Anil Chaturvedi; the Revered Banker who Applies Astute Leadership Skills

More often, a strong leadership influence is prevalent in the birth phase of any business cycle. This includes firms that are run by managers who make critical decisions regarding the direction that an organization should take. Therefore, a particular movement towards a leadership influence should occur when certain leaders elevate power into the firm. Mr. Anil Chaturvedi is one such individual who has perfected his art as a leader in the banking industry. Always careful to implement viable work strategies, he has strategically shaped his career around excellent leadership structures, and for that reason, his works and legacies in the companies he has served in cannot go unrecognized.

Describing Mr. Anil Chaturvedi

Working as a banker for about four decades, Mr. Anil Chaturvedi has vast expertise when it comes to leading international banks. Moreover, he has specialized in corporate as well as private and investment banking. In his capacity as the leader of the mentioned organizations, Anil Chaturvedi exuded a particular focus on significant cross-border transactions, especially between Europe and India.

Work Experience

Perhaps it is important to note that Mr. Anil Chaturvedi first practiced at the State Bank of India where he served as a manager between 1987 and 1991. While there, he was responsible for planning alongside implementing marketing strategies with the intention of capturing businesses in the United States of America. Consequently, he managed to secure various business deals that totaled to more than $500 million in four years. Besides, Anil Chaturvedi served at ANZ Grindlays Bank, in New York City. While serving in this bank, he headed the entire operations and was solely responsible for marketing, compliance issues and developing managerial leadership skills alongside creating a profitable business model for the institution.


What is more, between 1993 and 2011, Chaturvedi served at Merrill Lynch, a leading wealth management company that offers asset management services. While there, he majored in the development of customized investment solutions for high-profile clients. Besides, he served at Hinduja Bank and was responsible for creating corporate advisory businesses including the facilitation of cross-border strategic alliances in India, Asia, Europe as well as the United States of America. As of now, he still works with this company and has carefully invested time and resources to shape his career in it. Other than that, it is correct to deduce that Anil Chaturvedi is an excellent business leader who uses his skills and expertise to grow the banking industry.

How Bradesco’s Very Own Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Continually Brings Success To The Organization

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the President of Bradesco, having been appointed to the position by the Board of Directors in March of 2009. Even though many mid- and upper-level managers and executives transfer from other organizations in their later years, by colloquial definition “jumping ship,” to lead new-to-them businesses for more than they’ve ever been paid by past and current employers, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has remained continual employment with Banco Bradesco since his hiring in 1969.

As Bradesco was the first employer place trust in Mr. Trabuco’s ability, the leading Brazilian financial institution has steadily received dividends in the form of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s 48 straight years of service, appointments to three different Presidencies within Bradesco, and tough decision making during trying times.

Mr. Trabuco’s career pinnacle came in August of 2015, when Bradesco had agreed to terms with HSBC Brazil for a total acquisition of the London, England-based bank. Realizing that the current industry leader had reached its spot through joining forces with another bank, HSBC Brazil was currently underperforming, and Bradesco needing to widen its operations before another bank gobbled up HSBC, he commandeered the purchase price of $5.2 billion for its entire base of assets within the nation of Brazil. Doing so, according to Trabuco, gained Bradesco six years’ worth of growth.


A key method to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s success in the financial marketplace is through segmentation of customers and targeting them with personalized promotions, advertisements, or methods of communication most likely to prove successful with particular customers. The three – the only three in Bradesco’s long history, as a matter of fact – executives that preceded Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s time at Bradesco, especially the founder Amador Aguiar, believed that every customer should be treated the same way. While this approach sounds good, it hasn’t performed as such in practice. All customers of Banco Bradesco, no matter how rich or poor, how dark-skinned or pale, or from Brazil or Asia, are treated with the same level of respect; Mr. Trabuco’s idea of segmentation refers not to throwing racial epithets or looking down at certain customers, instead separating customers based on utilizing which methods of outgoing communication and interaction are most likely to secure their business.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has – and still is, to this era day – experienced an unarguably successful career, as the sole propellant who pushed himself through a minimum of four work relocations, a 275-mile move after only two years with Bradesco, more than ten position assignments, and positively dealing as many coworkers, supervisors, customers, and business associates as any other executive in today’s modern world. Mr. Trabuco has also been subject to handfuls of awards, recognitions, and accolades.

Most recently, Forbes recognized the Bradesco President (a title interchangeable with Chief Executive Officer) as one of Brazil’s leading CEOs in 2016. 2015, the same year Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi oversaw acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian banking operations, brought a declaration from commercial news magazine Istoe É Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance. In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was declared one of the top 100 influential Brazilian natives still residing in the country. While this list only mentions a portion, substantially less than half, of all awards he’s been subject to over the years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recognized as the Insurance Personality of the Year in both 2006 and 2007 while he served as President of the Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans, both awards earned prior to his appointment to the President of Bradesco’s entire operation.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who turns 67 this October, is slated to serve the ranks of employees and customers of Bradesco for years to come.

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