Bustle Writer Tired of Same Old Shampoo Method Tries World-Famous WEN

Bustle contributor Emily McClure was frustrated dealing with her naturally fine, limp hair. She had seen the famous TV infomercials about the Wen no-poo cleansing method and decided to see if WEN could transform her hair into shiny, strong celebrity tresses. So, Emily reached for a bottle of Sephora Fig version of cleansing conditioner and took her own 7-day hair challenge for Bustle.com readers.
Emily was excited to try the no-lather shampoo method, because WEN prides itself on being a cleansing wash for all hair types found around the world. Celebrity LA stylist Chaz Dean had developed the amazing method, because he knew that the regular shampoos most people use, were actually damaging the hair by stripping and dulling it with their chemical formulas. Go to: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html.

The WEN system is so different, because only natural botanical ingredients are added to give hair strength, vitality and super shine.

Emily posted selfies every day to show her readers her bouncy, healthy-looking locks as she cleansed with Wen every morning. Even her girlfriends noted the difference in the gloss and softness of her hair. Her tresses were manageable and held a style, and Emily was pleased.

If Emily went away from the WEN AM cleanse, her hair did not seem to hold up and fell flat quickly. She admits that she can be lazy about her hair care, and she mixed up the schedule. One evening, she decided to use WEN at night, but unfortunately by morning, her hair had gone limp immediately. In another experiment, she skipped the WEN daily cleanse and hoped her hair would have enough bounce, but her locks felt greasy all day.

Emily McClure says that when you adopt a daily WEN wash, the results do not disappoint. She says she would return to the program if she weren’t so lax.

Darius Fisher Gives Advice for the Workplace

Owning and running a business can be a life sucking endeavor and it can be made even more difficult when you have to contend with the problem of employee turnover. Employee turnover is a massive issue with businesses due to several factors. First off, every time a company has to find a new worker they are losing money by the handful — up to 150% of an employee’s annual salary can be expended just by signing another employee to get trained. Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher took some time to analyze how businesses can keep their business environment positive so as to keep employees happy.

First off Fisher advocates that you create a culture of employee approval. He believes that you need to consistently give praise to employees who accomplish positive tasks that benefit the company. According to Huffington Post, publicly pointing out the success of an employee will motivate others while rewarding the successful worker themselves. Even if an employee isn’t making their desired salary they will still be made happy by receiving admiration from co-workers.

Next you need to create an incentive for employees to work toward. It’s not enough for an employee to work for “the good of the company”, not always, and individual goals and rewards can go a long way toward changing that. Apple rewards high succeeding individuals with vacation trips, watches, and many other rewards. While Apple has a higher budget than your company, you can scale some rewards down in order to make your employees happy. Consider rewarding employees with a monthly dinner at a nice restaurant in town or something else that makes them feel special.

Finally Fisher heavily advocates keeping your workforce informed. Keeping your workforce in the loop will allow them to always stay on top of company business. Keeping employees in the dark can lead to rumors starting and stuttered work habits.

Darius Fisher has run the online reputation management company Status Labs for years now. Over the past two summers the company has seen their workforce more than double to keep up with their rapidly expanding reach across 25 different countries in the world.

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Weight Loss with NutriMost

NY Fatloss research reveals that many people may have tried many different ways to lose weight but with no success. In the current world, the food intake by people is characterized by additives and chemical intakes into their bodies. The chemicals that people ingest disrupts neurotransmitters and hormones making their bodies resistant to exercise and weight loss. NutriMost is an excellent diet system that is growing in popularity. NutriMost has an Ultimate Fat Loss program that identifies details and factors that control one’s metabolism and fat storage. This way, it helps people learn foods and strategies to help them successfully lose weight.
Nutrimost aims at helping people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. 5 lbs. of fat loss weekly is the average weight loss for any given person using NutriMost. Weight gain can cause some health and physical problems to people. Some of the serious health issues that may arise from much weight gain are diabetes, high blood pressure, and internal organs issues among others.

NutriMost’s new patients, firstly get a measurement of their visceral fat. This is to help the patient get a customized NutriMost weight loss program. NutriMost health experts help people lose weight and manage their health conditions. Some of the reported success of NutriMost is the improvements in several medical conditions including chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, low energy, psoriasis, and high blood pressure among others.

NutriMost health and weight loss tips are easy to execute and follow and are aimed at enhancing weight loss of their clientele. Some of the health tips from NutriMost include eating organic food, consumption of more vegetables and fruits, understanding sugars and their intakes, learning of the weight loss foods, and getting a body composition analysis.

Since weight gain and weight loss is different for different people, NutriMost uses revolutionary technology that customizes a unique program for each client. Weight gain involves a hormonal component and for permanent weight loss, it’s crucial for one to learn about balancing their body’s chemistry. New York Daily News confirms that NutriMost is a reliable partner in anybody’s road to successful weight loss no matter their weight.


How Bad Articles can be Pushed Down in Search Results

Negative publicity is a tactless business strategy. It is quite difficult to restore a tainted image. Generally, Google is the largest search engine and generates more than one trillion search queries a year. This clearly illustrates why firms ought to maintain a good reputation on the Internet. Those who conduct an Internet search are likely to believe any information that they see about your company. Fortunately, most of them only go through the first two pages of the search results. This makes it possible to hide any negative information from them by pushing it down in online search results.

Helpful Guidelines

It is important for companies to utilize online networking platforms and social media pages because they are the first ones that come up when a search is conducted. Increasing perceptibly on these platforms means that any bad reviews about the company will be pushed further down. Visitors will most likely read more about the company’s social media activities and less about its bad reviews.

