Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries management

Tony Petrello is a brilliant CEO of Nabors Industries, a top oil and gas drilling firm with headquarters in Texas. Nabors Industry is the company we are talking about. The firm was set up in the 1960s but only became prominent after Petrello started working for it in the 1990s. He first joined the firm as the COO but later was appointed the CEO in 2011 following a good track record of results for the two decades he was the head of operations. Tony proved that he was able to make the company grow by facilitating development which has never been seen before in the firm. Since he came to the company, it has been a series of good results.

Tony Petrello has been in the industry long enough to know what the industry needs. As the CEO of Nabors, he has been behind a series of business partnerships and acquisitions which have been made by this firm. The company has been trying to push its business to as many parts of the world as possible. Petrello has been signing deals with the biggest oil firms in the world to supply them with drilling technology. One of the latest dealings involved Saudi Aramco which is one of the greatest firms in the oil business. With a net worth of over $10 trillion, this is a worthy partner who Nabors Industries is now working with. The company is hoping to leverage on these business deals by making its technology the number one technology in the world.

Nabors Industries under the management of Tony Petrello has never been the same as it was in the past. He has accomplished so much for the industry that he has been ranked as one of the top-paid CEOs in the United States. The listing is a direct reflection of the success he has had with Nabors Industries. It is clear that his brilliance in business management is not just recognized at Nabors Industries but in the whole economy.

Tony Petrello excellence in business has something to do with his brilliance. The fact that he can solve problems with ease has assisted the company in coming up with brilliant decisions. Post-2008 economic crisis, Tony has steered the company in such a way that when others were making losses, Nabors industries was on its way up. At no point did the firm register losses despite the challenges encountered. Tony’s term in office continues to boost proceeds for the firm-year in, year out.

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Key business lessons from Vinod Gupta.

Vinod Gupta is the CEO at Everest Group, he graduated from Nebraska University and later joined the employment world. His very first job was finding out mobile home dealers all over the United States. Unfortunately, he discovered that there were no mobile home dealers. He decided to create a solution by introducing a database.

He received many orders, and this was the beginning of his successful journey. To establish this business Vinod borrowed $100 but later sold the company at $680 million. He has over the years been perfecting his skills, and this has helped him remain at the top. Vinod Gupta was born in India, and his success story is a great inspiration.

Some of the lessons learned from Vinod Gupta include;
Believe in yourself, when he was establishing his database business not many people believed in his dream. He managed to work through the obstacles emerging one of the greatest self-made success stories.

Identify your strength, Gupta discovered that he enjoyed working on long-term plans, he has concentrated on ensuring that his company has a clear strategy and vision for the future and this has also helped to propel him in business.

As a business person discover your niche, in any business lesson people will always tell you to find the gap. This is important, but there is more to discovering the gap, once you find out the gap device ways of ensuring that you stand out. Vinod Gupta has managed to stand out by performing field tests. Once he has an idea Gupta tests the product with the real audience this is an excellent technique as it helps him to make the necessary changes as identified by the tests.

Find out ways to expand your business, as an entrepreneur always be on the lookout, on new approaches that will help you in increasing your business. Make use of technology to expand your audience.

Final advice from Gupta is to treat your employees well, reward them; this acts as a motivation factor. In life, everyone wants to feel appreciated, the other reason for rewarding the workers is it promoted loyalty and passion in their work.

Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Mentor

Nick Vertucci grew up from a humble background of an average family, which nonetheless provided for his needs. At the age of ten, his father died, living with his mother struggling as the breadwinner of the family. At the age of eighteen, his car was the house he had. Despite the circumstances, he ventured into the trading business of parts of computers, where he started experiencing the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Nick Vertucci then married and got three daughters. In 2000, the industry in line with his business collapsed, making him incur massive losses, with nothing but his family left to his name. Afterward, he sunk into debts trying to sustain his family, finally ending up at a life-changing seminar on real estate. The loss was as a result of Nick Vertucci’s inability to adjust to change due to inexperience. At this point, he was on the verge of losing his home. A strong drive within him led to enrollment to an academy. For ten years, he accustomed himself with all the knowledge he could grasp about the venture. He currently teaches about his past experiences and lessons learned at NVREA, his academy launched in 2014.

