Talkspace and The Increased Engagement of People After President Trump’s Election

There are many untoward consequences that people had never expected to happen after the election of Dunald Trump. It may even be said that his election has sparked some of the greatest political, social and emotional changes in the landscape of American politics. One of these changes can be seen in the sudden spike and rise of young people that are flocking to use the online counselling therapy app, Talkspace.

The Rise of Talkspace Engagement

In a CNBC article, it was revealed that since the election of Donald Trump, Talkspace has experienced about 70-80 percent of growth in customers, which is the highest amount of increase that the app has witnessed since November 2016, which was when Trump got elected.

Another interesting discovery was that most of the people that were taken to using the app were from the Jewish community, the Muslim groups, the minorities and from female individuals. There were also LGBT customers and Jewish people aged from 33-34 that suddenly got to use the app for the first time. It goes with little explanation that these new users are from the millenial generation.

Co-founder and CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank had a lot to say in this new customer rate increase. For one, he cited that the election of Trump has incited a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and what adds to the level of national anxiety and stress lately, he said, was definitely triggered by the election and the president’s inauguration.

About Talkspace

Founded in 2012, Talkspace is right now one of the modern applications online today that let people work with their mental health issues with the help of professionals in the Talkspace platform. The plans that customers can avail of from Talkspace include a $32/week package. These customers can select their own therapist, which they can contact anytime online for help and support.