New Trustee Members for Austism Rocks

Having founded Autism Rocks as a charity to raise awareness and funding for research into autism, Sanjay Shah is now proudly expanding his enterprise. As reported by The Sunday Times, the foundation has recently added two new trustees to its board, Will and Pete Best.
The move is unsurprising for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Autism Rocks Is based around invitation-only live concerts that have since its inception is 2014 gained a significant amount of donations and attracted attention of the world’s famous musicians and philanthropists. Will Best is well versed in the entertainment industry, having begun as an organizer of underground music events in Manchester and eventually becoming a television presenter for various music shows. His insight into this creative environment is invaluable to Autism Rocks.

Meanwhile, Pete Best is a good friend of Shah’s and has made his name in the financial sector for 21 years, holding notable positions at various firms such as Icap. Combining his financial savvy with Will’s eye for the creative make these two natural choices to the Board of Trustees.

With Autism Rocks and his own financial services company, register FCA’s Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah has his hands full. Not originally intending to have a career in financial services, Shah studied medicine and was on track to become a doctor when he had a change of heart. He turned to accounting, and held jobs at prestigious companies such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. The discovery of his son’s autism prompted Shah to put his efforts into Autism Rocks and the furthering of research into the condition.

Solo Capital was the companycheck Shah incorporated in 2011. It is a financial investment firm with offices in London and Dubai, and offers consulting, trading and investment services to its clients. Solo Capital has enjoyed enormous growth over the years, with a net worth of £15.45 million in 2015. It is a global company well known throughout the financial industry, and its success allows it to pick and choose clients. Shah’s own expertise and experience has helped shaped Solo Capital and strengthened its reputation.

Sanjay Shah has proven his commitment on to business and philanthropy through both Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. His leadership savvy and keen decision making skills have been demonstrated yet again with the appointment of Will and Pete Best to the Board of Trustees of Austim Rocks. With the three of them, there is no doubt the foundation will continue to grow in size and success.