Why Equities First Holdings Is Opening Up An Australian Branch

Equities First wants the world to know that it’s proudly opening up its Australian branch as it expands into new territory. This new Australian branch will help the firm build on its recent success and help more people understand exactly why securities are the perfect collateral for backing loans. There are plenty of people out there that might not fully understand the significance of the business model Equities First came up. They are showing lenders there is anew way to go about doing business and they are willing to paint the way forward. All borrowers need to do is join them.

Australia has plenty of players in the lending industry, but they aren’t doing anything remotely close to what Equities First does. They are basing their business models around clients with high credit scores even though many people with low credit scores are in need of loans. The alternative provided by Equities First is certainly welcome in the market. The future for this firm is going to look very bright going ahead. There simply are too many people who might benefit from the way the company does things. It’s only a matter of when borrowers decide to try them out.

Anil Chaturvedi; the Revered Banker who Applies Astute Leadership Skills

More often, a strong leadership influence is prevalent in the birth phase of any business cycle. This includes firms that are run by managers who make critical decisions regarding the direction that an organization should take. Therefore, a particular movement towards a leadership influence should occur when certain leaders elevate power into the firm. Mr. Anil Chaturvedi is one such individual who has perfected his art as a leader in the banking industry. Always careful to implement viable work strategies, he has strategically shaped his career around excellent leadership structures, and for that reason, his works and legacies in the companies he has served in cannot go unrecognized.

Describing Mr. Anil Chaturvedi

Working as a banker for about four decades, Mr. Anil Chaturvedi has vast expertise when it comes to leading international banks. Moreover, he has specialized in corporate as well as private and investment banking. In his capacity as the leader of the mentioned organizations, Anil Chaturvedi exuded a particular focus on significant cross-border transactions, especially between Europe and India.

Work Experience

Perhaps it is important to note that Mr. Anil Chaturvedi first practiced at the State Bank of India where he served as a manager between 1987 and 1991. While there, he was responsible for planning alongside implementing marketing strategies with the intention of capturing businesses in the United States of America. Consequently, he managed to secure various business deals that totaled to more than $500 million in four years. Besides, Anil Chaturvedi served at ANZ Grindlays Bank, in New York City. While serving in this bank, he headed the entire operations and was solely responsible for marketing, compliance issues and developing managerial leadership skills alongside creating a profitable business model for the institution.


What is more, between 1993 and 2011, Chaturvedi served at Merrill Lynch, a leading wealth management company that offers asset management services. While there, he majored in the development of customized investment solutions for high-profile clients. Besides, he served at Hinduja Bank and was responsible for creating corporate advisory businesses including the facilitation of cross-border strategic alliances in India, Asia, Europe as well as the United States of America. As of now, he still works with this company and has carefully invested time and resources to shape his career in it. Other than that, it is correct to deduce that Anil Chaturvedi is an excellent business leader who uses his skills and expertise to grow the banking industry.


Five Investment Suggestions That Clients of Southridge Capital Needs To Pay Attention To

Starting your own investment portfolio is an exciting enterprise. It means you are taking control of your finances and your life. Unfortunately, some clients get too excited and start to make mistakes. They take advise from people who are not qualified enough. Clients of Southridge Capital assume that certain strategies will pan out as long as they stick with it. One wrong investment will cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why you need to learn from and avoid the following 5 mistakes. Visit their Facebook page to see more.

1) You need to diversify, but pick your assets wisely.

“Wise men profit more from fools than fools from wise men. The wise men shun the mistakes of the fools, but fools don’t imitate the successes of the wise.”

Cato the Elder

Just because two investments look the same does not mean they are worth the same.

2) Asset allocation is more important than stocks, remember that. You should overanalyze and spend too much time on choices that do not make much difference. You should spend less time on the hot picks and more time on what you currently have.

3) Spend less time focusing on your trip to the spa and more time on where your finances will be in 20 years.

“A man without a plan is not a man.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

You need to map out a plan based on mathematical expectancy. Anything else is mere gambling and not an investment.

4) Education is the key. Always has been. Always will be.

“Only through education will you have an account of your own ignorance.”

Will Durant

Investing requires knowledge of both the art and science for you to have success.

5) Your investment choices need to run in concert with your personal lifestyle and goals. Some expert may have made millions by doing this or that, but that does not mean it will happen to you. Experts are not always right.

“The only true definition of an economist is someone who finds out tomorrow what did not happen today.”

