Mark Mofid Intends On Changing The Plastic Surgery Industry

For a long time the field of plastic surgery was known as a luxury, and often times many people were concerned about the dangers it posed to a person’s health. While this may have been a valid thought back in the day, this is not the case in today’s generation, with new technologies and methods being born every day. The horror stories of the past often seen through celebrities is a thing of the past.

The level of progress that has been made in the plastic surgery industry is astounding and is much more impressive than the dramatic fiction placed on the field. This is true for all plastic surgery procedures, from the face to the glutes. One of the most prominent names in the industry is Dr. Mark Mofid, who has perfected his plastic surgery procedures thanks to his continued education and mission to develop new and safer methods.

Mark Mofid has many qualifications in his field, starting off his training at Harvard University, followed by earning his medical degree from John Hopkins School of Medicine. With his extensive experience int he industry today, Mark knows the in’s-and-out’s of his practice. He has innovated new methods for performing plastic surgery and brought some seriousness to the field that many used to overlook. Currently, Mark focuses on augmentation of the glutes but is skilled in all plastic surgery operations.

Mark Mofid has worked hard to bring dignity and professionalism to plastic surgery procedures, saying it is a serious field of medicine not to be overlooked or joked about. Mark has such a level of skill in surgery that many have sought him out for his expertise and techniques. Mark is also conscious of the concerns of his clients, never going through with a surgery that overlooks a clients health, regardless of what the client is asking for or if they demand unsafe levels of augmentation. Much of Mark Mofid’s methods were developed through his mentor, which happens to be Raul Gonzalez, a plastic surgeon operating out of Brazil and more