OSI Food Processing Network Professional David McDonald Makes Business News

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Food Processing Group Inc. has been proudly established since 1993. They remain a trusted network as one of the first to respond to a stabilized food network. Their customers have been guaranteed a nutritional diet backed by the strict guidelines set forth through food regulation. OSI was willing to respond outside of infractions or huge penalties. Today, thousands of customers choose their diet to feed their family. Their products have become the leading diet among too food competitors. In fact, they never make you guess what’s in your food or where it comes from.

OSI Inc. Professional Bio: David McDonald

David McDonald, graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Business School. He has over 16+ years experience in the food processing with a start in food during his early 20’s. He is proud be a part a putting nutritious meals on the tables of millions of families and works alongside their current COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have together a family iniative designed to give their partners business growth while expanding their current portfolio. McDonald says, he’s proud to serve millions of restaurants, delis, and eateries worldwide.

McDonald’s Recent OSI Contributions

OSI has had a very successful international partnership under the leadership of McDonald. He was able to recognize the significance of the EU food industry. He was quickly able to secure a partnership deal worth $7 million dollars and will operate from their popular Flagship Europe food group. They will process vegetables, meat patties, and food condiments. Their success in Europe caused them to become an attractive partner for the Dutch food industry. OSI will also introduce their organic vegetables to an Indian overseas food market. They would like their success to mimic that of their United States and Asian food deals.

Your invited to visit the popular OSI website for more details on putting a foodeal on the table tour family can trust. Don’t guess where your food comes from or what’s in it with the superior OSI food processing food group today and save.