The Remarkable Progress Adam Milstein has made in Jewish Rights Advocacy

Adam Milstein is a common name. He is known to some as a real estate investor while to others he is a vibrant philanthropist. Adam is one of the people who have taken it upon themselves to fight for the Jewish community. A Jew by race, Adam Milstein has achieved a lot in his endeavor to have a happier, safer Jewish community. His efforts and different approach to philanthropy have earned him recognition slots in recent publications.

On the 6th of September 2017, Stephen Calahan of BLOGWEBPEDIA wrote an article about him. The article covered Adam’s road to success and how he does philanthropic work differently. Adam Milstein was born and raised in a humble family, joining the Israeli forces in the year 1971. He served in the Yom Kippur war but later left the army for college. He studied for a Business and economics a course, moving to the United States after graduation in the year 1979. Here, he ventured into real estate working for the real estate company Hager Pacific Properties. It was while he was at Hager that he was introduced to philanthropy. He has over time coined a unique approach to Philanthropy. Adam’s approach is guided by three pillars “Active Philanthropy,” “Life Path Impact,” and “Philanthropic Synergy. Through the esteemed Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he has helped many Israeli children with education and bolstered the Israeli-American conflict.

In another article on the French Tribune, Adam Milstein’s success and unique approach are analyzed. The article authored by JACQUES LEFEBVRE and published on the 10th of April 2017 portrays Milstein as an avid philanthropist. His efforts in advocating for the rights of Jewish People across the globe have been highly successful. Jacques mainly captures the work of the Israeli American council in his article. The council is Adam Milstein’s major achievement. It has been most instrumental in helping him achieve his mission of advocating for Jews across the globe. The Council has also helped in shaping and developing American foreign policy regarding Israel.

Milstein through his foundation and influence in the Council has mentored hundreds of students around the world. Through various educational and social programs, these students have been enabled to get in touch with their Jewish roots and connection with Israel. Adam Milstein is currently one of the most notable Israeli Philanthropists. His efforts and achievements will not soon be forgotten.

Adam Milstein; a great Philanthropist

You may have heard earlier about Adam Milstein as the prominent Israel Investor in real estate. It is beyond doubt that Adam Milstein has left a mark on the real estate world as Hager Pacific Properties managing director who has a very impressive Portfolio of over 2 billion dollars in a high number of properties that it manages and owns in the country. While the professional pursuits of Milstein in the industry of real estate are admirable enough on their own, Adam Milstein has also managed to make himself be recognized as among the most recognizable and active Jewish Community philanthropists.

Adam Milstein is perhaps the best known in the world of Philanthropy for his major involvement with family foundation known as Adam and Gila, which mentors and supports students across the globe in getting back to their Jewish roots and reinforcing their Israel connection. Adam still is active in the foundation work together with his wife. In recognition of the incredible dedication of Milstein to philanthropy and community service, he made his name to be included in the Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneur list of top 200.

In addition to the strong service to the community and work in Philanthropy, Adam Milstein has given back to the community of the Jews through founding the Israel-American Council which main work is to foster U.S and Israel relationship. Besides that, Milstein has tirelessly worked to assist spearhead the role and expansion of influence in the developing of American foreign policy regarding the relations of Jewish and Israel in general. Adam Milstein is not afraid to talk about matters of protecting the Jewish people or standing for the oppressed around the world.

To continue his mission of advocating for the people of Jewish community across the world, Adam Milstein often is a contributor and writer to a lot of noteworthy publications. Adam often speaks on the importance of the Jewish people learning to write and read in the Hebrew so that they are well able to engage in even more connection with their culture and religion. What distinguishes Milstein from the other philanthropists is that he engages with the community and not write checks while on Charitable organization boards.