OSI Industries Makes Impactful Moves In The Industry

OSI Industries is known around the world as the leading organization in food manufacturing. The company continues to expand and adjust its business model to the changing demands in a very complex industry. OSI made acquisitions of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group, which are two well-established European manufacturers. Baho Foods has been in business for over 60 years. The company has carved out a very unique niche in the region and will help OSI establish its presence in Europe. Flagship Food Group is also a well-respected company in food manufacturing. Flagship Food Group staff is excited to become a part of a large organization such as OSI Industries.

Tyson Foods was acquired by OSI when the news came that it was going out of business. Tyson Foods had been an operator in the Chicago area for many years. There were an estimated 500 jobs at stake if the closure took place. Leaders of OSI Industries decided to make the purchase and keep the company running. Many of the employees at Tyson Foods were offered positions with the OSI team.

OSI Industries is a progressive organization that is always prepared for the next trend. The company has grown to have over 20,000 employees. There is a recruiting process in place that allows OSI Industries to recruit people that belong at an international organization such as OSI. Recruiting bases exist in the United States, Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and the Asian-Pacific. Leaders at OSI Industries are proud of the fact that there is a very low turnover rate among staff. This is because the company recruits those who want to have a career with the organization.

OSI Industries evolved from a small family-owned business. It was originally a meat market known as Otto & Sons. Otto Kolshowsky founded the company and ran it with his family. He became very successful over the years as a provider of product to local food businesses in the Chicago area. By the 1950s, Otto had settled into retirement and his sons were running the business. They began a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. The move took Otto and Sons to a different level of business operation.

Otto and Sons built a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in order to accommodate the new contract with McDonalds. The facility had innovative concepts such as meat cutting machines and cryogenic freezing chambers.

Otto and Sons’ successful business methods earned them the right to be the sole provider of product to the McDonald’s Corporation. Soon after they became known as OSI Industries.

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Learning with the Success of Boraie Development in Their Many Fields of Expertise

The Atlantic City is known to be one of the biggest gaming meccas in the world, rivaling that of Las Vegas or Macao. But Atlantic City’s reputation or title is in question right now following a side downwards on its gaming industry for the last ten years as its neighbor’s gears up their own gaming hubs. However, just because gaming has already been associated with Atlantic City’s name, which might mean that it is associated with a niche community, for so many years now, it doesn’t mean that gaming is the only industry the city can rely on. New investments like the Atlantic City Gateway project is there and Boraie Development’s 250 new apartments that will open next year. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The $81 million apartment complex that is known as The Beach at South Inlet is a project by Boraie Development LLC. It will be Atlantic City’s first market-rate development in the last 25 years. Around 50,000 people who make a living in the resort town is expected to benefit from this huge development project. And Atlantic City is very optimistic about this development, seeing it as a sign of renewed growth, considering that more than 60% of the housing stock in the city is more than 40 years old according to a study done by the website www.neighborhoodscourt.com.

With this information on hand, the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Wasseem Boraie believes that the real challenge for them is to provide the new generation of renters what they truly deserve and want, knowing that the current generation of renters have access to all the information they need with the advent of social media and most of them know what they should get in a modern housing. This is why Boraie Development LCC noted that the complex they are developing will have modern amenities like gyms, pools and residents lounge. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

Boraie Development LCC is one of the leading companies that provide sales/marketing, property management, and real estate development. Their presence in the real estate industry is prominent, as they have acquired an enormous reputation in the industry as strong property developers and sellers. They have reached their success through working with people with a real sense of professionalism and dedication, aware that the most reliable deals and the most significant goals cannot be achieved alone. The staff of Boraie Development owned by Omar Boraie know how to value the importance of timely completion of contracts and deadlines for the success of all projects.

