Andrew Rolfe- Bringing Smiles to Disadvantaged Children

Andrew Rolfe held a gala in London to raise funds in favor of disadvantaged children in Africa. The amount raised was pounds 603,000.00 more than the target number which was pounds 600,000.00. The excess amount will be used to improve the pediatric clinic also associated with Ubuntu Education Fund in Ports Elizabeth Campus South Africa.

The Ubuntu Education Fund

The fund is known to serve more than 400,000 disadvantaged children in Africa, In one particular campus, Port Elizabeth Campus, the fund also caters for the education and health of children until such time they can join the university and pursue their career. The organization started in the year 1999 and focused on health and education of kids from the poor background.

Real-Life Story

The fund attended by more than 300 of London great philanthropists and socialites listened to the story of one Sinesipho Rabidyani. This beautiful girl shared her experiences in a broken home and the way she hated facing her ever drunk father. However, she has a vision, and she studied hard, eventually getting Ubuntu fund scholar and recently pursuing a career in law. Her story moved the crowd and led to a successful fundraiser that will help other children in similar cases.

Conclusion Speech

The chairman pointed that watching kids in Africa grow in daily hardship the only thing they needed is everyday life necessities. The requirements include education, nutrition, healthcare and a person to hold their hand. He also stated that generous contribution from different people is what makes the fund a success. Additionally, more than 2,000 children have received sponsorship at Port Elizabeth. The program accommodates children from a young age and nurtures them to be successful career men and women. He also mentioned the kids are taught about HIV and given other health care and for some, they are taught different things to help them financially succeed as adults.

Andrew Rolfe is a philanthropist and the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. He is also the managing director of Tower Book Capital partners. Andrew Rolfe is a learned man and holds more than one degree in business economics from University of Oxford and Harvard. Additionally, he has Masters Degree from Harvard University and St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. His primary business interest is in hospitality, retail, and food service and he has different investments across the globe.