Firms that previously had negative publicity have successfully used blog posts to restore their image. Writing consistently on these platforms can increase the perceptibility of a firm since search results often reflect current activities that a firm is engaged in. When blogs posts are used together with tools such as Google Adwords, negative search results will certainly be pushed down.

The creation of a media coverage portal can also be of great help during this undertaking. This page is often created with the purpose of showcasing any new and constructive reviews made about the firm. Having a page dedicated to testimonials is significant too. In addition, those who post positive reviews ought to be appreciated.

Bury Bad Articles in Brief

This is an upcoming online reputation management firm that has been helpful in removing any negative press, reviews and detrimental feedback about its clients. Its personalized services have been commended for having the ability to address the specific needs of each client. Its clients range from personalities to companies. Bury Bad Articles has also gained a considerable client base due to the fact that it guarantees refunds if search results are not pushed down. Potential customers also benefit from free quotations.

BBA: Fight Negative Reviews

Some people refer to the Internet as the new wild wild west. People place their site on the Internet and wait until they are discovered by the search engines and potential customers. Let’s face facts. Competition is heavy on the Internet. Everyone is fighting for their bit of land. Sometimes, the competition does not play fair. They want to take down their competitors and might use dirty tactics to get rid of the competition. For example, placing negative remarks about competitors online or even writing articles that diminish the reputation of their competition. The negative articles and comments surface in the popular search engines. People start to avoid the competition’s site. It happens more than you might imagine. Don’t let it happen to you.

Self Defense Mode
Certainly, bad articles, comments, and remarks about a website or an individual might seriously damage an online reputation. This leads to less trust, less customers, and less profits. The good news is that there is a way to fight back. Some might take the reins in their own hands and start posting positive messages on the social media sites. Certainly, that is a good start. Others might write dozens of SEO articles to help push those bad articles down. However, those tactics take a tremendous amount of time and energy. In addition, the average person simply does not know enough about SEO to get the desired results. The best course of action is to go into self defense mode and hire an online reputation management company like Bury Bad Articles to diminish the effect of any negative comments, remarks, or articles that are currently online.

Bury Bad Articles
The Internet is a great source of information. However, the popularity of the Internet has a downside too. People do not have any control over the negative comments that are posted online about them. Those comments, post, or bad articles might seriously affect their professional image or their personal reputation. Bury Bad Articles will get rid of all those negative comments for their clients. They will carefully monitor all the top search engines and quickly take the necessary steps to push bad articles down in search engine results.

JustFab Launches Plus Size Collection

There is no doubt that some of the best fashion shops in the industry don’t always keep up with keeping every potential customer satisfied. Feedback means everything to a business and a company like JustFab has launched a plus size collection to appeal to a broader base of customers. It’s important to a brand like JustFab to not only keep ahead of the trends in the fashion industry, but also stay ahead of the needs that every woman deserves. As mentioned in The Curvy Fashionista, JustFab listened to their customer’s feedback and launched the plus size collection.
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The online subscription fashion retailer has had a fantastic success with their range in quality garments. The style is born in Los Angeles and nurtured with loving care from design concept to finished product. Known for accessories and shoes, they’ve added to their arsenal in this new collection. With over 35 new pieces, JustFab is only beginning. The internet is buzzing with this news. The plus size collection includes casual and essential basics that will blend perfectly for the upcoming summer months. There’s no need to sacrifice quality to shop at some bargain shop any more. JustFab is revolutionizing the online fashion business. They also offer a successful kids line, athletics wear and even a men’s line on shoedazzle.com. As a member, you get immediate access to the latest trends for every season. Pieces like classic modern, daring denim, stunning heels and so much more. Everything you have been looking for and paying too much for is right at your finger tips. 2016 is an exciting time for JustFab. They’ve taken cues from celebrities to style pieces for their line. For their plus size collection, they’ve listened closely to their base. Sexy styles include classic denim, knee slit maxi skirts, scoop neck tees and so much more. Have a look at JustFab today to start your membership here.

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Reach for Wen When You Crave Extra Shine

Recently, a customer tried out Wen hair and reported the results on Bustle.com. Emily chose the Sephora Fig Cleansing Conditioner version. She started her seven day trial on a day she had been traveling, and stated her hair was “greasy/frizzy/unruly,” when she started. Her first comment about the product during use was that it already felt like she had more hair. She also commented that there was no hair in the drain, so she believed no strands fell out during the shampooing process. After blow drying, she felt her hair was “more shiny and bouncy.” Quickly, she settled into a routine of showering and blow drying her hair every morning, and being pleased with the appearance and condition of her hair all day. She received unsolicited positive compliments from her friends on her hair. By the end of the week, Emily felt that she would reach for Wen again when she craved a little extra shine. To read about her whole experiment, see http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened or http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.
Wen is a 5-in-1 formula made by Chaz Dean that takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It does not lather and uses no sulfates, so it does not strip your hair of natural oils. The instructions are to apply the recommended amount for your length of hair to scalp and hair, using a little bit of water for easier distribution. Rinse thoroughly and and completely. They recommend adding a little back in as a leave-in conditioner after you have finished rinsing while your hair is still very wet. Other available formulas on Ebay.com are Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate, Lavender, and Spring Orange Blossom. Wen contains glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panethenol, all chosen to strengthen, soothe, and condition. WEN hair works on all hair types and textures. For more information, see http://www.wen.com/on/demandware.store/.

Visit WEN Hair Care page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/