Thor Halvorssen On The Demerits of Socialism

After a tumultuous election cycle, it can be difficult to wade through all of the rhetoric and misinformation that was put out there. But as one considers all of it, there were a few gems of legitimate intellect and thoughtful discourse that can be gleaned. Perhaps one of the most obvious examples will be the example provided by Thor Halvorrsen in his interview with Fox News. While the interview occurred during the primaries, the information is still relevant because of how many Americans still dream about a socialistic utopia. Halvorssen argues that if those policies were ever implemented, there would be a rude awakening for many Americans.

It Is Extremely Defeasible

Imagine for a moment that the people came to accept the concept of a benevolent dictator ruling over them. Even if that dictator truly was benevolent, it would still be a terrifying system because there would always be vicious people vying for power. After the benevolent dictator died, there could be a slightly less benevolent dictator to take his place. With so much power located in one place, it is very easy to abuse. The same could be said of a socialistic regime. With the government possessing so much power, it would be very easy for a few malevolent rulers to abuse the people.

Taking Money From The Rich

This theme was prominent in the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders (which very much popularized the concept of socialistic government). All of the problems of poverty can go away if the government simply taxes the rich into oblivion and gives that money to the poor. While that system may sound compelling, Halvorrsen is not impressed. He argues that by redistributing wealth, one is essentially stealing from the wealthy. Second, the wealthy will eventually run out of money. They wealthy will eventually be the middle class, and then it will be the middle class who is receiving all of these taxes.

Halvorrsen is impressive in his ability to see through the rhetoric and really examine a possible system of government. His insight is penetrating, objective, and serves as a model going forwa