Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

It is difficult sometimes to find a great job that offers the necessary benefits. Sussex Healthcare is still a top provider of extremely compassionate healthcare services for area elders and other disabled individuals. This fantastic healthcare organization started decades ago as one private care home.

Today, the company boasts 20 care homes that are privately owned and operated. As a prominent UK company, Sussex Healthcare has a renowned reputation in the communities that they serve. Along with residential care, this provider also offers weekend and vacation respite care, home health palliative care and many community outreach type services as well.

Not long ago, Sussex Healthcare launched a brand new gym that is always staffed. This beautiful gymnasium offers state-of-the-art fitness supplies and equipment. The building also holds a warm water pool that patients and elders in the community can use. Sometimes, physiology therapists use this jetted pool for relaxing and very effective rehabilitation and range-of-motion exercise routines. A newer audiology department also recently opened its doors to provide high-quality audiology care to those with hearing deficits. The team at Sussex Healthcare believes that staying active encourages better fitness and overall health. This organization is proud to deliver fun and easy-on-joints exercise regimens personalized for each person.

When someone desires a career in healthcare, they often dream of better salaries and exciting job duties. Sussex Healthcare retains its well-trained employees by offering so many career advancement opportunities. This company will hire from within the organization before hiring outsiders. This works as job security, and employees that desire a job change can often find a good match within the Sussex Healthcare group. With so many different care homes and services, prospective and current employees have a wealth of various job duties to select from. There are currently openings for both healthcare and other supportive care positions.

All of the patients receive individualized care at Sussex Healthcare. No two people are ever identically alike, and Sussex Healthcare likes to keep it that way. Everyone is encouraged to live the specific lifestyle that each one prefers. Quiet individuals have plenty of beautiful areas to relax, read or listen to music. Those wanting fast-paced fun can join in any ongoing activities and outings. The patients remain very important members of the community. Often, patients are treated to live performances on a Sussex Healthcare site by local talented individuals that includes musicians, singers and theater groups.