Laurence J. Peter

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The Powerhouse in Business & Philanthropy

Early Beginnings

David Osio has a very impressive and extensive background. It started in the late 70s and early 80s when he received his higher education. He graduated in an advanced management program at the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is one of the leading universities of Venezuela and Latin America. He also graduated from the Institute Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA) in International Banking Law.

In 1981, Osio career began when he became the CEO and President of the OPED Enterprise. He was the overseer of coffee export programs at this organization. Sometimes afterwards, Osio became an executive for LETCO Commercial Companies where he was responsible for coordinating marketing programs for a variety of industrial products within the US. In 1984, he joined the MGO law firm in Caracas for banking law with corporate clients. Afterwards, Osio gained a leadership role at Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami in their private banking division. And in two years later, he earned a promotion to being the vice president of banking commercial. Around this time, he was in charge of increasing customers’ portfolios and strengthening the international positioning of the bank.

Davos Financial Group

In 1993, Osio ventured out to start his own company called the Davos Financial Group. This company is the first business in Venezuela that’s dedicated in providing financial advising for clientele. Osio is the founder and CEO who assists in increasing the income levels of clients. And as a result, his company has strengthened and expanded in a short period of time to the point where licensed and independent companies are located in several cities, including Miami, New York, Geneva, and Panama.

Social & Charity Support

In the midst of his success, Osio has reached back in support of foundations, including the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Saludarte Foundation, the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, the Fundana Foundation, UMA Foundation, and others. He is a great supporter of the arts with the latest exhibitions and so on. Also, with the other foundations listed, it shows that he is a great supporter of international foundations.

Awards and Recognition

With David Osio’s reaching back to the community, his business prowess, and great expertise, it’s no wonder that he has received some awards and recognitions. It’s rightfully so. His list of international awards include South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009 honor for South Florida’s business leaders, the 2014 Miami Award Winner as a consulting firm, and being recognized by magazine, New Europe, as the Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider.

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Organo Gold–Bringing the Midas Touch to Coffee

Exotic in origin, nutraceutical in proven properties. Ganoderma lucidum was a rare herb reserved for Chinese royalty. Now its’ healing powers are cascading into coffee cups across the globe. Bernardo Chua has brought “The King of Herbs” to our java and from the Philippines to the Western Hemisphere. A detoxifying and nutritious coffee might have merely been a figment of our imagination. It is now a readily available reality.

The healing benefits of Organo Gold coffee and tea are impressive. Bernie, as he likes to be called, has worked hard as the CEO of Organo Gold to make ganoderma lucidum’s properties readily available to the general population. These properties of promoting immune health, alkalizing the body, detoxification and increased oxygen are now easily accessible in Organo Gold’s online store. Dr Bob Rakowki’s expert nutritonal endorsement validates the ancient practice of using parts of the rare mushroom that grows in the Philippines. This rare mushroom is a source of pride to Bernie’s Philippine roots.

The Organo Gold website offers a wide selection of flavors of tea. Bernardo has made sure most of them are healthy too. From mocha coffee beans to black tea there is bound to a brew to entice any coffee or tea connoisseur. Organo Gold is available to the individual consumer or to an establishment. Turkey has already readily welcomed this deluxe brand to it’s corner coffeehouses.

Bernardo Chua has jumped on the social media bandwagon. Bernardo’s enthusiastic Facebook posts promote the enjoyment of Organo Gold’s hot chocolate, etc. How can we resist these positive affirmations to venture into the world of nutraceutical caffeinated beverages?

George Soros is predicting the 2008 crises all over again

George Soros told the economic forum in Sri Lanka that global market is facing impending financial crises, and investors need to be cautious. Besides, In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Soros, a Forbes billionaire fund investor, has predicted we are about to see the repetition of 2008 financial crises, only that this time the cause is China.


On the first week of the New Year, global currency, commodity markets, and stock were under fire. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says About $2.5 trillion was wiped out from global equities and plunge of Chinese equities halted trade for sometimes. The sinking Yuan is raising questions concerning the strength of China economy. China securities regulators have introduced new rules that restrict numbers of shares a shareholder can sell as circuit breakers in an attempt to stabilize the marker. This has also attracted analyst attention over Chinese regulators, and some analyst believes Chinese market regulators do not have good grasps of the current market situation. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/07/soros-its-the-2008-crisis-all-over-again.html.


