Alex Pall Written Songs

The Chainsmokers just released their new track “Closer”. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart sing on their own songs, which is rare for DJs. Alex Pall began DJing in New York City as a side job. Dance music consumed his life, leading him to create his own. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, who moved from Maine to make music with Alex. Their conversations went from musical interests to their drive and ambition. They worked from 9am to 7pm daily on music, pushing themselves to be better artists. They always question whether or not they are doing the right thing with their music and albums. They sometimes write their song lyrics on their own, but other times in conjunction with songwriters. They want to make a cohesive body of work, as opposed to 10 to 12 unrelated songs.

The song ‘Closer’ was written by Drew and his friend on a tour bus. They produced the song and Drew is singing on it as well. From what Pall sees on social media, their fandom is becoming international. They mostly reach the 16 to 25 age demographic, although they meet young and old fans from time to time. They make music for themselves, but they are excited that people are emotionally connected to it. As they expand their audience, they keep pushing themselves. They have gone around the world 2 or 3 times with songs like “#Selfie”.

They want to keep improving the live performances by putting on a big show with better production. Their first show is at Red Rock and it sold out 7 months in advance. They have a fall tour that will probably be in the spring of 2017. They perform their songs live, unlike the average DJ. Pall talks to their visualist daily about creating new and unique content for their shows. Many older artists tried to take 2 year breaks, but returned to find everything different. The Chainsmokers are about pushing boundaries and giving people new experiences.

The Chainsmokers Are Showing A Darker Side With Their Latest Song “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers have been gaining popularity to an impressive degree over the past few years, with many hits popping up throughout the years that have rocketed them into the spotlight. It was back in 2015 when the duo really started taking the limelight with their song Roses. Ever since that point, The Chainsmokers has consistently maintained a position on the top music lists throughout the country. In the latest news for the band, they have released a new song by the name of Sick Boy, which takes their music to a level of dark that fans have not seen before in their music. The Chainsmokers have typically stuck to the world of Electronic Dance Music, so this new direction will be interesting, to say the least.

When it comes to the music industry, there is quite a bit of pressure to continue producing new content for fans, which this duo has been duo practically every month. However, Sick Boy took roughly three quarters of the year for The Chainsmokers to release. According to the duo, this new direction is a way for them to respond to the various critics they’ve built over the years. Just like anyone in the music industry, facing the press and the critics can be daunting. Luckily for them, they can get it out in the music, which appears to be what The Chainsmokers is doing with their latest song.

The Chainsmokers have said that their music allows them to express how they feel and discuss the various issues that are affecting the world today. Ever since the duo decided to start producing music, they had a clear direction of what they wanted to convey and how they want to be perceived by the people. Any potential fans out there of this talented duo can check out their The Chainsmokers website to see all the music they have produced and their current schedule for shows and events.

Greyhound Diaries – An Art Project That Turned Into A Way of Life for Doug Levitt

Greyhound Diaries is a project that has lasted more than one decade. The author, Doug Levitt, has traveled over 120000 miles across the United States using Greyhound buses. His vast travel has led to the creation and development of songs, stories, as well as images of his fellow travelers, the majority of whom are struggling to get by. He has traversed the country countless times and even spent seven weeks on a bus. Many people see Greyhound Diaries as a travel project, but Doug Levitt says that it has become a way of life for him.

A few weeks ago, Levitt sat next to a neo-Nazi in a bus who had a Hitler tattoo on his arm and a swastika which symbolizes Aryan Brotherhood, according to a story appearing on UK’s Independent. A Jewish, Doug Levitt admits to having felt scared when the neo-Nazi sat next to him on the bus. As it turned out, he did not have a reason to be afraid as the guy was extremely kind and generous. Besides offering him a tuna sandwich, the neo-Nazi guy also volunteered to kip on the floor and allow Levitt to sleep on the seats during the 20-hour journey. While he may not meet the neo-Nazis often, he has gotten used to meeting and getting up close and personal with the almost forgotten and vulnerable members of the American society. Greyhound Diaries is partly a book research, and partly an art project. From his experiences, Levitt says that traveling by bus is seen as the last resort, and is mostly used by individuals who lack a better alternative.

An American songwriter, Dough Levitt served as a foreign correspondent in London reporting for ABC, NBC, and many others. The former Los Angeles journalist began riding Greyhound buses across the nation with the objective of gathering stories, pictures, songs and memories of the American population that travel by bus. The fact that America is seen as a country where people do not travel by bus unless forced by circumstances, Levitt has encountered people of all sorts who are struggling to survive in one way or another.

Levitt’s bio reveals a boy who sang in a gospel choir at Wilson High School. When asked about it during an interview, he recounts those days, and in the midst of laughter, Levitt says that he was the only Jewish kid singing in the gospel choir during his high school years. The artist explains that music has a special way of speaking to the things that people struggle with, making it an incredible outlet for taking an otherwise difficult situation and converting it into something that is exemplary beautiful and that which is capable of bringing hope.