George Soros Stands Tall After Philanthropic Efforts

There has been a dramatic shift in the political climate of the United States of America. From 2008 to 2016 there was a certain presence that the United States held on the global stage, of respect and at least accessibility. Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House, the United States has been on a direct downward slide in global standing. Still, despite Trump’s disastrous regime, there have been many people willing to stand up in opposition in order to make their voices heard. George Soros, the billionaire investor, and philanthropist has been one of the most vocal opponents of Donald Trump throughout his political rise and Soros just made another move to try and fight back against the rising tide of darkness in the country. Soros made headlines everywhere when it was revealed that he had donated nearly a full $18 BILLION to charity of his own wealth.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations way back in 1979 as his way of trying to make the world a better place. The Open Society Foundations was established by Soros in order to put money into the hands of grassroot organizers all around the globe. These funds were dispensed to grassroots organizations that focused on transparent government, freedom of speech, artistic expression and social justice. it was clear early on that Soros believed in the OSF and over the past thirty years the charity has handed out nearly $14 billion. Now, Soros is ensuring that his foundation is in good hands for years to come after donating an additional $18 BILLION to the foundation.

When it was revealed that Soros had donated the vast majority of his wealth to charity, there were those that predictably found a way to use it as an attack on Soros. Members on the right, including the propaganda networks Breitbart and Fox News, instantly attacked Soros under the auspices that he was doing something sneaky and untoward. Unfortunately, there has been an embarrassing shift toward demonizing philanthropists by some vocal members of the right wing of American politics. This demonization is a shame but not unexpected. Over the years, Soros has become the ultimate boogeyman for conservatives who want to criticize the wealthy progressive for anything that they can think of.

The reason that Soros is such a devout philanthropist is likely due in large part to his history. Soros grew up in Hungary but was forced to flee his home when the Nazis marched into the country and began their occupation. Soros saw, up-close-and-personal, the dangers that fiery rhetoric and hate-filled nationalism can bring to the common people. Soros and his family would emigrate to London and it was there that Soros began to study Karl Popper’s Open Society. Soros found that the idea of an inclusive, open world was the only way to fight back against the dangers of unchecked capitalism and nationalistic pride. That, of course, put Soros right in the crosshairs of conservative media giants all over the world — which is a shame.

How Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Scan Can Preserve Your Mobility

What is Life Line Screening?

Life Line Screening is a revolutionary technique that utilizes ultrasound technology that uses sound waves to scan specific areas of your body that can hold clues to health issues you may be having, or may be prone to later in life.

There are three types of health screenings offered by Life Line Screening:

First, there are ultrasound screenings. When many people think of an ultrasound they typically think of technique that is used to monitor a baby during pregnancy. This same technology can be used in a multitude of ways that can detect potentially major health issues.

Next, there are blood screenings. These use a very specific and painless finger prick method. The results from a simple finger prick can identify major issues that you may be prone to, including diabetes or heart disease.

Finally, there is the limited electrocardiograph screening. This is typically used when looking at issues related to the heart. Unlike many heart tests, the screening is completely non invasive and you can stay fully clothes.

What is a Bone Density Scan?

Life Line Screening offers specific bone density scans designed to look for bone loss before it becomes a major issue. Bone loss can lead to Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is especially dangerous because many of us often don’t realize we have it until our mobility is limited or we have an injury. Catching bone loss early can help preserve your mobility as you age and prevent injuries.

Why a Bone Density Scan is the Best Choice to Avoid Osteoporosis :
One of the most troubling things about Osteoporosis is that we likely don’t know we have it until it is too late. Often, people are unaware that they have Osteoporosis until they fracture or break a bone. Additionally, people are often aware of the severity of their Osteoporosis. Symptoms are generally very vague. They include things like back pain that can have multiple causes.

One Simple Thing to Prepare for Your Lifeline Screening :

Life Line Screening prides itself on providing incredibly simple screenings. The Bone Density Test only requires one thing to prepare yourself for your screening. Simply be cognizant that you will need to remove your shoes and socks and dress so you will feel comfortable when you remove them. For that reason, do not wear any pantyhose or leggings with feet on them.

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Rocketship Education: Reinventing How the Classroom Operates

The typical classroom setting is all too common across the nation. Rows of desks lined parallel until they have consumed the bulk of the room all facing a dry erase board. From the stage in front, the teacher will describe concepts or write equations on the board for a room full of students whose minds have wandered off long ago. Tests are distributed on occasion, to see what portions of the lecture managed to stick in the cracks of the disinterested spectators. Standardized bubbles that demand to be filled in the prescribed way or else the student’s ability to think will come into question. The older children attending these schools will likely experience several reprieves throughout the day marked by a ringing bell. This time will be spent relocating so the process can begin again until they are finally granted mercy and sent home.