As explained by Soros, China is struggling to find new growth model, as results it is exporting deflation to the world by devaluing its currency. Most developed economies of the world are currently struggling to get out of persistent deflationary trends in the economies. The plunged oil price, play a role in anchoring consumer prices, on the other hand, lack of demand and consequently industrial production are also key factors. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/george-soros-sees-crisis-reminiscent-2008-time-china/


China economy is heavily over-indebted, where the total social debt accounts 300% together with external debt it amounts to about 350%. Further, the one child policy rather than proving to be a boon to the economy prosperity and health it proved to be a bane. Capital outflow from China economy continue to worsen, according to Bloomberg intelligence, as of November 2015, the capital outflow from China over the past 11 months accounted to $843 billion. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/george-soros-sees-crisis-reminiscent-2008-time-china/


According to Soros, China position as one of the global economic powerhouse is weakening. Soros explained that China has taken too long to shift to domestic consumption growth model from export and investment growth model. The transition to the consumer-driven economy from the export-driven economy is not easy, and China is experiencing a lot of resistance from party control in the emerging markets economy. Soros exclaimed that hard landing for China is unavoidable. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/george-soros-sees-crisis-reminiscent-2008-time-china/


Concerning the direction global markets are headed, Soros is not alone, and the World Bank issued a warning concerning the possible impacts of weak growth among global economy emerging markets. The report from the World Bank accounts to financial turmoil, it also reflected a combined weakness of Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa economies and cautioned possible spillover worldwide. Kose, director of the World Bank Development Economic Prospects Group, said that advance market growth would only offset the risk of continued weakness in emerging market partially. He also pointed out that the risk related to financial turmoil in this era of high borrowing cost is still looming. http://www.thestreet.com/story/13416368/1/soros-thinks-we-re-headed-for-a-2008-like-crisis-do-icahn-cooperman-and-others-agree.html

The Success Behind the Success of Eucatex

The future of the planet is behind the motivation at Eucatex. The company offers environmentally safe products, including tiles, acrylic resins, paints and varnishes. These products are quick drying and can be applied to bricks as well as natural stones. The resins are water based which means they are safe for those applying the products, as well as those who come in contact with them. Exterior, as well as interior areas, are able to enjoy the look and finish of Eucatex’s products.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2011, Eucatex enjoys the success of entertaining repeat customers again and again after they are pleased with the products the company has to offer. Today they have added laminate floors, wall partitions and other items to the product line. Employing over 2,000 employees and sending its products to 37 countries its success is well celebrated.

President and CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, is just one reason the company is so successful. A respected member of the leadership of the company, he has led the company to become a front runner in sales of its products across the world. In 2014, under his leadership, the company’s sales grew by 30%. With Eucatex for over 30 years, Maluf is also an accomplished mechanical engineer, a successful entrepreneur and a lawyer.

Maluf began his career with Eucatex long ago, working in the trade area. In 1996 he moved to the industrial side of the business and after that the company’s president. Maluf is also the president of another company, GrandFood Group. Known for his charitable heart he participates in many worthwhile evens and programs, donating much back to the local community. Exame Abril notes that Maluf is just one example of the type of people who have made Eucatex the respected and successful company that it has become today.  Flavio Maluf often talks environmental issues on Twitter, it’s a good place to open the dialogue, and follow Eucatex’s lead as they try to become a more and more sustainable corporation.

US Money Reserve’s Thoughts on the Penny

The penny, the lowest value coin in circulation, has its future up for debate yet again. Recently, PR Newswire discussed the subject with president of the US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl.

According to Diehl the penny is a waste of time and money. The small coin costs more than it is worth, to the tune of $105 million tax dollars each year. In fact, the penny is worth so little that it is not even worth a person’s time to bend over and pick one up off the street, because they would be getting paid less than minimum wage for their effort. Diehl states that one of the main reasons the penny is even still in circulation is due to the private interests of the zinc lobby and those who create blanks for pennies.

Some argue that if the penny was no longer made then prices for consumer goods would go up. This would then lead to an increase in inflation, a scenario that would not be good for the economy. While this may have been true in the past when physical currency was used a majority of the time it holds little weight today. Currently 75 percent of monetary transactions are done digitally so prices of goods could potentially stay stagnant. Diehl also proposes that many companies would likely round down the penny or two in order to stay competitive or simply in the name of good customer service.

Another group points out that the nickel costs too much to make as well, coming in at 9.4 cents. While this is true, the nickel could still have its composition altered in order to make it profitable. This, however is not possible for the penny which is already made of 97.5 percent zinc.

The was founded in order to provide a superior outlet for investors looking to purchase precious metals. Created by veterans of the gold market the US Money Reserve prides itself on excellence in knowledge, customer service, and guidance when helping investors make decisions on which precious metals are right for them. Currently the US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the federal government.