Securus Highlights Global Tel Link’s Unethical Billing Practices

Securus Technologies has begun to highlight some of Global Tel Link’s unethical billing of its customers. Securus provides technology and communication systems to criminal justice institutions, and Global Tel Link has also provided some of the same services. In a report by PR Newswire, Securus has just released a list of some of Global Tel Link’s mistreatment of customers by billing them incorrectly. The list was compiled and researched by the Louisiana Public Service Commission which had utilized Global Tel Link’s services in the past. Read story here:

Some of the practices that the report highlighted were the way that their phones were programmed to add 15 or 36 seconds to phone calls to overcharge customers. Global Tel Link (GTL) also charged a higher rate than what is lawfully allowed. They also inflated charges to their customers and billing them more than one time. The Louisiana Public Service (PSC) found that Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged over one million dollars.

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Securus says that this PSC report was dated from 1998, but that their bad business has continued since then. “Our customers need a higher level of integrity,” comments Securus about GTL. Securus plans on releasing more reports throughout the next six months about GTL and their unethical billing practices for their customers. Securus is an A+ accredited organization.


Experimenting With Wen Cleansing Conditioners

If you’re looking to decrease the time it takes to wash and style your hair, Wen may just have the product for you! Wen hair is a Haircare line that was created by Chaz Dean, who invented a formula that cuts your hair prep time down by a lot! Chaz is a celebrity hairstylist who uses his products on our favorite Hollywood stars, and even owns an upscale shop in Hollywood. He came up with the idea of putting shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment in one convenient formula so it would help people to take less steps in styling their hair.
One young woman decides to test it out [go to:] for a week, recording her results with facebook photos and descriptions of what happened while using it. She has thin hair and is looking for a bit of a volume boost. Well, one of the first thing she notices is just that! Not only does she receive extra volume but her hair is now super soft. People are taking notice of how shiny her hair has become also. She is surprised to see how many positives came out of using this product for a week, and looks forward to more results.

To see her newfound bouncy, shiny and healthy hair, you can go to this site:

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It Ain’t A Crime To Fall In Love With Lime Crime Makeup

The stats paint the pretty canvas, just like her vivid colored palettes. Lime Crime creator and founder Doe Deere is enjoying the ride, because her independent makeup company based in L.A. has exceeded more than 2 million Instagram followers. For Doe Deere, that is music to her ears, because building Lime Crime from the bottom has been a lot of work.

She founded her edgy cosmetics company in 2008 to satisfy her own obsession with wildly colored makeup. In other words, Doe Deere had trouble hunting down brightly colored shadows, lipstick and liners, so she started her own company and named it Lime Crime. The bizarre name stuck, adding even more curiosity and adoration to its cult following.

Today, Doe Deere is amazed at the global fan base that surrounds the Lime Crime label and enjoys keeping in close touch with her makeup addicts. They send her creative and stunning selfies wearing Lime Crime combinations to her Lime Crime Instagram with the hashtag “limecrime.” Fans also have their photos put up on the Lime Crime online shopping website, so that others can see how the makeup looks with different skin tones and hair colors. It’s a fun interactive online experience that Doe Deere strongly believes in.

She knows there’s a lot of merit in social media and happens to be very well-versed in computers and the internet, and the intelligence with which she has developed Lime Crime is paying off big time.

Doe Deere was the edgy makeup beauty pioneer, and it is this kind of makeup that has suddenly sky-rocketed on to the scene. Other big makeup brands are now trying to dupe Lime Crime lipsticks and their radical color base.

Celebs like Katy Perry have put on Lime Crime lipstick, and Nicki Minaj has done a photo shoot wearing the brand’s cosmetics. Lime Crime is on a pretty roll and gaining strong momentum. The brand’s Instagram followers are climbing faster and faster each day, and Doe Deere is grateful for the support and society’s changing attitudes about makeup.

As Doe Deere says, Lime Crime is all about self-expression.  Find their products on, but also on retailers like UrbanOutfitters.