Dog Food With A Table Worthy Twist

Freshpet, recently purchased by PurinaStore, is the only industrial refrigerated dog food available on the market and ahead of the cur ve with their refrigerated meals. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is the location of the Freshpet Inc. factory that produces quality meals with wholesome ingredients made just for our furry friends. As reported by Daily Herald, on a tour of the factory Michael Hieger, manufacturing chief, popped a slice of the food into his mouth straight off the production line to demonstrate the quality and flavor of the product. “Tastes just like Thanksgiving,” he remarked, one of the key selling points of the brand.
A new fad in the dog food industry being called the eat-like-your-owner trend is taking the market by storm and premium dog food sales are seeing soaring profits. Companies such as Beneful and Cesar’s are offering whole menus for pets created with fresh ingredients and prime cuts of meat, targeting consumers who treat their pets like family and want to feed their furry members as well as they do their human members. brand was established by Nestle Purina Petcare in 2001 and has steadily gained popularity among pet owners. Currently Beneful is the fourth most popular dog food brand according to wikipedia ( and draws over a billion dollars in revenue each year. When introduced to the market Beneful’s product line was innovative and included fresh veggies and lean cuts of meat in their meals. Later the company introduced stews and medleys for pups that strongly resemble what would be served at the family dinner table; today the company has an expanded menu with many different protein offerings such as turkey, duck and beef as well as grain free varieties that come in kibble, canned and single serve bowls.

The Word Of The Day Is Panic When It Comes To The Global Economy According To Investment Advisor George Soros

Bad news has a tendency to travel fast, and the current condition of the global economy is bad news, according to news media reports on around the world. The phrase “economic collapse” is being used more and more in the press, and when countries like Brazil, China and Russia are mentioned economic collapse is too light a description for what’s happening in those countries. According to Hedge Fund investor, humanitarian, and investment advisor, George Soros, the world is in for a rude awakening. Parts of the world are aware of the signs that point to a global recession that may be as devastating as the 2008 financial collapse, but most Americans aren’t aware that a perfect storm is brewing, and the United States is heading towards it.

George Soros doesn’t sugar-coat his predictions nor does he make predictions based on speculation or rumors. Soros is one of the top economic minds in the world. Mr. Soros has made more than $32 billion investing in assets that other investors overlook. When he bet against the pound sterling in 1992, other investors called him crazy. But Soros believed the pound was overvalued on, and he was right. He made a cool $1 billion on that investment, and he hasn’t had a misstep since. The Soros hedge fund is one of the most successful funds in the market. It has consistently produced returns of more than 20 percent a year for the last 10 years.

Even though most Americans think the U.S. economy is doing well, the truth is it is sluggish. Consumer sales are off, and corporate profits are down. The consumer market makes up 70 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, and there’s not enough growth in that market to produce better economic figures. The global and the U.S. economy started to slow down at the end of 2015, but Soros has been predicting a global recession since 2012.

The signs that the George Soros prediction is becoming a reality are on every continent. Brazil is experiencing the worst recession since 1901, and investment firms like Goldman Sachs are calling what’s going on in Brazil a “depression” not a recession. And the economic situation in Venezuela is worse. Argentina is trying to pull themselves out of debt by offering $12.5 billion in debt bonds in 2016. The situation in Europe isn’t much better. The collapse of the Italian banking system is real, and the government is trying to come up with a plan to rescue their banks. The Greece debacle was bad enough, but Italy has the eighth largest economy in the world and bailing out Italy isn’t going to be easy for the European Union.

The banking systems in France and Austria aren’t much better, and that is why Mr. Soros’s prediction has bankers pressing the panic button. According to an article published by, the dreadful state of the European Union is one of the main reasons why a global recession is in the works. George Soros said he’s not waiting for his prediction to come true. He is watching it happen.

Laidlaw & Company offers Amazing Solutions

Laidlaw & Company is an incredible securities brokerage company that offers amazing investment banking services including current, accurate, reliable and comprehensive information on investment to small and medium sized business entities. The company has offices in the United States of America and across many places in Europe. This is surely a wide platform where the company operates and renders its services. They fully perform the investment banking services to these growing business entities including individual investors. Laidlaw also offers management services to institutions, individual investors, and corporate entrepreneurs and to not only domestic business firms but also those on the planetary platform. The company also do obtaining of financing, raising capital from all the investor willing and with the desire to make big investments, involve both the local and international stock exchange markets, watch out for any risks facing the investment banking sector out there on behalf of their clients among several other services. The several areas of interests that are key when it comes to proffering information to their clients are on divestitures, acquisition and merging to just mention a few.

The specific areas of interest of SEC governed Laidlaw & Company are on Asset management, raising capital, Alternative Investment services and healthcare research funding among many areas in line with the aforementioned services proffered. It prioritizes offering authentic, transparent and fair information and many ways of investing to the small and medium sized business entities, individual investors in hot pursuit of making a break- through in investment banking, both private and public institutions and many more.

Laidlaw has gained popularity according to a recent PR Newswire study, to the whole world and its connection is rather phenomenon. The company’s social norm coupled with a marvelous work formula, with an approach of its own kind made possible by its own professionals with great experience offer amazing financial solutions.




Examining the Role Played By Investment Banks with Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking entails helping customers to make direct and indirect investments. These clients can be individual investors, governments and even corporate entities. These firms also help businesses, governments and private individuals to raise venture funds through the sale of bonds and securities. They also play an important role when it comes to merger and acquirement transactions and also in the issuance of Initial Public Offering by companies. The asset banking system provides an opportunity for capitalists to maximize dividends from their businesses by offering them pragmatic advice.

The most inherent function of these financial institutions is making investments on behalf of its clients. It should however be noted that these organizations do not make direct investments where clients can withdraw and deposit money at their own wish. Instead, the banks invest on behalf of clients after guiding them on the most profitable venture.

The banks are also into the business of trading bonds and securities. This is often done at governmental level, where a country’s treasury sells its bonds in order to raise funds for infrastructural development. They also help corporations and individuals to acquire shares that have high returns.

Investment banking also involves managing clients’ assets and finances. In the current financial world, most of the financing that firms have comes from banks and public sources. For proper administration of such monies, there is need to seek the services of these organizations

About Martin Lustgarten

He is one on the most recognizable investment bankers in the United States. He is widely experiences in the industry, having worked in it for over two decades. At the moment, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten Martin, a Miami based firm that the founded. His shrewdness has seen the company grow into one of America’s prominent venture firms.

Lustgarten’s extensive experience in the industry has seen him create connections, which have enabled him to diversify and make inroads into other countries. He has business interests in Panama, Singapore, and Hong Kong among other nations. He has also authored an informative paper titled “The importance of Investment Banking For a Company”. Besides this, he collects and sells antique vehicles and watches. Follow him on Tumblr to be inspired by his interests.

White Shark Media Review – You Spoke, They Listened

White Shark Media is an amazing digital marketing agency that is committed to helping small businesses drive more targeted traffic to their websites. They do this through strategies such as pay per click, search engine marketing and search engine optimization according to

Over the years the crew at White Shark Media has received quite a bit of feedback from both current and previous clients. In response to that feedback they have made several changes.

In a video posted on YouTube, White Shark Media addressed a few of the issues they have recently improved. Here they are:

#1 – Communication Was Improved

In the early days many clients felt it was too difficult to get in contact with the person in charge of their account. To address this issue White Shark Media invested in a new telephone system.

Now, instead of having to go through a receptionist, clients can call their campaign manager directly via a personal extension. This has helped streamline the communication process and made clients very happy.

In addition to installing a new phone system, White Shark Media also started offering monthly status calls. Each month the client will have the opportunity to speak with their strategist about the previous months results.

#2 – All New Campaigns Are Set Up On New Accounts

In late 2012 White Shark Media decided to start something new with all new clients. Instead of setting up new campaigns under their account, they now create new accounts for each campaign they set up.

This allows them to create each campaign as much from scratch as possible. If you already have a campaign that’s performing well, you will be able to continue using the same account.

These are just two of the new changes White Shark Media has implemented in the last few years. The goal is to continue improving their services and provide the best customer experience they possibly can.

If you are interested in seeing how White Shark Media can help you generate more traffic to your website, visit their website and request a free AdWords evaluation. During the evaluation a certified strategist will discuss a few strategies you can use to improve your AdWords campaign.

Once the evaluation is complete you can either hire the White Shark Media team to implement those strategies or you can do it on your own.

To learn more and to request your free AdWords evaluation visit

Animal Lover and Attorney Ross Abelow Starts Fundraiser

Ross Abelow isn’t just a successful New York attorney, he is also an avid animal lover. He is currently working with the city of New York to raise five thousand dollars to donate toward local shelters to help supply food and necessities to shelter animals. Started in January 2016, Abelow hopes to be able to provide more shelters with the necessary resources to house shelter animals during the cold winter months when many pets are left outside by their owners. The GoFundMe account can be found here.

Ross Abelow isn’t new to the New York area that he loves to help out in, having lived here for many years prior to attending school. He received his bachelors degree from the State University of New York and then ultimately received his degree in law from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. He has maintained a passion for his community and the animals that live in it during this time, and has dedicated much of his free time to charity work to provide for these animals and the shelters who care for them.

After licensing to practice law in the state of New York in 1990, he has spent the past two decades developing various areas of expertise in the law field and has quite the array of knowledge in multiple areas. Specialized to practice law for families, Abelow is a family attorney and marital attorney. He also has extensive background knowledge in the field of commercial litigation and entertainment law. He has spent the last 26 years helping those in need of an attorney, finally partnering at the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro.

In addition to being a successful attorney and animal lover, Abelow is also an avid writer. He spends much of his time blogging and submitting articles for Crown Point New York. Writing in his own blog is also a pastime of his, where he blogs about legal and financial topics to assist readers in gleaning some of his knowledge. For those with questions regarding his charity work and current GoFundMe account, Ross Abelow is available for contact via his GoFundMe page linked above.