The academy’s location is in California’s Orange County. It primarily focuses on how to spot opportunities, secure deals and amerce wealth in the long run. His plan for success is to detect it, believe in its existence, visualize and finally put it into execution. This academy originated in 2004 when he had a radio show by the title “Investing Hour.” The show was his platform for selling his investments that had started flourishing at the time. His motive was to have the best training company.

Nick Vertucci is an author who narrates his challenges and principles about investment in the real estate sector, to obtain freedom and wealth as an entrepreneur. He addresses the issue of offering unlimited services to the clients rather than focusing on self, how to change perceptions of fear to achieve one’s dreams, as well as how to raise one’s ambition and foresight to change the outcome.

Kevin Harrington endorsed Nick Vertucci. He neither had money nor education but made it into the technology industry where he scored a significant amount of money only to lose it all. He began from scratch, emerging as a wealthy man and emphasizes on having a saving culture, while in return, investing it for profits.

Adam Milstein – Changing the Worlds View on the Traditional Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American that is changing how the world views the Jewish community one day at a time. Milstein is known for his work as an investment real estate broker and for his co-founding of the Israeli-American Council. Milstein has his finger on the pulse of the Israeli-American society.

Adam Milstein uses his philanthropic notoriety and experience in entrepreneurialism to strengthen the Israeli and Jewish community around the world. He is a member of several organizations to assist and fund businesses and organizations on a positive impact on children, adolescents, and adults. His career and experience includes his service to the Israeli Defense Forces, where he served during the Yom Kippur War.

Adam Milstein has a sound teaching doctrine in the field of business and economics. He has a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration. He has been steadily making a name for himself since he arrived with his family in the U.S. in 1981. He is a partner in the Hager Pacific Properties firm. He is the thriving force behind the success of the firm’s financing and acquisitions.

Adam Milstein has experience in taking and rehabilitating multipurpose real estates raging from retail space to multi-family properties. His experience and vast knowledge has aided in his ability to help others and become one of the most influential Jews on the planet. He has spearheaded many outspoken positive political stands in his writings and service

Currently you can find Adam Milstein in podcasts and in the news discussing the harm caused by anti-Semitic views and propaganda. He has consistently aided in the swaying of the negative views of Israeli-Americans and their culture. Milstein hopes that his approach will change the stereotypical views that Americans have and enlighten all of his culture and the love they have of all that is positive and motivates a better relationship of all cultures together.

OSI Food Processing Network Professional David McDonald Makes Business News

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Food Processing Group Inc. has been proudly established since 1993. They remain a trusted network as one of the first to respond to a stabilized food network. Their customers have been guaranteed a nutritional diet backed by the strict guidelines set forth through food regulation. OSI was willing to respond outside of infractions or huge penalties. Today, thousands of customers choose their diet to feed their family. Their products have become the leading diet among too food competitors. In fact, they never make you guess what’s in your food or where it comes from.

OSI Inc. Professional Bio: David McDonald

David McDonald, graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Business School. He has over 16+ years experience in the food processing with a start in food during his early 20’s. He is proud be a part a putting nutritious meals on the tables of millions of families and works alongside their current COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have together a family iniative designed to give their partners business growth while expanding their current portfolio. McDonald says, he’s proud to serve millions of restaurants, delis, and eateries worldwide.

McDonald’s Recent OSI Contributions

OSI has had a very successful international partnership under the leadership of McDonald. He was able to recognize the significance of the EU food industry. He was quickly able to secure a partnership deal worth $7 million dollars and will operate from their popular Flagship Europe food group. They will process vegetables, meat patties, and food condiments. Their success in Europe caused them to become an attractive partner for the Dutch food industry. OSI will also introduce their organic vegetables to an Indian overseas food market. They would like their success to mimic that of their United States and Asian food deals.

Your invited to visit the popular OSI website for more details on putting a foodeal on the table tour family can trust. Don’t guess where your food comes from or what’s in it with the superior OSI food processing food group today and save.


Paul Mampilly Tries to Find the Latest Investment Opportunities

Everything that Paul Mampilly has always been about his clients and how he can help them with new investments. He has a lot of experience with different investment opportunities and with the ways he can invest for other people. While Paul Mampilly was working toward a more positive future in his career, he was always trying to show people what he could do to help them. In addition, he wanted everyone to know they would have to do the investments themselves. While he could give them the advice and while he could be clear about how he was advising them, Paul Mampilly knew he couldn’t do the actual work. Instead, he wanted to teach them to do it themselves while they were working on different opportunities.