This has been the way that education has operated in the United States for decades now. Many thoughtful citizens have noticed that it no longer seems to be fulfilling its purpose. A large achievement gap has made its self-apparent, primarily affecting low-income communities. Innovative Charter schools such as Rocketship Education have begun forming to address this growing threat. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit group founded in 2007. Their formation was motivated by the belief that every child is capable of achieving greatness with the right foundation.

The experience of a Rocketship Education school is far different than the traditional classroom. Instructors take the time to meet with families in their homes in order to build a connection before the school year has even begun. During this meeting, they pick up on whatever concerns, interests, weaknesses or strengths may be unique to the student. They use this information to build a lesson plan that caters to the child’s needs. Instructors also go to great pains to remain in contact with parents and inform them of any way they can lend aid to their child’s education. This method has proven successful since Rocketship education implemented it. When compared to their public school counterparts Rocketship Education’s students perform up to a grade higher on standardized tests.

Learning with the Success of Boraie Development in Their Many Fields of Expertise

The Atlantic City is known to be one of the biggest gaming meccas in the world, rivaling that of Las Vegas or Macao. But Atlantic City’s reputation or title is in question right now following a side downwards on its gaming industry for the last ten years as its neighbor’s gears up their own gaming hubs. However, just because gaming has already been associated with Atlantic City’s name, which might mean that it is associated with a niche community, for so many years now, it doesn’t mean that gaming is the only industry the city can rely on. New investments like the Atlantic City Gateway project is there and Boraie Development’s 250 new apartments that will open next year. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The $81 million apartment complex that is known as The Beach at South Inlet is a project by Boraie Development LLC. It will be Atlantic City’s first market-rate development in the last 25 years. Around 50,000 people who make a living in the resort town is expected to benefit from this huge development project. And Atlantic City is very optimistic about this development, seeing it as a sign of renewed growth, considering that more than 60% of the housing stock in the city is more than 40 years old according to a study done by the website

With this information on hand, the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Wasseem Boraie believes that the real challenge for them is to provide the new generation of renters what they truly deserve and want, knowing that the current generation of renters have access to all the information they need with the advent of social media and most of them know what they should get in a modern housing. This is why Boraie Development LCC noted that the complex they are developing will have modern amenities like gyms, pools and residents lounge. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

Boraie Development LCC is one of the leading companies that provide sales/marketing, property management, and real estate development. Their presence in the real estate industry is prominent, as they have acquired an enormous reputation in the industry as strong property developers and sellers. They have reached their success through working with people with a real sense of professionalism and dedication, aware that the most reliable deals and the most significant goals cannot be achieved alone. The staff of Boraie Development owned by Omar Boraie know how to value the importance of timely completion of contracts and deadlines for the success of all projects.

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Paul Mampilly, an Investor with a Difference

The Wall Street exchange floor was not as quiet and as subdued as it is today. Back in the day, portable devices owned by investors were used to place orders. This was before the computer era.

Paul Mampilly, an American investor, still vividly recalls how the hell broke loose when the stock market opening bell rang. Everyone present shouted out loudly. He had been invited to visit the New York Stock Exchange as a member of the financial club during his college years.

With the advent of the computer age, complex software platforms have ensured that brokers are entrusted with the task of placing trades. The influence that Wall Street had since its beginning back in 1972 is slowly but surely fading away according to Paul Mampilly. Online transactions are soon going to make Wall Street’s usefulness obsolete.

Paul Mampilly who has previously worked as a hedge fund manager publishes information on the new financial trends that are eclipsing the traditionally accepted concepts. His Profits Unlimited newsletter offers relevant knowledge to anyone seeking to try out new financial avenues.

Given his vast experience in the stock market, Paul Mampilly uses his newsletter to advice his readers on the best times to invest in stocks. He also warns them about times that they are bound to lose their money on different investments.

In 1991, his illustrious career began at Bankers Trust that was later purchased by Deutsche Bank. He also enjoyed stints at Kinetics Asset Management and the Royal Bank of Scotland where he managed investments and accounts. Winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition was one of the highlights of his career.

The fast-paced life at Wall Street lost its appeal, and he chose to follow the market at a distance. He still invests and helps others invest their money without necessarily being actively involved in the business.

The alumnus of Fordham University, where he did his MBA from, uses his knowledge to help everyday people make money. He started his business to reach people from different backgrounds especially those whose interests are not advocated for by the competitive business world. For more info about us: click here.

His opinions and advice on financial matters have also been sought by CNBC and Fox Business News among other television shows. He attributes much of his success in investments to merely following the buying and selling patterns that hardly change.