Talkspace for Your Mental Health

If you are struggling mentally but are unable to see a local therapist because of your financial situation or because it is too inconvenient, Talkspace is an app that you might want to consider for yourself. It has been estimated that online therapy companies have grown in popularity by almost 100 percent due to recent worldwide events, and it is just beneficial to utilize a company like Talkspace because of all that it can offer to you. This is why a lot of people have used Talkspace and are happy with what the company is able to do for them.

The reason Talkspace is as advantageous as it is is because it enables you to quickly and easily talk to a licensed therapist from the comfort of your own home. Not only does this save you time, but it can also save you lots of money since you will only pay a few dollars a day to have full access to your therapist. This is the reason thousands upon thousands of people have already downloaded and been using Talkspace for themselves. It is an app that you can give a try for yourself as well.

This is an app that you can trust, and it is far superior to anything else that you might have used in the past. In fact, Talkspace is easy for you to download and make use of whenever you would like full professional therapy from the comforts of home. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford therapy, and there may be situations where it is difficult or even impossible for you to leave the house in order to get this type of help. This is why Talkspace was created in the first place and is the number one home-based therapy app that is currently being used.

Talkspace and The Increased Engagement of People After President Trump’s Election

There are many untoward consequences that people had never expected to happen after the election of Dunald Trump. It may even be said that his election has sparked some of the greatest political, social and emotional changes in the landscape of American politics. One of these changes can be seen in the sudden spike and rise of young people that are flocking to use the online counselling therapy app, Talkspace.

The Rise of Talkspace Engagement

In a CNBC article, it was revealed that since the election of Donald Trump, Talkspace has experienced about 70-80 percent of growth in customers, which is the highest amount of increase that the app has witnessed since November 2016, which was when Trump got elected.

Another interesting discovery was that most of the people that were taken to using the app were from the Jewish community, the Muslim groups, the minorities and from female individuals. There were also LGBT customers and Jewish people aged from 33-34 that suddenly got to use the app for the first time. It goes with little explanation that these new users are from the millenial generation.

Co-founder and CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank had a lot to say in this new customer rate increase. For one, he cited that the election of Trump has incited a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and what adds to the level of national anxiety and stress lately, he said, was definitely triggered by the election and the president’s inauguration.

About Talkspace

Founded in 2012, Talkspace is right now one of the modern applications online today that let people work with their mental health issues with the help of professionals in the Talkspace platform. The plans that customers can avail of from Talkspace include a $32/week package. These customers can select their own therapist, which they can contact anytime online for help and support.

OSI Food Processing Network Professional David McDonald Makes Business News

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Food Processing Group Inc. has been proudly established since 1993. They remain a trusted network as one of the first to respond to a stabilized food network. Their customers have been guaranteed a nutritional diet backed by the strict guidelines set forth through food regulation. OSI was willing to respond outside of infractions or huge penalties. Today, thousands of customers choose their diet to feed their family. Their products have become the leading diet among too food competitors. In fact, they never make you guess what’s in your food or where it comes from.

OSI Inc. Professional Bio: David McDonald

David McDonald, graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Business School. He has over 16+ years experience in the food processing with a start in food during his early 20’s. He is proud be a part a putting nutritious meals on the tables of millions of families and works alongside their current COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have together a family iniative designed to give their partners business growth while expanding their current portfolio. McDonald says, he’s proud to serve millions of restaurants, delis, and eateries worldwide.

McDonald’s Recent OSI Contributions

OSI has had a very successful international partnership under the leadership of McDonald. He was able to recognize the significance of the EU food industry. He was quickly able to secure a partnership deal worth $7 million dollars and will operate from their popular Flagship Europe food group. They will process vegetables, meat patties, and food condiments. Their success in Europe caused them to become an attractive partner for the Dutch food industry. OSI will also introduce their organic vegetables to an Indian overseas food market. They would like their success to mimic that of their United States and Asian food deals.

Your invited to visit the popular OSI website for more details on putting a foodeal on the table tour family can trust. Don’t guess where your food comes from or what’s in it with the superior OSI food processing food group today and save.


Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics: Reaching New Heights In Cancer Care

Founded on the basis that cancer treatments need to be more targeted to actually treat the cancer and not do significant harm to the patient, Seattle Genetics, led by Clay Siegall is succeeding in their battle against cancer. Clay knows first hand the devastating effects that cancer and traditional treatments can cause. Mr. Siegall saw a loved one go through a rigorous bout of cancer, almost passing away from the side effects of chemotherapy and became determined to put an end to patients having no options to traditional treatments.

Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been the beneficiary of all of Clays hard work to change the future. The company was started with a skeleton crew of people and Clay. Now Seattle Genetics is looking to become a pharmaceutical heavy hitter with their headline drug, ADCetris a drug that can target cancer cells for destruction. Along with ADCetris, Seattle Genetics has about 20 marketable pharmaceutical items that bring in money for more research. Seattle Genetics currently has several contracts with GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Genentech, and Pfizer.

Now days, Dr. Siegall works mainly in establishing funding for his research and development teams, but Clay has a very strong background in cancer research. Dr. Siegall received his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. After earning his college degrees, Clay worked up through the ranks from the National Cancer Institute as a researcher to working in developing treatments at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Dr. Siegall also sets on several pharmaceutical and research centers Board of Directors; Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall has 15 patents in his name and is an author of more than 70 publications. To read more about Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics please click here.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

It is difficult sometimes to find a great job that offers the necessary benefits. Sussex Healthcare is still a top provider of extremely compassionate healthcare services for area elders and other disabled individuals. This fantastic healthcare organization started decades ago as one private care home.

Today, the company boasts 20 care homes that are privately owned and operated. As a prominent UK company, Sussex Healthcare has a renowned reputation in the communities that they serve. Along with residential care, this provider also offers weekend and vacation respite care, home health palliative care and many community outreach type services as well.

Not long ago, Sussex Healthcare launched a brand new gym that is always staffed. This beautiful gymnasium offers state-of-the-art fitness supplies and equipment. The building also holds a warm water pool that patients and elders in the community can use. Sometimes, physiology therapists use this jetted pool for relaxing and very effective rehabilitation and range-of-motion exercise routines. A newer audiology department also recently opened its doors to provide high-quality audiology care to those with hearing deficits. The team at Sussex Healthcare believes that staying active encourages better fitness and overall health. This organization is proud to deliver fun and easy-on-joints exercise regimens personalized for each person.

When someone desires a career in healthcare, they often dream of better salaries and exciting job duties. Sussex Healthcare retains its well-trained employees by offering so many career advancement opportunities. This company will hire from within the organization before hiring outsiders. This works as job security, and employees that desire a job change can often find a good match within the Sussex Healthcare group. With so many different care homes and services, prospective and current employees have a wealth of various job duties to select from. There are currently openings for both healthcare and other supportive care positions.

All of the patients receive individualized care at Sussex Healthcare. No two people are ever identically alike, and Sussex Healthcare likes to keep it that way. Everyone is encouraged to live the specific lifestyle that each one prefers. Quiet individuals have plenty of beautiful areas to relax, read or listen to music. Those wanting fast-paced fun can join in any ongoing activities and outings. The patients remain very important members of the community. Often, patients are treated to live performances on a Sussex Healthcare site by local talented individuals that includes musicians, singers and theater groups.


Boraie Development Offers Some Of New Jersey’s Most Impressive Residences

New Jersey is one of country’s smallest states by area. However, it’s also one of the most densely populated. This is no surprise. The state offers easy access to both New York City and Philadelphia. It’s also home to many companies. Business officials appreciate the opportunity to do business in a state that offers a very highly educated workforce. The state has one of the highest per capita incomes in the entire country. As a result, many people who live here often have both a generous housing budget and very high expectations for their housing. Thoughtful developers such as Boraie Development have rushed to respond to the special needs of this housing market. They know that residents of New Jersey appreciate having accommodations that allow them enjoy the many delights of living in this centrally located state. They understand that clients have certain expectations that they need to meet in order to capture the market.