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Desiree Perez Decided to Invest in the Recorded Music Sector of Roc Nation

As the landmark deal between Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which was reported to be worth $150 million over the course of 10 years, draws near to its end, the world-renowned music mogul has been spreading the word to industry leaders that he is interested in doing business. The original deal was known as “360,” which means that either side has the option of selling their stake in the company to the other party. While Live Nation has chosen not to renew the deal in regards to their interest in the recorded music side, they are fully interested in continuing relationship with Jay-Z concerning their touring deal, as it has been mutually lucrative for both sides. The reason for the change is because Live Nation is no longer in the business of investing in recorded music, presumably due to the drastic changes in the climate of the music industry over the past decade. Live Nation initially decided to invest in the recorded music sector of Roc Nation, which is currently the home of superstars such as Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Jay-Z himself. It was recently reported that Jay-Z was spotted with Desiree “Dez” Perez, one of the top executives at Roc Nation, at the Santa Monica offices of Sir Lucien Grainge, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, having held the position since 2009. She has played an integral role in the development of Jay-Z’s career, having been a part of his inner circle for over twenty years. She recently helped to close a major deal between Rihanna and Samsung and continues to be actively involved in several sectors of the Roc Nation brand.

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OSI Industries Expands Internationally

The OSI Group is a multi-billion-dollar company in the food manufacturing sector. It has recently acquired other food companies that are aligned with its values and goals. The OSI Group has always provided custom solutions as well as quality products for its retail brands. It is focused on growth. There have been seven new facilities that have opened across the globe last year for processing as well as the production of food items.

The President of OSI Group is David McDonald. He says that the company is focused on growth not only in terms of capacity but also product development. Hence it is partnering with its clients to promote products that can help them to grow their business. In this way, the OSI Group will be encouraging its suppliers to help them in achieving increased sales. Such kind of partnering process will be able to give consumers more options such as natural and organic foods, premium specialties and much more.

He further stated that the challenge has always been to provide food that is healthy and tasty too. Hence Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO of OSI Group, has been pushing the organization to offer wider food choices to its customers. This is why the OSI Group operates in 16 countries besides the United States.

OSI Group is always looking for expansion opportunities at home all the time. Recently the company had paid $7.4 million to buy Tyson Foods plant that was based in Chicago. It is a 200,000-square-foot facility. This will assist OSI Group by providing continued business support.

OSI Group provides beef items that include meatballs and hamburgers, as well as hot dogs, and bacon along with other pork items. It also offers poultry along with vegetable products. They have over a hundred years of experience in this business. It is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world today.

The OSI Group recently purchased the Flagship Europe. Now they can provide resources to new global clients. This Flagship Europe line includes several products ranging from frozen poultry, pies to dips, sandwich fillings, marinades, besides sauces and dressings.

In this way, OSI Group is creating a much wider presence on the continent. The company will be able to meet the growing needs of its customers. The current processing capabilities of the OSI Group get strengthened this way.

Now the OSI Group has been joined by Baho Food. This is a Dutch manufacturer. It will further expand its presence in Europe.

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Vincent Parascandola and his Position at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President working with the AXA Advisors. He is responsible for retaining and recruiting employees, managing development, maintaining productivity, managing sales as well as developing experienced and new financial advisors. Vincent Parascandola has been serving in the industry of financial consulting for more than 25 years and has therefore acquired lots of expertise and experience in the field. He is well equipped and very much skilled to run the operations of AXA Advisory. Before he went to work with AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola served as an agent at Prudential. It was also at the same firm where his career journey as an agent started.

In the past, Vincent Parascandola worked at MONY Life Insurance Company and was able to hold many different management positions. In 2004, he went to work with AXA Advisors as a divisional president. Ever since he joined the company, Vincent Parascandola has worked hard to rise from one rank to another and ultimately being appointed as the company’s Executive vice president. Vincent is a former president at the Advantage Groups, a unit of AXA Advisors. He also served as a co-manager at the New York Metro Branch of AXA where he managed approximately 400 financial officials. In order to manage such a large number of professionals, a person must possess outstanding leadership skills and Vincent was a good candidate.

