George Soros Funds Causes That Are In Line With His Values and Agenda

George Soros has seen the worst days of his life yet he still stands unshaken today. The 86 years old self-made billionaire has earned his wealth through hedge funds. He lives in Katonah, New York. According to Forbes, Soros net worth stands at $25.2 billion. He studied Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science at the London school of economics. On the Forbes 400 ranking, George Soros was position 19 in 2016. He was also named among the top ten highest earning hedge fund managers. George Soros is a huge supporter of causes aimed at helping refugees. In September 2016, he promised to invest $500 million (through his foundation) in the companies established by refugees and migrants – especially the ones arriving in Europe. Last year, he also donated $3 million to a Super PAC that was mobilizing Hispanic voters.

George Soros’ deep passion for offering help to the refugees and immigrants is something personal. He was born in Hungary and witnessed the adverse effects of the Nazis occupying his hometown. Later on, Soros managed to get out of the country and put himself through the London School of Economics, at the same time working as a waiter and a railway porter. He knows too well what the immigrants and refugees go through before they stand up on their own feet. George Soros kickstarted his career in finance in a merchant bank, before moving to New York to work on Wall Street. In 1969, George Soros established a hedge fund with $12 million which later took up the name Quantum Fund on

His exposure to the works of Karl Popper, a philosopher is said to have been the origin of the causes and agendas he fights for until today. He did not have the opportunity to study directly under Popper, someone he considers a spiritual mentor, but submitted essays to him for review and comments. He warmed up to the open society after reading Popper’s work, Open Society, and Its Enemies. Soros’ life revolves around this theme. In an article published on Discover the Networks, Soros says that in as much as he is pushed by the desire to change the world in general, his biggest focus is changing America into something new that embraces and fights for social justice. Soros believes that the society should be open in a manner that the citizens of a nation have the right tools to bring positive changes to the institutions and that leaders must be accountable to the people they serve. George Soros dreams of a society where members can voice out their concerns and ideas without fear. George started his philanthropic activities in 1979 and five years down the line; he launched the first of his many Open Society Foundations in his hometown. In 1987, he opened another OSF office in Moscow, and since then, he has been disseminating significantly large amounts of money to different groups and causes. By 1992, George was already giving out up to $300 million per year – a substantial increase from $3 million in 1987.

Animal Lover and Attorney Ross Abelow Starts Fundraiser

Ross Abelow isn’t just a successful New York attorney, he is also an avid animal lover. He is currently working with the city of New York to raise five thousand dollars to donate toward local shelters to help supply food and necessities to shelter animals. Started in January 2016, Abelow hopes to be able to provide more shelters with the necessary resources to house shelter animals during the cold winter months when many pets are left outside by their owners. The GoFundMe account can be found here.

Ross Abelow isn’t new to the New York area that he loves to help out in, having lived here for many years prior to attending school. He received his bachelors degree from the State University of New York and then ultimately received his degree in law from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. He has maintained a passion for his community and the animals that live in it during this time, and has dedicated much of his free time to charity work to provide for these animals and the shelters who care for them.

After licensing to practice law in the state of New York in 1990, he has spent the past two decades developing various areas of expertise in the law field and has quite the array of knowledge in multiple areas. Specialized to practice law for families, Abelow is a family attorney and marital attorney. He also has extensive background knowledge in the field of commercial litigation and entertainment law. He has spent the last 26 years helping those in need of an attorney, finally partnering at the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro.

In addition to being a successful attorney and animal lover, Abelow is also an avid writer. He spends much of his time blogging and submitting articles for Crown Point New York. Writing in his own blog is also a pastime of his, where he blogs about legal and financial topics to assist readers in gleaning some of his knowledge. For those with questions regarding his charity work and current GoFundMe account, Ross Abelow is available for contact via his GoFundMe page linked above.