Greg Secker in an Interview with Inspirey

Forex Trading is considered to be one of the most complex markets. However, those that are able to learn its tricks know how rewarding the industry can get. Unfortunately, without an education background in trading, many entrepreneurs find it hard to succeed in this business. And, that is where individuals like Greg Secker come in.

Greg Secker is a renowned philanthropist, master trader and international speaker that have spoken on some of the world’s most popular platforms. He is mostly known for his company Learn to Trade which is a platform that teaches people the ins and outs of trading. Secker also owns other educational companies including Capital Index, the Smart Chart Software and the Greg Secker Foundation.

After completing his studies, Greg Secker was called for an interview by a friend that worked for the company, whom he had met during a tech fair when he was still in school. He was lucky to get the job and that was the beginning of the making of a great trader. Working for Thomas Cook, Secker was entrusted to build their first online trading platform. When developing the Virtual Trading Desk, Secker had to interact with a lot of elite traders. And, he had to learn everything about trading if he was to develop a platform without discrepancies.

Years later, Greg Secker went to work for the Mellon Financial Corporation. It was during his tenure here that he decided to try a hand at solo trading. At first, he did not quit his job. He wanted to ensure that the business was profitable before quitting. And, six months down the line, he was making the same as he got from Mellon.

Making own trading platform came with a lot of challenges. However, it is the challenges that led to the development of learning seminars and webinars. He wanted to give lessons to people that were interested in trading, but could not afford the high cost of educational resources. He hopes that through his education resources, he will help other interested traders to turn their lives around.