trading and investment services to its clients. Solo Capital has enjoyed enormous growth over the years, with a net worth of £15.45 million in 2015. It is a global company well known throughout the financial industry, and its success allows it to pick and choose clients. Shah’s own expertise and experience has helped shaped Solo Capital and strengthened its reputation.

Sanjay Shah has proven his commitment on to business and philanthropy through both Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. His leadership savvy and keen decision making skills have been demonstrated yet again with the appointment of Will and Pete Best to the Board of Trustees of Austim Rocks. With the three of them, there is no doubt the foundation will continue to grow in size and success.


Billionaire George is back to supporting political activities again and, this time, round he targeting the Latino voters. Soros and other liberal billionaires have joined hand in raising a good amount of money will be used by the Democratic party in seeking the Latino and all immigrant support in the coming presidential election. The billionaires have donated $15 million in total. George Soros has raised a third of the amount which is $5 million. The money is to be used by the Democratic Party in mobilizing the Latinos, Hispanics, and all the other immigrants to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate in this year’s election. This will be a sensitization program which considers using Donald Trump’s motive of limiting the rights of the immigrants to full advantage. The program which has been given the name the super PACs will target the states that have big numbers of Latinos and other immigrants.
George Soros is an immigrant from the Hungary. He came to the States during the Nazi domination of Hungary. He has therefore been making donations on political activities and funding many Latino and immigrant education and organization programs. He is remembered for having taken part in the expensive advertisement project which endeavored to remove George Bush from power. He has always backed the Democrat party which is thought to be more protective of the immigrants and other marginalized groups in the United States. George Soros believes that all the immigrants should tender their support to the Democratic Party. If Donald Trump and his Republican board ascend to power, it is expected by many that the United States will take a different turn. The biggest number of immigrants will be deported, and the rights of this e who are going to remain in the country will be frozen. Trump has publicly announced his detest for the immigrants already.

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With Trump’s intentions being already known to many, the immigrants who are targeted by the Super PACs project are therefore not going to be told to vote for the Democratic Party. However, the aim of the project is to mobilize the Latinos to vote. The Latinos support the Democratic Party and whatever needs to be done is to seek new supporters. The project will look to gain more than 500,000 new supporters. It will target Florida, Colorado, and Nevada states whereby the number of Latinos and immigrants are bigger compared to other states.
Bernie Sanders have also joined in the funding of the party’s activities and campaigning. He is among the liberal donors who made the contribution to the super PACs project. George Soros has been the party’s significant sponsor. He has spent $13 million in the party’s funding this year alone. He is much interested in seeing the party’s success.

Organo Gold–Bringing the Midas Touch to Coffee

Exotic in origin, nutraceutical in proven properties. Ganoderma lucidum was a rare herb reserved for Chinese royalty. Now its’ healing powers are cascading into coffee cups across the globe. Bernardo Chua has brought “The King of Herbs” to our java and from the Philippines to the Western Hemisphere. A detoxifying and nutritious coffee might have merely been a figment of our imagination. It is now a readily available reality.

The healing benefits of Organo Gold coffee and tea are impressive. Bernie, as he likes to be called, has worked hard as the CEO of Organo Gold to make ganoderma lucidum’s properties readily available to the general population. These properties of promoting immune health, alkalizing the body, detoxification and increased oxygen are now easily accessible in Organo Gold’s online store. Dr Bob Rakowki’s expert nutritonal endorsement validates the ancient practice of using parts of the rare mushroom that grows in the Philippines. This rare mushroom is a source of pride to Bernie’s Philippine roots.

The Organo Gold website offers a wide selection of flavors of tea. Bernardo has made sure most of them are healthy too. From mocha coffee beans to black tea there is bound to a brew to entice any coffee or tea connoisseur. Organo Gold is available to the individual consumer or to an establishment. Turkey has already readily welcomed this deluxe brand to it’s corner coffeehouses.

Bernardo Chua has jumped on the social media bandwagon. Bernardo’s enthusiastic Facebook posts promote the enjoyment of Organo Gold’s hot chocolate, etc. How can we resist these positive affirmations to venture into the world of nutraceutical caffeinated beverages?

Ross Abelow Hopes to Raise $5,000

Ross Abelow is a New York City attorney who specializes in family law. He has been working to defend the rights of his clients for more than 25 years. In the year 1990, he applied for his license to practice law in New York State, and the license was granted.

He has recently created a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit stray animals in the New York City. He hopes to raise at least $5,000. Once the money has been collected, it will be given to local animal shelters. The money is going to help animal shelters overcome some of their biggest challenges. Their first challenge is dealing with limited space. Sadly, when individuals bring homeless animals in, local shelters sometimes have to turn them away because they do not have the space to take care of them. The money is going to be used to expand the space that is used for homeless animals. The second challenge is that it will help them deal with is not having money to take care of things like purchasing food for the animals or buying medicine when they are ill.

This is an important campaign to contribute to right now since the weather is getting colder. When animals do not have shelter during the winter, they can get sick and die. The more money that is raised through this fund, the sooner the problem will be addressed. The great thing about contributing through a Go Fund Me campaign is that individuals can contribute only a small amount of money. Depending on the campaign, individuals can make donations for as little as $10. If everyone gets on board to raise $5,000 for this campaign, more animals can be brought to shelters and have their needs cared for.

