GoBuyside Explains the Changes in Fund Management with respect to EU GDPR

It is already announced that the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR would be effective from May 25, 2018, across all the European Union members by making several consequences in all the major corporations around the globe. When organizations move to the implantation stage of legislation, they have to evaluate their current approach in data protection, make a gap analysis on current processes and added requirements per the latest legislation, and make necessary changes or advancements in data protection to be compliant with the new regulations by May 25. GoBuyside, a leading recruitment platform in fund management and financial sector, recently spoke about the changes expected with GDPR, especially in the fund management industry.

According to GoBuyside, the new regulations are to ensure the personal data protection quite similar to the fundamental rights of individuals. In reality, it is a set of regulations based on the security obligations and principles of the data protection drive of the region. The bill asks the controllers to establish proper technical measures, organization mechanisms, and procedures that ensure data protection per GDPR as “default.” Additionally, the regulations also put a strong emphasis on accountability and transparency as well. It comes with additional regulation requirements such as documenting and analysis of data processing activities.

Also, both processors and controllers are held accountable and need to demonstrate the compliance. Contrary to the data protection regulations applicable now, GDPR targets non-EU entities that are operating or offering its services in Eurozone as well. Due to that, fund administrators, distributors, alternative investment fund managers, depositories, management firm, and investment fund companies have to follow the regulations to protect the personal data that covers investors, employees, and the respective officers. With the strengthening of data protection rule, each company is expected to have better control over their data flow along with greater insights.

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