People who have taken Paul Mampilly’s advice know there are different things they’ll have to do to help. They also know there will be ways for them to give back to the community while also making sure they can get the most out of the experiences they have. Paul Mampilly tries to always keep track of the things his customers are doing so they don’t have to worry about the issues they would normally face.

As long as people are doing their best at investing, Paul Mampilly knows there is a chance for a positive future. In fact, he has tried to always give his advice to people who are in different situations and to people who want to make the most out of the industry that is ahead of them. Paul Mampilly has relied on the investment strategies currently uses for many years to help him make money. He is now using those strategies so he can show other people the right way to invest.

Depending on what people are doing with the investments, Paul Mampilly likes to give people the right options. He also likes them to know they have the chance to try different things. Even though there have been some issues with investments in past, Paul Mampilly wants people to know they don’t have to worry about those issues in the future. In fact, he has always tried to show them there are different ways they can do things. Bitcoin is one of the biggest things he helps people invest because it is a wise choice. It will give them the experiences and the money they need to finally be able to achieve financial freedom.

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Paul Mampilly, an Investor with a Difference

The Wall Street exchange floor was not as quiet and as subdued as it is today. Back in the day, portable devices owned by investors were used to place orders. This was before the computer era.

Paul Mampilly, an American investor, still vividly recalls how the hell broke loose when the stock market opening bell rang. Everyone present shouted out loudly. He had been invited to visit the New York Stock Exchange as a member of the financial club during his college years.

With the advent of the computer age, complex software platforms have ensured that brokers are entrusted with the task of placing trades. The influence that Wall Street had since its beginning back in 1972 is slowly but surely fading away according to Paul Mampilly. Online transactions are soon going to make Wall Street’s usefulness obsolete.

Paul Mampilly who has previously worked as a hedge fund manager publishes information on the new financial trends that are eclipsing the traditionally accepted concepts. His Profits Unlimited newsletter offers relevant knowledge to anyone seeking to try out new financial avenues.

Given his vast experience in the stock market, Paul Mampilly uses his newsletter to advice his readers on the best times to invest in stocks. He also warns them about times that they are bound to lose their money on different investments.

In 1991, his illustrious career began at Bankers Trust that was later purchased by Deutsche Bank. He also enjoyed stints at Kinetics Asset Management and the Royal Bank of Scotland where he managed investments and accounts. Winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition was one of the highlights of his career.

The fast-paced life at Wall Street lost its appeal, and he chose to follow the market at a distance. He still invests and helps others invest their money without necessarily being actively involved in the business.

The alumnus of Fordham University, where he did his MBA from, uses his knowledge to help everyday people make money. He started his business to reach people from different backgrounds especially those whose interests are not advocated for by the competitive business world. For more info about us: click here.

His opinions and advice on financial matters have also been sought by CNBC and Fox Business News among other television shows. He attributes much of his success in investments to merely following the buying and selling patterns that hardly change.

Desiree Perez Decided to Invest in the Recorded Music Sector of Roc Nation

As the landmark deal between Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which was reported to be worth $150 million over the course of 10 years, draws near to its end, the world-renowned music mogul has been spreading the word to industry leaders that he is interested in doing business. The original deal was known as “360,” which means that either side has the option of selling their stake in the company to the other party. While Live Nation has chosen not to renew the deal in regards to their interest in the recorded music side, they are fully interested in continuing relationship with Jay-Z concerning their touring deal, as it has been mutually lucrative for both sides. The reason for the change is because Live Nation is no longer in the business of investing in recorded music, presumably due to the drastic changes in the climate of the music industry over the past decade. Live Nation initially decided to invest in the recorded music sector of Roc Nation, which is currently the home of superstars such as Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Jay-Z himself. It was recently reported that Jay-Z was spotted with Desiree “Dez” Perez, one of the top executives at Roc Nation, at the Santa Monica offices of Sir Lucien Grainge, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, having held the position since 2009. She has played an integral role in the development of Jay-Z’s career, having been a part of his inner circle for over twenty years. She recently helped to close a major deal between Rihanna and Samsung and continues to be actively involved in several sectors of the Roc Nation brand.