During his professional journey, Vincent has managed to win himself a number of awards. These include Career Development by GAMA as well as the Master Agency Award. An eloquent speaker, Vincent has spoken at various company and industry conferences. He is a graduate of the Pace University, New York where he managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Vincent Parascandola has also gone back to school recently as quoted from his speech of alma mater. AXA Advisors is a top financial protection firm that offers equitable insurance policies to the residents of New York. With more than 6,000 professionals, the company offers plans and strategies on how to move forward. Vincent Parascandola has been described by the employees of AXA Advisors as a cheerleader. Follow Vincent Parascandola on Facebook.


Capital Group Continues to Keep up with the Market

Warren Buffett just made a $1 billion dollar wager, with the goal of proving that he can make better investment returns than a bunch of hedge fund managers, by simply investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund. The wager is expected to be settled this year, and Warren Buffett looks to be the winner. Warren Buffett has believed that many expensive funds that end up costing investors a lot, will hurt them in the long run. Both Tim Armour and Buffett believe in the idea that low cost and simple investments should be bought and held for a long period of time.

Warren Buffett has become a strong supporter of “bottom-up” investing which analyzes companies and creates a strong portfolio. A method, which has benefited Warren Buffett for decades. Warren Buffett is also continuing to encourage Americans to start saving more and to invest and stay invested. Warren Buffett recently sent a letter to shareholders, where he argued that the “active versus passive” debate does not help but hurts investors. Buffett believes mutual funds offer poor long-run returns because of excessive trading and costly management fees and learn more about Tim.

Warren Buffett prides himself on delivering strong long-term investment returns, which are achieved by having low costs. However, Tim Armour does not support passive index returns being the key to a prosperous retirement. Warren Buffett has managed to filter poor hedge fund managers from the strong fund managers, by looking at low expenses and high manager ownership and more information click here.

Timothy Armour is chairman and chief executive officer of The Capital Group. He’s also currently the chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. Tim Armour has amassed 34 years of investment experience with Capital Group. Tim Armour started out at Capital Group as part of The Associates Program. He was also an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, covering global telecommunications and American service companies and resume him.

Tim Armour currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He was recently appointed chairman of Capital Group in 2014. He has been featured on television and several financial magazines including Bloomberg and the Financial Times. He received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

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Philanthropic Billionaire Going Tech with Health Research and Treatment

One of the world’s billionaires, a committed father and husband, a selfless giver and an experienced businessman are some of the few phrases that can be used to describe Eric Lefkofsky. This self-made billionaire ventured into the business world while still a student at the University of Michigan, where his first venture was selling carpets. The now father of 3 has had vast experience in the business world. He was a CEO and the co-founder of Groupon, Chicago venture capital firm Lightbank, which is one of Chicago’s most powerful and influential tech companies, and founder of Uptake.

Currently, the tireless man is working with Tempus as the founder and CEO of this health-tech company that is working towards providing best cancer treatment to patients. The company uses modern technology, medical genome studies as well employing machine-learning techniques to understand the disease entirely before treating the patients. Tempus, which is currently working with patients who have pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer, promises to expand and cover other types of cancer. It has employed some of the most experienced and qualified people in the fields of medicine, engineering as well as in leadership and business management.

Besides many business ventures, Eric Lefkofsky is a generous man who has time and again given big resources to cancer research centers like the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern and the University of Michigan cancer research. His love for supporting healthcare programs comes out clearly, as he is also a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He has also pledged to give half of his wealth to philanthropic works and what Eric knows.

