Securus Revolutionizes Corrections Solutions With New Software

Securus Technologies has created a new software that will help criminal investigators stop crime in its tracks before it occurs. It is called Investigator Pro 4.0. It has the power to pick out voice samples from phone calls made within the prison system and when it analyzes those calls it can match samples across the entire database. That means if a given person calls prison inmates from the outside on a regular basis the software will recognize their voice and instantly pull up all phone calls made by that person. It could hypothetically pull up a dozen phone calls with the same matching voice over a period of months. This revolutionizes how criminal investigators can use correctional facility phone calls do get their jobs done easier.


Securus Technologies is the nation’s number one offerer of services in the civil and criminal justice arena. It also provides technology and solutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. Securus Technologies is at the cutting edge of technology and it is always developing innovative software like the Investigator Pro 4.0 to stay ahead of the pack.


One of the best ways that Investigator Pro 4.0 can be put to use is to help in investigating gang activity. Many gang members within prison still communicate with gang members outside of prison. For this communication, they must all use the prison phone system. Many prisons also have an underground economy that deals in illegal items that are used to commit further crimes by inmates already on the inside. When criminal investigators have access to data from the Investigator Pro 4.0 they will have an easier time shutting this crime down. It can also help identify members of gangs who are not yet known to investigators by showing identifying all inmates called by a given voice sample that has been searched.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

New Brunswick Devco Explains Loan Repayment Problems

The problems facing the leisure based economy of Atlantic City have been well documented, but have recently been highlighted by the failure of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority to make a $1 million repayment installment on a $20 million loan. The outstanding monies were to have been repaid to the to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, which claims it has not received any loan repayments for a number of years, the Press of Atlantic City reports.
The initial loan was made to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority through the New Brunswick Development Corporation, which was responsible for The Heldrich casino complex being developed in Atlantic City. Headed by attorney Chris Paladino the New Brunswick Development Corporation and the newly established Atlantic City Development Corporation have been created with the aim of redeveloping New Jersey in the face of economic problems.

The not for profit group has the aim of not only redeveloping the Atlantic City area for economic good, but also aims to assist the community of the area in line with specific public policy goals. Alongside The Heldrich development the New Brunswick Devco also looks to assist the people of New Jersey in receiving access to the best in arts, healthcare, and education programs.

Redeveloping the Atlantic City and New Brunswick areas will see the Atlantic City Development Corporation oversee the use of more than $200 million in financing from public and provate sources in the coming years; the Devco group is a major part of the development of the Chelsea Gateway development that will include a similar CRDA loan to that provided for The Heldrich development. Christopher Paladino believes the loan made for the 235 room Heldrich will be repaid for all investors as the hotel and casino continues to see higher levels of occupancy.


Why Everyone Should Become a Member of Fabletics

If you have ever hear of the Fabletics retailer, you probably know by now that they are one of the best companies around for sportswear and accessories. Being a subscription based company that works online, most of the clients who shop at Fabletics are more than happy to purchase all of their “athleisure” items through Fabletics. The members of the Fabletics Pinterest page are given specific choices of sportswear and accessories that are actually based on the preferences and lifestyle of the person who has the subscription, making shopping online all the more easy.

The History Behind The Fabletics Company

Does the name Kate Hudson ring any bells for you? If so, you have probably been a big fab of her career as an actress, and that is why it is so surprising to many when they hear that Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were all the founders of this brilliant company, Fabletics. The Fabletics store was actually launched by these three in the year of 2013 during the July month. The year of 2015 brought great joy to the Fabletics company, when they were able to release their new men’s wear line, this was helped to get started by the brother of Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson.

The year of 2016 was also another good one for all of the company according to Wikipedia, being that it was the year that they were able to add more things to their inventory other than the sportswear and accessories, they were able to add dresses and also swimsuits. This expansion brought the Fabletics company an even higher rate of exposure when it came to the media, making their company become pretty popular.


Everyone who knows about the company has heard of their amazing offers when it comes to the price of their membership. The membership price as of right now is at an amazing $49.95, being one of the best prices that you can get around the world when it comes to retailers that offer memberships online. This membership does come with the opportunity to also knock off one month of payment, without an extra charge. As a member of the Fabletics website, you will be at first presented with some easy to answer questions, but these questions are worth the wait, being that they will help you out greatly when it comes to picking out outfits that are suited more to your needs.