Dog Food With A Table Worthy Twist

Freshpet, recently purchased by PurinaStore, is the only industrial refrigerated dog food available on the market and ahead of the cur ve with their refrigerated meals. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is the location of the Freshpet Inc. factory that produces quality meals with wholesome ingredients made just for our furry friends. As reported by Daily Herald, on a tour of the factory Michael Hieger, manufacturing chief, popped a slice of the food into his mouth straight off the production line to demonstrate the quality and flavor of the product. “Tastes just like Thanksgiving,” he remarked, one of the key selling points of the brand.
A new fad in the dog food industry being called the eat-like-your-owner trend is taking the market by storm and premium dog food sales are seeing soaring profits. Companies such as Beneful and Cesar’s are offering whole menus for pets created with fresh ingredients and prime cuts of meat, targeting consumers who treat their pets like family and want to feed their furry members as well as they do their human members. brand was established by Nestle Purina Petcare in 2001 and has steadily gained popularity among pet owners. Currently Beneful is the fourth most popular dog food brand according to wikipedia ( and draws over a billion dollars in revenue each year. When introduced to the market Beneful’s product line was innovative and included fresh veggies and lean cuts of meat in their meals. Later the company introduced stews and medleys for pups that strongly resemble what would be served at the family dinner table; today the company has an expanded menu with many different protein offerings such as turkey, duck and beef as well as grain free varieties that come in kibble, canned and single serve bowls.