Their Services


In a recent article by NY Times, the many housing services they offer are written about in greater detail. In an apt summary in the Philly Purge, experts talk about the company’s plans for the regional market. They know that the New Jersey market is ever changing. What is true of the real estate market here one year may not be true the very next. At present, officials in the state and those who watch the real estate markets have many concerns. They are worried that the demand for housing here may not keep up with the supply. As the population of the state continues to expand, the housing market will need to continue to expand at the same time. At the same time, officials realize that companies such as Sam Boraie have stepped into the breach with the kind of housing that is just right for many long-term residents and those who may need to be here for a temporary job or to attend one of the area’s many fine colleges and universities.


Providing The Right Housing


Housing allows people to relax and be near their workplace at the same time. At Boraie Development, they understand that residents who are looking for housing here have many concerns and needs as they examine potential options. Staffers at this company have many years of experience in this industry. Consequently, they know what renters and buyers search for as they seek out the right area apartment or house. You can search on Yahoo for more.


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Mark Mofid Intends On Changing The Plastic Surgery Industry

For a long time the field of plastic surgery was known as a luxury, and often times many people were concerned about the dangers it posed to a person’s health. While this may have been a valid thought back in the day, this is not the case in today’s generation, with new technologies and methods being born every day. The horror stories of the past often seen through celebrities is a thing of the past.

The level of progress that has been made in the plastic surgery industry is astounding and is much more impressive than the dramatic fiction placed on the field. This is true for all plastic surgery procedures, from the face to the glutes. One of the most prominent names in the industry is Dr. Mark Mofid, who has perfected his plastic surgery procedures thanks to his continued education and mission to develop new and safer methods.

Mark Mofid has many qualifications in his field, starting off his training at Harvard University, followed by earning his medical degree from John Hopkins School of Medicine. With his extensive experience int he industry today, Mark knows the in’s-and-out’s of his practice. He has innovated new methods for performing plastic surgery and brought some seriousness to the field that many used to overlook. Currently, Mark focuses on augmentation of the glutes but is skilled in all plastic surgery operations.

Mark Mofid has worked hard to bring dignity and professionalism to plastic surgery procedures, saying it is a serious field of medicine not to be overlooked or joked about. Mark has such a level of skill in surgery that many have sought him out for his expertise and techniques. Mark is also conscious of the concerns of his clients, never going through with a surgery that overlooks a clients health, regardless of what the client is asking for or if they demand unsafe levels of augmentation. Much of Mark Mofid’s methods were developed through his mentor, which happens to be Raul Gonzalez, a plastic surgeon operating out of Brazil and more

GoBuyside Explains the Changes in Fund Management with respect to EU GDPR

It is already announced that the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR would be effective from May 25, 2018, across all the European Union members by making several consequences in all the major corporations around the globe. When organizations move to the implantation stage of legislation, they have to evaluate their current approach in data protection, make a gap analysis on current processes and added requirements per the latest legislation, and make necessary changes or advancements in data protection to be compliant with the new regulations by May 25. GoBuyside, a leading recruitment platform in fund management and financial sector, recently spoke about the changes expected with GDPR, especially in the fund management industry.

According to GoBuyside, the new regulations are to ensure the personal data protection quite similar to the fundamental rights of individuals. In reality, it is a set of regulations based on the security obligations and principles of the data protection drive of the region. The bill asks the controllers to establish proper technical measures, organization mechanisms, and procedures that ensure data protection per GDPR as “default.” Additionally, the regulations also put a strong emphasis on accountability and transparency as well. It comes with additional regulation requirements such as documenting and analysis of data processing activities.

Also, both processors and controllers are held accountable and need to demonstrate the compliance. Contrary to the data protection regulations applicable now, GDPR targets non-EU entities that are operating or offering its services in Eurozone as well. Due to that, fund administrators, distributors, alternative investment fund managers, depositories, management firm, and investment fund companies have to follow the regulations to protect the personal data that covers investors, employees, and the respective officers. With the strengthening of data protection rule, each company is expected to have better control over their data flow along with greater insights.

GoBuyside is an advanced recruitment platform with special focus on hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms, alternative investment managers, and more. It serves a significant percentage of Fortune 500 companies and helping them with the staffing needs around the globe. It has more than 400 clients and sourced candidates from more than 10,000 firms in its network. It provides its high-value recruitment services in 16 countries around the globe including the United States, China, India, the U.K, Germany, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Singapore, and more. Through its large pool of talents, GoBuyside filled more than 2000 client positions, per the latest data.