Lori Senecal Planning to Exit her Global CEO Role at CP+B

A report published on ADWEEK revealed that the Global CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal will exit the firm at the end of the year. Senecal was appointed to this position in early 2015. Under Lori Senecal leadership, CP+B has transformed to another level as explained by co-founder Chuck Porter. One of the notable achievements of the executive was to secure the account of American Airlines from their former provider TM Advertising.

Plans Underway to Find her Replacement

According to Porter, they are working on a plan to find the most suitable candidate to fill the position when announced vacant. He further said they are prepared to ensure a smooth transition of leadership when Lori exits the firm at the end of the year. The executive further praised Lori’s achievements saying the agency is more effective and smarter under her leadership.

Lori Senecal’s Career History

As the Global CEO of CP+B, Lori is involved in coordination and management of ten global offices for the agency. Since Lori joined CP+B in 2015, there has been tremendous change on culture and operation of the agency, making it more innovative and collaborative. Under her leadership, the agency has recorded rapid growth, especially after securing new businesses with leading brands like Pay Pal and Hersey in addition to American Airlines.

Previously, Lori was the CEO and Global Chair of KBS. During her tenure, the firm grew from a local agency to an international agency with over 900 employees. During this time, the agency was recognized as the “Best Place to Work in NYC” by Crain’s. Lori Senecal also worked at McCann Erickson as the head of its New York based office, and in 2014 AdAge named her among the “Women to Watch”.

During a recent interview with Fast Company, Lori explained that she begins her work in the morning by engaging leadership team to learn how the firm’s 10 global offices are progressing. She outlines her daily priorities and collaborates with leadership team to enhance her productivity. According to her, the more she communicates with her team and the clients, the more she is able to achieve her goals and that of the agency.

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