Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot

Whitney Wolfe is a young woman who is changing the lives of individuals who are single. The successful business lady is no longer in the singles club. Just recently, the Bumble chief executive officer and founder exchanged vows with the love of her life, Michael Herd. The wedding is believed to have taken place at the prestigious Villa Tre Ville Positano, located along the popular Amalfi Coast. Wolfe and her husband had a time of their lives at the event.

The popular couple has not yet announced to the public officially about the wedding and marriage. However, guests attending the event posted their pictures of the wedding to Instagram. Most of the guests captured the glamorous wedding, and everyone is happy about the couple. Most of the individuals posting the photos expressed their love for the couple. According to them, the couple is a perfect match.

Whitney Wolfe and her husband met three years ago. According to a popular magazine, the couple met during Valentine’s Day when they were both in Aspen. In July, the two got engaged, and they have been planning their wedding since then. Many people are wishing them all the best in their future life together.

Wolfe has been in the limelight for a while now. The successful businesswoman is the founder of a dating app that is known as Bumble. Before starting the app, Wolfe was working as the co-founder of a female friendly dating app that is known as Tinder. After acquiring a lot of expertise in Tinder, Wolfe decided that it was time to create her dating app.

As the founder and chief executive of Bumble, Wolfe has done a lot to make sure that single people connect and get friends in an easy way. In the modern times, it is rare to find love blossoming between two strangers. However, for all the young people who are under forty years, Wolfe is making everything easy and possible. As long as the single person has a smartphone, Wolfe makes sure that they get the life partner they are looking for to learn more about us: http://www.businessinsider.com/bumble-ceo-leadership-employees-2017-7 click here.

Just recently, Wolfe decided to start an application that is focusing on women. According to her, women go through a lot in life, and it is important to connect and share their experiences of life. Since its introduction into the market, the application has received so many subscribers from all over the United States.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Moving in on Amazon Territory

Amazon has been the top retailer in a number of different niches for years, but none so much as that of the online apparel industry. Looking at it from a distance, you see thousands of clothing companies fighting for the same customer, yet Amazon is scooping up 20 percent of all the sales year after year. While the other clothing retailers are fighting for the remaining customers, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been moving in onto Amazon territory, taking in an incredible $250 million in sales in only a 36 month period.


Hudson was asked to talk about how her athleisure brand is experiencing more success than all the other companies that are so desperate for that same dollar. Her answer surprises even those who work in the same market, crediting reverse showrooming and membership perks as the reasons her sales are approaching that of the leader in that market. Take a close look at what is really happening at the Fabletics store in the mall, you see women trying on everything they can get their hands on, window-shopping with no pressure from sales associates, and even taking the lifestyle quiz for additional membership benefits.


Here is where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is separating themselves from the rest of the clothing sellers in this space. The Fabletics e-commerce store has a larger inventory then the store at the malls. So when these members eventually visit the online store, they find all the items they wore inside the store have been uploaded to their profile page. So what happens next is these women do not have to be concerned if those new leggings or yoga pants will fit, they simply start adding more and more items to the shopping cart without any cares.


Loyal customers of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are also enjoying the assistance of their own personal shopper, discounts on all the workout apparel, and even free shipping for online orders. Your shopping assistant is looking over those lifestyle quiz answers, and then once a month is stuffing your cart with an item they think you will love. The key here is the customer has the power all the time, from trying on items in the store with no pressure, to accepting or rejecting the pieces your assistant picks for you. This could be the reason that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been taking more sales away from Amazon as each year comes to a close.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Kate Hudson’s Fashion Company Fabletics is Going After Amazon

There are not too many clothing retail outlets that think they can compete online with Amazon, especially since they own over 20% of that space. That is the exact reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is growing each year, they are not afraid to take on the retail giant at their own game. Looking at the numbers, Fabletics has already sold over $250 million in women’s active-wear in the last couple years. With no sign of her company slowing down, we take a closer look at exactly what it making this athleisure brand so appealing to the masses.


If you listen to Hudson, she will tel, you that the secret to her success is a unique membership model that makes use of reverse-showrooming. Hudson is not trying to reinvent the wheel here, she is simply looking for an easier way for women to shop for the brands and styles they want at the best prices. Compared to Amazon, Fabletics allows you to touch and try on the items you are buying first, making the overall shopping experience more ideal. Once you know an item fits, you are more likely to buy similar items.


Hudson says that this is a typical buying experience at her stores. A woman walks into the mall and stops in one of her retail outlets. The buyer opens a free membership, completes a short Lifestyle Quiz, and is then encouraged to shop and try on anything they want. There is no pressure here, in fact, most people leave without buying anything. What happens when they are home however is where the magic and success lies for this athleisure brand.


Once online, the consumer sees all those piece of active-wear they tried on in the store because they were added to a cart already. The shopper can proceed with the purchase, add more similar items, or look around at other items for sale. The consumer who fills out the Lifestyle Quiz will have their own personal shopper add one item each month to their cart for their consideration. If the buyer loves the selection, they buy it. If not, they reject it and nothing is chosen until next month. This fashion shopping experience is all about making it easier for the buyers, and sales have exploded year after year as a result.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might not be as big as Amazon when it comes to e-commerce yet, but she is gaining ground and closing the gap quickly.

Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson keeps making great decisions and her decision to be the ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was another great choice. There are very few people that haven’t been affected by this horrid disease and Kate knows that any chance she has to make a difference is important. There is no better way for Kate to make a difference than with her line of athleisure wear Fabletics. Fabletics is offering their great stretch legging, two tank tops, and a bralette for their October capsule. Kate didn’t want to do the light baby pink that seems synonymous with Breast Cancer but chose a deep pink that will look amazing on anyone. Kate is incredibly honored to receive this opportunity and to offer this outfit to her customers.