Eric’s love and dedication towards making artificial intelligence work, especially in the fields of medicine are enormous. Tempus equips physicians with these great resources for them to meet patients’ needs at a much better level. At Tempus, the genome data is sequenced in the laboratories before being analyzed; the results are then sent to the individual physician who, after consultation and research, helps validate screening of therapies to take place in animal models. Eric has been of great help to healthcare provision around the world and his Twitter.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

John Goullet is the president and chairman of the Diversant Company based in the United States. The big news to the information technology world is that he has merged his company with Diversant. For this reason, Info Technologies Company is now swallowed to form one common force for good in the industry through merging.

John Goullet is a US-based serial entrepreneur. For this reason, he is one of the people who understand the reason why they build companies from scratch and watch them grow and attain success in the eyes of many. For him, he thinks that nothing comes on a silver plate. He also never wants natural things in his world. Therefore, John Goullet likes it when he works so that everything comes to him through the sweat of his forehead and workplace. When you become a serial entrepreneur, it means he starts something from scratch to have it grow to the end from the bottom.

For the entrepreneurs who work to raise companies, it means they are very tactical about whatever makes them better in the real sense. As a matter of fact, there are many things which separate entrepreneurs and successful people in business. For you to get the powerful difference, there are many things which work to have them elevated towards achieving the success of other people in the region. The Information Technology Industry has many opportunities to be explored. For this reason, it calls upon people of John Goulet’s calibre to identify the market niches and create a solution through their workability.

When the company Diversant comes to your mind, there are many things associated with the word. You will always have it in your mind to think about the many differences to expect the workability of the serial entrepreneurship. There are also many other things which work to have the people elevate their businesses in the real mechanism. We should also work to live by a certain motto. In a crowd of effectiveness, there are many other things which work to make people elevate their business strategies. John Goullet has worked to make the company engage in successful projects which bring profit and not a failure.

The Launch of Beyond the Darkness by Norman Pattiz

The new podcast “Beyond the Darkness” was recently announced by Norman Pattiz. This show is the newest on Chris Jericho’s (a WWE star) podcast network. The podcast will feature entertaining and enlightening conversations with renowned experiencers and researchers from all over the world. The aim will be to challenge everything people know and believe about angels, demons, ghosts, aliens, ghouls, mysteries, monster encounters, and miracles. Dave Schrader, an author and radio host and Tim Dennis, a radio host and producer will host it. The plan is to release new episodes every Monday on the Podcast One app, iTunes, and PodcastOne.com.



Norman Pattiz said that Chris Jericho has proved to be one of the most distinguished people in the network. He also mentioned that during the start, he knew that the Jericho Network collection would grow beyond wrestling. Jericho has also delivered comedians and will take the team to the paranormal with the new podcast.



Jericho, on the other hand, stated that he was creeped out about the announcement of the new podcast to his network. He acknowledged that Tim Dennis and Dev Schrader are the best when it comes to paranormal broadcasting and will bring a large fan base who believe and trust in them and the subject matter. Chris also said that he fully expects that “Beyond the Darkness” shall grow the already massive audience on his network.



Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Podcast One. With more than 40 years’ experience in radio syndication, he founded Westwood One. Under his governance, Westwood One became the largest news, entertainment, sports, traffic, and talk programming in America. Back in 2010, Norman founded and launched the Courtside Entertainment Group for producing and distributing quality programming. After realizing that many opportunities were untapped in the audio industry, he launched Podcast One by the end of 2012. This company became the principal producer and distributor on-demand audio programming. Podcast One today has a lineup for popular personalities and brands such as Steve Austin, Adam Carolla, Heather and Terry Dubrow, Chris Jericho, Gabrielle Reece, Barstool Sports, Rich Eisen, Ross Mathews, Chris Webber, Dan Patrick, Larry King, among others.



Pattiz was also chosen by President Clinton in 2000 and reappointed by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Governors Broadcasting Board. The board was responsible for overseeing all the non-military broadcasting services in the U.S. including Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, Middles East Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe and others. Norman was also in charge of conceiving and launching television and radio services to all the 22 Middle East countries. He was inducted into the America’s Radio Hall of Fame and won the popular Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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