White Shark Media Review – You Spoke, They Listened

White Shark Media is an amazing digital marketing agency that is committed to helping small businesses drive more targeted traffic to their websites. They do this through strategies such as pay per click, search engine marketing and search engine optimization according to PodNutz.com.

Over the years the crew at White Shark Media has received quite a bit of feedback from both current and previous clients. In response to that feedback they have made several changes.

In a video posted on YouTube, White Shark Media addressed a few of the issues they have recently improved. Here they are:

#1 – Communication Was Improved

In the early days many clients felt it was too difficult to get in contact with the person in charge of their account. To address this issue White Shark Media invested in a new telephone system.

Now, instead of having to go through a receptionist, clients can call their campaign manager directly via a personal extension. This has helped streamline the communication process and made clients very happy.

In addition to installing a new phone system, White Shark Media also started offering monthly status calls. Each month the client will have the opportunity to speak with their strategist about the previous months results.

#2 – All New Campaigns Are Set Up On New Accounts

In late 2012 White Shark Media decided to start something new with all new clients. Instead of setting up new campaigns under their account, they now create new accounts for each campaign they set up.

This allows them to create each campaign as much from scratch as possible. If you already have a campaign that’s performing well, you will be able to continue using the same account.

These are just two of the new changes White Shark Media has implemented in the last few years. The goal is to continue improving their services and provide the best customer experience they possibly can.

If you are interested in seeing how White Shark Media can help you generate more traffic to your website, visit their website and request a free AdWords evaluation. During the evaluation a certified strategist will discuss a few strategies you can use to improve your AdWords campaign.

Once the evaluation is complete you can either hire the White Shark Media team to implement those strategies or you can do it on your own.

To learn more and to request your free AdWords evaluation visit www.WhiteSharkMedia.com.

Dr. Sergio Cortes – Zika Virus

The Zika virus is a virus that is transmitted through mosquitos. It was first identified in African countries such as Uganda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Dr. Sergio Cortes has also confirmed that the virus has made its way through Asia as well, affection India and Thailand. In 2015, the virus began to venture according to dino.com through Latin America which involved Brazil, Mexico and Columbia. The impact of the virus on the countries prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) which is responsible for warning others of the infection and possible symptoms to be aware of.

The Zika virus infection according to NPR.org has continued to increase and has become a major concern for many, especially pregnant women. The virus has been linked to cause microcephaly, a birth defect, that causes a small head and brain damage. It is possible that it may also be linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome. The Guillain-Barre syndrome is a neurological disease that is very serious and has been related to the zika virus, according to the WTO.

Most recently, the zika outbreak has affected many of the Brazilian citizens. Dr. Cortes has dedicated much of his findings and research to the virus, and has found that it is not contagious. It is contracted by an infected mosquito, however, if a mosquito bites a human that is infected, they will then have the virus which can be spread again. The mosquito is called the Aedes aegypti and harvest their eggs in clean water. The mosquito has been known to adapt well to other environments and has been able to lay eggs in other forms of water. Dr. Sergio Cortes has stated that recent research has shown that the eggs can remain dormant in dry areas for up to a year, and then began to develop once they touch water.

The symptoms usually last 3 to 7 days and most people generally experience a red skin rash, fever and joint pain. The symptoms are different for every person and symptoms generally last between that time frame, even without medication. Dr. Sergio Cortes verifies that there are not tests that can be ran to prove that the individual is indeed infected with the virus. The only way to diagnose the virus it to undergo a unique examination which can be complex and is only offered by three units in the country.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment to cure the disease, but only to treat and relieve the symptoms. The patient should avoid aspirin or any type of medication that has the active ingredient of acetylsalicylic acid because it can cause unknown bleeding and hemorrhaging. Most people that are infected with the virus utilize anti-inflammatory and analgesic type medicines to ease the symptoms that are caused by the virus. Dr. Sergio Cortes has dedicated much of his time and efforts researching the cause and effects of the virus and hopes to find a cure soon. The symptoms found aren’t known to be serious, but the virus can become serious if it isn’t treated properly and especially serious to pregnant women.