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Julia Jackson & Jackson Family Wines Collection

Julia JacksonWhen it comes to successful modern day vinification, Jackson Family Wines is at the top of the list. This company has been around since 1982, and it has remained true to its core values. Founder Jess Jackson turned his idea into a reality during the early 1980s. As of today, this company has wineries in numerous overseas markets like Chile, Italy, France and South Africa. Though he is no longer with us, Jess Jackson’s essence flows through his remaining family members. One of the most important figures of the business is his youngest daughter Julia Jackson, and she has helped to revolutionize Jackson Family Wines in the 21st Century. Julia Jackson is a proprietor for the company, and she works as a salesman and a representative. The other remaining siblings have a significant role also, and their mother Barbara Banke controls the estate. Julia is very accomplished despite her company titles. She has attended Stanford University and Scripps College.

Early on, Julia did a bit of modeling in Los Angeles, and she taught sixth-Julia Jacksongrade French class. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is her very own nonprofit organization, and this organization celebrates ambitious women who excel. Julia’s love for vinification started when she worked at the family’s wineries. She entrenched herself into the culture by shadowing people in the industry, learning about the business side of things and the partaking in actual table setups for presenting the wines. Jackson Family Wines has numerous Pinot Noirs, Champagnes, Merlots and Chardonnays. The family’s 583-acre site in Oregon’s Willamette Valley produces some of the riches in flavor Pinot Noir wines. Thanks to Julia’s educational background in studio art, she has designed the company’s website as well as many of the wine bottles. Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines are the very definition of modern day vinification at its finest.

How Bradesco’s Very Own Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Continually Brings Success To The Organization

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the President of Bradesco, having been appointed to the position by the Board of Directors in March of 2009. Even though many mid- and upper-level managers and executives transfer from other organizations in their later years, by colloquial definition “jumping ship,” to lead new-to-them businesses for more than they’ve ever been paid by past and current employers, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has remained continual employment with Banco Bradesco since his hiring in 1969.

As Bradesco was the first employer place trust in Mr. Trabuco’s ability, the leading Brazilian financial institution has steadily received dividends in the form of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s 48 straight years of service, appointments to three different Presidencies within Bradesco, and tough decision making during trying times.

Mr. Trabuco’s career pinnacle came in August of 2015, when Bradesco had agreed to terms with HSBC Brazil for a total acquisition of the London, England-based bank. Realizing that the current industry leader had reached its spot through joining forces with another bank, HSBC Brazil was currently underperforming, and Bradesco needing to widen its operations before another bank gobbled up HSBC, he commandeered the purchase price of $5.2 billion for its entire base of assets within the nation of Brazil. Doing so, according to Trabuco, gained Bradesco six years’ worth of growth.


A key method to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s success in the financial marketplace is through segmentation of customers and targeting them with personalized promotions, advertisements, or methods of communication most likely to prove successful with particular customers. The three – the only three in Bradesco’s long history, as a matter of fact – executives that preceded Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s time at Bradesco, especially the founder Amador Aguiar, believed that every customer should be treated the same way. While this approach sounds good, it hasn’t performed as such in practice. All customers of Banco Bradesco, no matter how rich or poor, how dark-skinned or pale, or from Brazil or Asia, are treated with the same level of respect; Mr. Trabuco’s idea of segmentation refers not to throwing racial epithets or looking down at certain customers, instead separating customers based on utilizing which methods of outgoing communication and interaction are most likely to secure their business.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has – and still is, to this era day – experienced an unarguably successful career, as the sole propellant who pushed himself through a minimum of four work relocations, a 275-mile move after only two years with Bradesco, more than ten position assignments, and positively dealing as many coworkers, supervisors, customers, and business associates as any other executive in today’s modern world. Mr. Trabuco has also been subject to handfuls of awards, recognitions, and accolades.

Most recently, Forbes recognized the Bradesco President (a title interchangeable with Chief Executive Officer) as one of Brazil’s leading CEOs in 2016. 2015, the same year Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi oversaw acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian banking operations, brought a declaration from commercial news magazine Istoe É Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance. In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was declared one of the top 100 influential Brazilian natives still residing in the country. While this list only mentions a portion, substantially less than half, of all awards he’s been subject to over the years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recognized as the Insurance Personality of the Year in both 2006 and 2007 while he served as President of the Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans, both awards earned prior to his appointment to the President of Bradesco’s entire operation.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who turns 67 this October, is slated to serve the ranks of employees and customers of Bradesco for years to come.

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