Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson keeps making great decisions and her decision to be the ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was another great choice. There are very few people that haven’t been affected by this horrid disease and Kate knows that any chance she has to make a difference is important. There is no better way for Kate to make a difference than with her line of athleisure wear Fabletics. Fabletics is offering their great stretch legging, two tank tops, and a bralette for their October capsule. Kate didn’t want to do the light baby pink that seems synonymous with Breast Cancer but chose a deep pink that will look amazing on anyone. Kate is incredibly honored to receive this opportunity and to offer this outfit to her customers.

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Fabletic’s athleisure subscription has upwards of 1 million customers and that will make quite an impact on Fashion Targets Breast Cancer goals of funding research to abolish breast cancer and supporting the ones affected by it. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is based out of the U.K. and has 20 years of hard core experience in raising money and working hard to extinguish breast cancer from the face of the earth. This is the kind of work that Fabletic’s is proud to be a part of.

Kate Hudson has worked extremely hard to insure that Fabletic’s is offering their customers the best fabrics and styles at the lowest prices possible on Fabletics. When this company began and before the athleisure fad had taken over, Kate knew there was a hole to fill and has done it with Fabletics. Every woman is kept in mind when she subscribes to Fabletics with styles suitable for every shape and size. The monthly fee is always a great price for the products received each month. The best part about Hollywood Reporter’s piece on Fabletics is that if you need a month off to catch up on some bills, no big deal just go online and cancel that month. This is a company that really does think of the customer first.

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David Osio Changing the World

There are many people who say that they want to change the world. However, few people put in the work to do so. Over the course of his career, David Osio has helped thousands of people with their personal finances. However, he has also helped a lot of people around the world with his charity work. He is one of those people who loves to give back to other people. From the time he was young, he has always loved helping those who are less fortunate than him. He has worked hard to grow his business, and now he spends a lot of his efforts on charity work.

David Osio

Starting and running a charity is a lot more work than many people realize. Over the long term, David Osio has been able to start a variety of charities that support different causes. People today want to help others around the world. One of the things that David Osio is passionate about is delivering food to people in other countries. There are millions of people around the world who are dying of malnutrition. This is something that he wants to change, and he is able to do that through his charity work. A lot of people are willing to give money when they realize that it only takes a few dollars to make a huge difference in the lives of other people.

Future Plans

In the future, David Osio plans to continue to work on his charities and business. A lot of times, he is found working on both in synergy. Helping people with their finances is a form of charity in a lot of ways, even though he is getting paid for it. When people have a firm understanding of how to save, spend and invest their money, they are able to impact others more effectively. A lot of his customers have become really involved in his charity work, simply because they see how passionate he is about it. If you want to make an impact on the world around you, he is a great person to learn from. Learn more: https://about.me/davidosio

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David J. Osio’s Plans of Participating in more Philanthropic Undertakings

David J. Osio is an entrepreneur who has made significant achievements in his ventures, and he is based in Miami. He has been dedicated to taking part in philanthropic activities in various regions of the world to better the living conditions of people. Most of the contribution that he offers are for music, art, medical research, and other undertakings that impact the community positively. Mr. Osio has also created various collaborations with some nonprofit organizations in the last two decades to make sure that his philanthropic activities are successful. His charities have currently spread to many regions of the world. David has been funding the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the time that he has been sitting on the Orchestra board.

The donations of Mr. Osio have been assisting in offering proper medical care through The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which is a multinational organization. He has been facilitating the organization by being a benefactor of the EPK events that are held annually. David believes that the slighted donation is crucial for conducting medical research for children. According to him, people who are financially stable should participate in funding ventures that are crucial to the community.

The Davos Financial Group is one of the ventures that David Osio owns. He is the chief executive officer of the company, and he has committed himself to ensuring that it is successful both locally and internationally. The profits that the enterprise makes have been increasing over the years and under his management. Davos Financial Group has units in primary financial places such as Panama, Geneva, Lisbon, and New York. The entrepreneur plans to carry out charity undertaking in all the cities where his company operates.

The generous activities of Mr. Osio have been beneficial to various organizations, and they include the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Fundana Foundation. The Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art has also gained from his charity since he funded an exhibition that was hosted by Carlos Cruz Diez. He has been awarded various international honors due to his philanthropy.

Beside the managerial responsibilities of David Osio at his company, DFG, he is in charge of the global and local policies of the firm. He has successfully transformed it over the last two decades to make it a multinational corporation. David got his degree in law from the Caracas-based Catholic University Andres Bello. He first practiced law at the Legal Desk MGO and his role at the firm was to guide companies that operate across the world. He also studied Management Investment Portfolios at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) and the New York Institute of Finance.

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New Brunswick Devco Under Scrutiny After $20 Million Loan Goes Unpaid For Over a Decade

The Heldrich, a beautiful New Brunswick hotel and conference center developed by Devco, short for the New Brunswick Development Corporation, once sat in disarray until Middlesex County Improvement Authority decided to restore it. New Brunswick residents were excited, and everyone expected the best. However, financial contentions might place the project on hold indefinitely as the Improvement Authority is currently millions of dollars behind in payments on the loan it took out in 2005 to conduct the project.


The loan was paid by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), and, as Press of Atlantic City recently reported, the loan has been in arrears for five years. The $7 million in unpaid money accrued during those five years now has an extra million attached, and the future of the Devco project seems to be at a standstill.


President of the New Jersey State Senate, Stephen Sweeney, has held up the Devco project as an example of what happens when public funds are sent through private corporations and channels in order to fund construction and renovation projects. He has good reason to be concerned. The New Brunswick Devco utlizies the same model as the sister operation in Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Development Corporation. Why is this a concern? Because the Atlantic City Devco is expected to oversee public and private funding in excess of $200 million to help develop the Gateway project in the Chelsea section of the city. Nearly $20 million of those funds are CRDA loans.


The Heldrich, which opened in 2007 and boast 237 rooms, has struggled under the weight of the contentious political and financial climate surrounding it, carrying only a 63.5 percent occupancy rate on average. In fact, the hotel is hurting so badly that it had to dip into its own resources just to fund basic capital such as mattresses and linens. How much did it take from its own funds? Just over $775,000.


Attorneys for Devco say it that the loan will be paid within a couple of years, but suspicion and speculation still plague the firm and the hotel associated with the project. Only time will tell what the long-term ramifications will be of this contentious situation.