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Fabletic’s athleisure subscription has upwards of 1 million customers and that will make quite an impact on Fashion Targets Breast Cancer goals of funding research to abolish breast cancer and supporting the ones affected by it. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is based out of the U.K. and has 20 years of hard core experience in raising money and working hard to extinguish breast cancer from the face of the earth. This is the kind of work that Fabletic’s is proud to be a part of.

Kate Hudson has worked extremely hard to insure that Fabletic’s is offering their customers the best fabrics and styles at the lowest prices possible on Fabletics. When this company began and before the athleisure fad had taken over, Kate knew there was a hole to fill and has done it with Fabletics. Every woman is kept in mind when she subscribes to Fabletics with styles suitable for every shape and size. The monthly fee is always a great price for the products received each month. The best part about Hollywood Reporter’s piece on Fabletics is that if you need a month off to catch up on some bills, no big deal just go online and cancel that month. This is a company that really does think of the customer first.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabletics

How Does Fabletics Makes Better Clothes For The Gym?

Marie Claire talked to Fabletics and their founder Kate Hudson about how they can make the most of their own outfits. Their Instagram page shows that Fabletics not a complicated brand, and it is not a company that is going to cause women problems when they are getting dressed. The whole brand is meant to be worn with every other part of the brand, and the women who are wearing the brand will find all the things they need when they start shopping. It is very easy to wear casual clothes all during the day, and Fabletics is responsible for all the brands around the world coming out with their own kinds of athleisure clothes.

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Someone who is very interested in athleisure should try this brand first because they can plan out their whole day with their clothes. This makes life a lot easier, and it helps people make sure that they are going to have a chance to look good. The woman who is taking her clothes seriously needs to be sure that she is going to have a real chance to look good by investing in the brand. She can bring along some accessories, and she can use anything she wants to look sexy and casual.

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

There are many women who are going to turn to Fabletics, and they are going to love the way the brand looks because it provides all the different kinds of clothes that a woman needs. Women who are trying to look their best need to start thinking about what they are going to do when they leave the house, and they can wear their gym clothes all day if they want. It would be much easier for a woman to get dressed when she can stay casual, and that is the power of Fabletics and athleisure.

It Ain’t A Crime To Fall In Love With Lime Crime Makeup

The stats paint the pretty canvas, just like her vivid colored palettes. Lime Crime creator and founder Doe Deere is enjoying the ride, because her independent makeup company based in L.A. has exceeded more than 2 million Instagram followers. For Doe Deere, that is music to her ears, because building Lime Crime from the bottom has been a lot of work.

She founded her edgy cosmetics company in 2008 to satisfy her own obsession with wildly colored makeup. In other words, Doe Deere had trouble hunting down brightly colored shadows, lipstick and liners, so she started her own company and named it Lime Crime. The bizarre name stuck, adding even more curiosity and adoration to its cult following.

Today, Doe Deere is amazed at the global fan base that surrounds the Lime Crime label and enjoys keeping in close touch with her makeup addicts. They send her creative and stunning selfies wearing Lime Crime combinations to her Lime Crime Instagram with the hashtag “limecrime.” Fans also have their photos put up on the Lime Crime online shopping website, so that others can see how the makeup looks with different skin tones and hair colors. It’s a fun interactive online experience that Doe Deere strongly believes in.

She knows there’s a lot of merit in social media and happens to be very well-versed in computers and the internet, and the intelligence with which she has developed Lime Crime is paying off big time.

Doe Deere was the edgy makeup beauty pioneer, and it is this kind of makeup that has suddenly sky-rocketed on to the scene. Other big makeup brands are now trying to dupe Lime Crime lipsticks and their radical color base.

Celebs like Katy Perry have put on Lime Crime lipstick, and Nicki Minaj has done a photo shoot wearing the brand’s cosmetics. Lime Crime is on a pretty roll and gaining strong momentum. The brand’s Instagram followers are climbing faster and faster each day, and Doe Deere is grateful for the support and society’s changing attitudes about makeup.

As Doe Deere says, Lime Crime is all about self-expression.  Find their products on Amazon.com, but also on retailers like UrbanOutfitters.

JustFab Launches Plus Size Collection

There is no doubt that some of the best fashion shops in the industry don’t always keep up with keeping every potential customer satisfied. Feedback means everything to a business and a company like JustFab has launched a plus size collection to appeal to a broader base of customers. It’s important to a brand like JustFab to not only keep ahead of the trends in the fashion industry, but also stay ahead of the needs that every woman deserves. As mentioned in The Curvy Fashionista, JustFab listened to their customer’s feedback and launched the plus size collection.
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The online subscription fashion retailer has had a fantastic success with their range in quality garments. The style is born in Los Angeles and nurtured with loving care from design concept to finished product. Known for accessories and shoes, they’ve added to their arsenal in this new collection. With over 35 new pieces, JustFab is only beginning. The internet is buzzing with this news. The plus size collection includes casual and essential basics that will blend perfectly for the upcoming summer months. There’s no need to sacrifice quality to shop at some bargain shop any more. JustFab is revolutionizing the online fashion business. They also offer a successful kids line, athletics wear and even a men’s line on shoedazzle.com. As a member, you get immediate access to the latest trends for every season. Pieces like classic modern, daring denim, stunning heels and so much more. Everything you have been looking for and paying too much for is right at your finger tips. 2016 is an exciting time for JustFab. They’ve taken cues from celebrities to style pieces for their line. For their plus size collection, they’ve listened closely to their base. Sexy styles include classic denim, knee slit maxi skirts, scoop neck tees and so much more. Have a look at JustFab today to start your membership here.

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