Innovative Technology Application Lowers Costs Needed for Paperwork

In order to be effective in handling inmate concerns and grievances it is important for guards to provide and collect the necessary forms so administration can read, file, and then have a situation addressed by the guards. The long time it takes for this to happen take time away from guarding inmates and requires a great deal of money due to the necessity of constant changing, printing, and copying of forms. Due to the large amount of paperwork for administrative workers to sort through this tiresome process takes time and money away from more important uses which I feel could be used for something important. Read more about Securus on Linkedin. However, Securus Technologies has paved the way to reduce the costs needed for paperwork by having the forms on ConnectUs where any inmate can use them and even make changes to the form depending on their needs. Securus is modernizing correctional facilities with new technology reducing time and money needed for paperwork by having forms submitted electronically. By submitting forms electronically it reduces the time needed to change, print, provide, collect, and file forms. It also saves money needed to do this which in turn allows for the money to be put to better use, like the hiring of more qualified staff to supervise and protect detainees from possible harm and addressing concerns in a timely manner.

Heal, Protect, and Soothe Your Lips With the Right Lip Balm

When lips are dry and cracked, most people reach for some type of lip balm, but be cautious when reaching for that low-cost lip balm at the counter, because not all lips balms are created equal. While the sight of dry, cracked lips is unattractive, there are some lips balms that can cause more harm than good over the long term. Let’s Face it, nobody wants dry, cracked, and old-looking lips when they’re young or old. The best way to have young, healthy lips even at an old age is to use the right lip balm that has all the best ingredients your lips need to stay healthy.

Chapstick is probably one of the most popular lip balms on the Amazon online store today and while it is a quality brand, there are other brands out on the market that are better in quality. One key factor to remember about lip balm is that it is possible to over-use it. It is possible for the skin to grow dependent on certain lip balms for moisture. So use it sparingly. Choose a quality brand and not the cheapest one on the shelf. Also, choose a lip balm that contains SPF to protect the sensitive skin from the damaging effects of harsh sunlight.

A new evolution in lip balms and skin care
Evolution of Smooth, a maker of quality, organic lip balms, and skin care products, offers an excellent choice for lip balms that are not like any other. By using natural ingredients such as vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil as well some powerful antioxidants, Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms keep lips looking and feeling young, smooth, and fresh.

Not all makers of lip balms use quality, organic ingredients that are healthy for your skin. Some even use ingredients that block your lips natural ability to stay soft and moist. Evolution of Smooth does not skimp on quality so don’t expect to pay pennies for their lip balms. While their products may be a slightly more costly than traditional lip balms, they are well worth the cost and they come in unique spheres on Ulta that set them apart from all other lip balms. Visit today for the best EOS products.


This Is The Quickest Way To Rebuild Your Online Reputation

If you run a business or you are a well known public figure, investing in online reputation management just may be one of the smartest things you ever do.

This is because the internet has made it possible for people to say anything they want, about whomever they want, whenever they want. It doesn’t matter if its true or not. Once a negative article goes viral you can pretty much kiss your reputation goodbye.

Here’s What You Can Do To Bury Negative Press

While most would prefer to have the negative content completely removed from the internet, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

The quickest way to regain control of your reputation is to replace the negative content with positive content. The idea is to bury negative search results so far down that they no longer matter.

In order for this strategy to work you must create content on websites and platforms that the search engines love.

The first thing you should do is open accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to fill out the profile in great detail as this what the search engines will scan for more information. Use important keywords such as your full name and the name of your business when writing the description.

If at all possible, secure a name as close to your full name and your business as possible. This way when people search for you they are more likely to see one of the profiles you own.

This Process Takes Time

One thing you must keep in mind is the amount of time and effort it takes to bury negative news. Fixing your online reputation is not something that will happen overnight. However, if you are consistent you will see results in a matter of weeks.

To speed up the process it is recommended you hire a company that specializes in burying bad articles.

Bury Bad Articles is a reputation management service that is taking the industry by storm.

They can help you bury bad news and regain control of your online reputation in a short period of time. If negative press is costing you business, contact Bury Bad Articles today.

They offer a free quote and all of their services are 100% guaranteed. In other words, they won’t stop until you are happy.

Don Ressler is excited about Fabletics

JustFab (See: is rapidly becoming an extremely powerful and influential name in the fashion industry. The company started just a few years ago, but they already have two powerful brands in their product line on. Fabletics is changing the way people think about athleisure wear, and it has the support of the beautiful Kate Hudson. ShoeDazzle is having a similar impact on the way people think about purchasing shoes. JustFab is in a great position within the fashion business, but they want to continue growing. Recently, the made a major hire that they feel will keep them on the right track for years to come.

Don Ressler has had a great career so far. He’s helped several start-ups reach the next level, and he currently specializes in helping comes get to their initial public offering. He is a brilliant businessman, and recently JustFab decided to hire him as their CEO. Don Ressler has done a great job in the position so far, and recently he stopped by Brandettes for an interview.

Brandettes is an extremely powerful media outlet, and Don was happy to sit down with them. The interviewer noted that Don is known for spotting trends before they even happen, she was curious how Don Ressler managed to spot the trend at Fabletics. Don and his wife have always cared deeply about fitness. The spend most of their time in athletic wear, and they realized that there is a huge gap in the market. They wanted to feel comfortable in their athletic wear throughout the day. There were fashionable yoga pants and athletic shirts on the market already, but they were expensive. Fabletics seemed like a natural fit because their products were extremely functional, fashionable, and affordable. He loves being a part of the Fabletics team.

Don has been with the team for several years now, and Brandettes was curious as to how the brand maintains their edge. Don believes their main edge is that their products are highly functional athletic products, while still being fashionable. You can perform almost any athletic activity in Fabletics wear.

Ressler is extremely confident in Fabletics, and he is excited about the future. Recently, Fabletics launched FL2, a men’s line. He knows that brand will grow for years to come. Don Ressler believes Fabletics is the future of the fashion industry, and their continually growth would probably agree with him. Fashion leaders need to keep an eye on Fabletics.


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Trying the Wen Challenge

If you are into hair care products, you likely have heard about WEN by Chaz, which is an extremely popular brand of conditioner that is well liked and endorsed by a huge volume of celebrities. Wen is advertised on Sephora to give both women and men that are struggling with frizzle hair, or hair that does not have a lot of volume that extra bounce, shine and volume that they have been looking for.

Emily McClure is someone that has dealt with these types of hair let downs in the past and decided that she wanted to try the Wen challenge for herself, so she made the decision to document her experience and lay out her opinions afterwards, as first reported by bustle. After a long day of flying and being in the airport, Emily used Wen for the first time and planned to use the product for a week. Some of the first things she noticed was that her hair felt a lot thicker when she was using the product and that the feeling continued afterwards.

She even said that less hair than normal fell out when she was rinsing her hair, which she would usually see in the bottom of the drain when she was done. She ended up getting compliments on her hair throughout the week from a few of her friends, but did say that there were a few instances throughout the week when her hair would not cooperate. This, she thinks, came from not getting up early enough in the morning to take a shower on time. However, at the end of her week, she made the overall decision that she really did like the way it made her hair shine and gave her a lot of volume, but that it would only be used on certain occasions. Need Wen? Order online on Amazon.

Check out the Wen website: