Securus Technologies: Providing Communication Services to Prisons

Securus Technologies is an American telecommunications company providing communication services to correctional facilities. They are recognized as one of the top telecommunications company in the United States, and they focus their business serving hundreds of thousands of inmates. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company is responsible for developing a variety of technological devices which are being used by the prisoners to contact their loved ones outside. The company was founded in 1986, and every year, the number of correctional facilities that they serve also increases. Today, around 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada are enjoying their services.


The company is proud of the products that they are selling. It includes a fast video calling technology that they have patented. This technology is viewed by the jail authorities as a better alternative to face to face visits, but it is still being debated if video calling should replace live talks. Securus Technologies is also serious in protecting their products, and it is reported that the company has spent $600 million to protect their patents and inventions. According to the Richard Smith, the present CEO of the company, Securus Technologies will keep on developing new products that will help inmates and their families outside to communicate with each other. Securus Technologies developed a kiosk and placed them inside the prison for the inmates to use. This kiosk has several features, including video call, voice call, and voice mail. Reception from the inmates is positive, stating that the technology has tremendous speed. Securus Technologies welcomed the remarks, and promised the prisoners that they will be producing more exciting products in the future.


Securus Technologies require the families of the inmates to open an account before they can use the features offered by the company, and after they opened their accounts, they would have to put some credits in order to make a call.


Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holding UK is a global platform for stock-based and margin loans. Established in 2002, the global leader is committed to offering businesses or individuals with the financial equity that they need. The universal company help people find the strategic and economic funding that they need to grow. Every customer is provided with professional service, and are aided with obtaining a low-rate loans.

Equities First Holdings UK provide straightforward alternatives to obtaining cash. It’s an opportunity to grow or expand your business. The company’s history has lead to a track record of providing over 1.4 billion dollars worth of equity.

Erick Lefkofsky’s Input in Healthcare

Americans continue to spend a lot of money on pharmaceuticals despite efforts from different angles to reduce the medical expenses. JAMA publication argues that aging and population growth are the second causes of the increase in medical costs. Research that was carried out to establish the cause of high cost of medication revealed that treatment for different types of diseases have different factors that determine the value of their medicine.

Diabetes recorded the highest increase in expenditure during the period that the research was done with around $64 billion. The increase in the cost of containing diabetes was contributed by aging, population growth, utilization of pharmaceuticals, and prevalence of diabetes.

Neck pain and low back pain treatment recorded an increase of $57 billion according to the finding, but their contributing factors were different from that of diabetes. Patients with neck and low back pains spent 8.5% more annually when served as inpatients.

The general spending by inpatients in health facilities went up from $258 billion to $697 billion. Patients stayed in the hospital for few days, but the expense did not reduce. Drug prices remained high with others arguing that the cost of a drug can’t make one to save some money compared to one avoiding to be hospitalized. The research was done by University of Washington, Harvard University and Center for Health Policy and Outcomes among others.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky if the Tempus’ CEO and co-founder. Tempus is a technology company that is specialized in battling several types of cancer. Tempus helps doctors and healthcare professional to make personalized and real-time data-driven decisions on treatment steps based on in-depth patient’s genetic code analysis.

Tempus is working with patients suffering from lung, pancreatic, and breast cancer, and they are working to add more types of cancer gradually. Tempus’ effort to cure cancer is driven by love and care for cancer patients. Eric is an entrepreneur with vast experience in integration of technology to both business and healthcare. Eric together with his wife Liz established Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable organization to take care of people who are in need and are within their reach. Erick who is a graduate of the University of Michigan also serves on several boards of trustees.

Desiree Perez Decided to Invest in the Recorded Music Sector of Roc Nation

As the landmark deal between Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which was reported to be worth $150 million over the course of 10 years, draws near to its end, the world-renowned music mogul has been spreading the word to industry leaders that he is interested in doing business. The original deal was known as “360,” which means that either side has the option of selling their stake in the company to the other party. While Live Nation has chosen not to renew the deal in regards to their interest in the recorded music side, they are fully interested in continuing relationship with Jay-Z concerning their touring deal, as it has been mutually lucrative for both sides. The reason for the change is because Live Nation is no longer in the business of investing in recorded music, presumably due to the drastic changes in the climate of the music industry over the past decade. Live Nation initially decided to invest in the recorded music sector of Roc Nation, which is currently the home of superstars such as Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Jay-Z himself. It was recently reported that Jay-Z was spotted with Desiree “Dez” Perez, one of the top executives at Roc Nation, at the Santa Monica offices of Sir Lucien Grainge, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, having held the position since 2009. She has played an integral role in the development of Jay-Z’s career, having been a part of his inner circle for over twenty years. She recently helped to close a major deal between Rihanna and Samsung and continues to be actively involved in several sectors of the Roc Nation brand.

