Buying Beneful from Walmart for your Dog

Beneful is one of the most popular and notorious dog food companies across America. Walmart is known to carry a quality selection for Beneful dog foods. The price of dog food at Walmart can range anywhere from 2 dollars to 34 dollars because it all depends on what you buy and the amount in which you buy it in. Wet foods at Walmart will usually cost around 27 dollars and the Beneful dry foods will cost close to 14 dollars. Walmart even carries a wet food Beneful healthy weight with real Salmon option. If you order any Beneful foods online, Walmart will offer you their special two day shipping deal.

Are Raw Meat/High Meat Diets the Only Ones That are Healthy for Your Dog?

As a modern dog owner, you might have heard a lot about how important it is to feed your dog either a raw meat diet or a high meat diet because this is what his ancestors, the wolves, would’ve eaten in the wild. Though this argument makes sense on some levels, and your dog would likely enjoy a diet like this; not only are these diets impractical financially and when you consider convenience; they are also not the healthiest for your animal. In fact, you can find, Beneful, one of the healthiest and most complete dog foods at your local grocery store or WalMart. Though wolves are the ancestors of domesticated, modern dogs; dogs are not wolves. Their genetic patterns do differ somewhat from wolves’; and it’s unnecessary to develop their instincts to eat raw meat, because they are house pets. They rely on you, their owner, for survival. In addition, they will eat raw meat if you don’t feed them and they’re hungry anyway, whether you encourage that instinct in them or not. The reason that diets that consist of a variety of whole pet foods like Beneful are so healthy for your pet is that they are balanced. In fact, most pet owners don’t even realize that wolves actually eat only 70% meat in the wild. The rest of their diet consists of wild vegetables and grains. Therefore, when you’re feeding your dog Beneful, you’re truly feeding your dog something much closer to what he would eat in the wild nutritionally. The only difference is that the foods in Beneful are cooked. However, while living in your home, your dog has to smell all types of delicious, cooked foods day in and day out. In many ways, Purina Beneful cooked dog food recipes are also emotionally healthier for your dog because they smell and taste like the types of foods you would feed your own family, the types of foods that your dog is constantly craving. In addition, experts don’t think that the, “Eat like your owner,” trend is going anywhere soon because it’s healthy and it gives pet owners peace of mind. So chances are, high-quality brands like Beneful will remain accessible for quite awhile.