Besides taking cases that have to do with family law, Ross Abelow will sometimes take cases that require expertise in entertainment law or civil litigation. Many individuals have benefited from the advice that Ross Abelow has posted on his personal blog. He mostly writes articles that concern financial and legal matters. Many individuals follow his social media pages where he posts useful legal information. He maintains an active presence on Mashable and Facebook.

As a longtime New York resident, the cause of helping to get homeless animals off the streets is important to Ross Abelow. He knows that it is extremely important to take care of this problem during the cold winter months.

The Growth and Development of Solo Capital through the Leadership of Sanjay Shah

Building a business empire requires a lot of sacrifice, resilience, patience, and business acumen. Sanjay Shah is a testament to this fact. Immediately after quitting his previous accounting career, he ventured into building a brokerage firm. He combined his outstanding experience in investment banking and accounting with the help of trading partners and several college graduates to create Solo Capital. Consequently, in a span of five years, Solo Capital had a net worth of $280 million.

Sanjay Shah’s Background

Upon leaving Kenya with his family to reside in Central London, he joined the King’s College where he studied Biomedical Science. However, Shah was not contented with being a physician. Subsequently, he dropped from medical practice and started his accounting journey by studying finance and accounting.

He started his career as an accountant at KPMG where he worked as an apprentice. This was followed by fourteen years of working in the banking field before he opted to resign and build his company.

A close look at Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah’s company is known as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited with its headquarters situated in London. However, the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom regulates this global boutique for consulting, sports investment, and proprietary trading. The proprietary trading division deals with derivatives, FX, and commodities. On the other hand, the Consulting division is charged with matters concerning human capital, investment, and performance. Solo’s sports investment division plays the various roles such as asset and performance management, commercial advisory and representation as well as talent acquisition.

This company utilizes an experienced and proficient team of experts, who work in a professional and collegiate environment, to offer excellent customer services. With this type of workforce, Solo Capital has managed to achieve great success in its operations. Solo Capital Partners is controlled and administered by Solo Group Holdings, which is operated by Shah’s Aesa S.a.r.l.

In addition, Companycheck UK reported Solo Capital recently acquired the Old Park Lane Capital, which is a broker in natural resources. This acquisition in 2014 came in a bid to rescue the ailing company from losses that would have led to its collapse. Shah has opted to semi-retire from active duty in a bid to partake other areas of interest. This retirement move has been due to the continued success of his company.

Philanthropic Activities

Due to his son being diagnosed with autism in 2011, Shah tried all his effort to help him including donating funds to projects that dealt with autism research. His donations were an addition to his charity work for children in India, which was not organized until he was faced with a personal issue.

After a meeting his friend, Snoop Dogg, Shah developed the Autism Rocks charity idea. Currently, the Autism Rocks organization throws concerts with famous celebrities to raise both awareness and money for the Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.

George Soros is predicting the 2008 crises all over again

George Soros told the economic forum in Sri Lanka that global market is facing impending financial crises, and investors need to be cautious. Besides, In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Soros, a Forbes billionaire fund investor, has predicted we are about to see the repetition of 2008 financial crises, only that this time the cause is China.


On the first week of the New Year, global currency, commodity markets, and stock were under fire. About $2.5 trillion was wiped out from global equities and plunge of Chinese equities halted trade for sometimes. The sinking Yuan is raising questions concerning the strength of China economy. China securities regulators have introduced new rules that restrict numbers of shares a shareholder can sell as circuit breakers in an attempt to stabilize the marker. This has also attracted analyst attention over Chinese regulators, and some analyst believes Chinese market regulators do not have good grasps of the current market situation.


As explained by Soros, China is struggling to find new growth model, as results it is exporting deflation to the world by devaluing its currency. Most developed economies of the world are currently struggling to get out of persistent deflationary trends in the economies. The plunged oil price, play a role in anchoring consumer prices, on the other hand, lack of demand and consequently industrial production are also key factors.


China economy is heavily over-indebted, where the total social debt accounts 300% together with external debt it amounts to about 350%. Further, the one child policy rather than proving to be a boon to the economy prosperity and health it proved to be a bane. Capital outflow from China economy continue to worsen, according to Bloomberg intelligence, as of November 2015, the capital outflow from China over the past 11 months accounted to $843 billion.


According to Soros, China position as one of the global economic powerhouse is weakening. Soros explained that China has taken too long to shift to domestic consumption growth model from export and investment growth model. The transition to the consumer-driven economy from the export-driven economy is not easy, and China is experiencing a lot of resistance from party control in the emerging markets economy. Soros exclaimed that hard landing for China is unavoidable.


Concerning the direction global markets are headed, Soros is not alone, and the World Bank issued a warning concerning the possible impacts of weak growth among global economy emerging markets. The report from the World Bank accounts to financial turmoil, it also reflected a combined weakness of Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa economies and cautioned possible spillover worldwide. Kose, director of the World Bank Development Economic Prospects Group, said that advance market growth would only offset the risk of continued weakness in emerging market partially. He also pointed out that the risk related to financial turmoil in this era of high borrowing cost is still looming.