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Life Screening- Let’s Eliminate Cardiovascular Related Illnesses

One major causes of deaths in the United States today is cardiovascular diseases. This is despite the world having sophisticated equipment that deals sufficiently with the issue of cardiovascular diseases. In the United States out of every four deaths, one is caused by a cardiovascular disease. It is estimated that over 600, 000 Americans succumb to diseases that are related to Cardiovascular diseases. This had been a concern in the medical fraternity with the players in medical research looking for ways which can develop preventive screening. Preventive screening is seen as a way of controlling the cases that are being recorded today. Preventive screening involves conducting tests that will determine if one is at the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular-related illness. Preventive screening is also seen as a way that people will be able to, know the status of their health. People will be able to know how to live healthily.

Life Screening is a company in Austin, Texas that is concerned about the recent increase in cardiovascular related illnesses in the country today. Life screening as a company is dedicated to seeing that people are tested in advance and that all types of illness related to cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed. Cardiovascular diseases are known to cause emergency health challenges. The only way to avoid them is by having to screen regularly. Any possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases will be pinpointed early before it becomes a serious health challenge.

Some pertinent questions should be asked by people who want veto visit Life Screening. Some of these questions are; what are the benefits that Life screenings tests are likely to bring? What are the preparations that one should make before going for Life Screening tests? What should one expect during the screening process?

Life Screening is a private company that was started in 1993. It is involved in operations of offering in-depth preventive health screening. The intention is to discover if there any cardiovascular diseases that exist in the body without the knowledge of a patient. Life Screening provides services all over the United States. They also provide services to everyone in the country without prejudice.

To get the best out of the screening tests, Life Screening may draw small amount of blood from the body to determine if there are any underlying problems that may not be visible through tee normal screening process. Some of the screening procedures that are used include; blood tests, ultrasound EKGs. EKGs are meant to check the heartbeat and any peripheral, arterial diseases.

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Neurocore Takes the Necessary Steps to Fight Depression

In the US, Major Depression is the commonest mental illness. The condition affects close to 16 million adults every year. This is about 6.7% of the total population. Though depression is more pronounced in adults, especially women, it can affect anyone, even the younger community. What’s alarming is the fact that at times, there is no apparent outside cause of the condition. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is on the frontline in fighting this horrible condition.

According to Neurocore, depression is a serious condition that needs immediate address. They insist on the following 8 facts about depression:

  • Depression can occur without any identifiable outside factor.
  • Depression exists in different types such as major, persistent, post-partum, and seasonal depressive disorders.
  • The signs and symptoms may be masked and thus not obvious.
  • Depression affects your body’s functions.
  • Depression is the leading cause of suicide.
  • Depression is the major cause of disability cases among individuals age 15 and 44.
  • Depression studies need adequate funding.
  • All cases of depression are treatable.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was established in 2004 to provide data-driven programs that are brain-based. Their programs help both children and adults manage stress-related conditions. Since its founding, Neurocore has established itself as a neuroscience authority in Florida and Michigan. They are looking at diffusing throughout America and to the rest of the world in a few years to come.

Their specialties include:

  • Diagnosis programs for Autonomic Nervous System
  • Training programs on heart rate variability
  • Attention testing programs
  • Neurology programs

They use technology to help people identify and manage brain-related conditions in America. They believe that your brain can be trained positively to ensure that you live healthily, and are able to manage serious conditions such as depression. They are supplied with experienced health professionals who are vital in helping you achieve the best campaign against depression and related complications.


Generally, Neurocore has been impressive in setting up programs that promote the fight against depression and other brain-related conditions. Their customized programs are very effective in stepping up the campaigns against depression.