The Success of AXA Advisors.

AXA is a multinational French insurance group that is having a major impact across the world. Headquartered in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, AXA has become known for engaging in global insurance, investment management, and several other financial services. While they operate mainly in Europe, AXA has had an impact world wide also doing business in North America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

AXA was originally founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. Over the years they have bought and took over a number of other companies including the Drouot Group in 1982,The Equitable, and American insurance company in 1991. About ten years ago in 2006 AXA acquired Swiss insurance company Winterthur Group from Credit Suisse. A sign of how successful this group has become, this transaction as much as nine billion dollars.

AXA Advisors is led by Senior Executive Vice President Vincent Parascandola. Parascandola is responsible for sales, recruiting, productivity and the development of new financial professionals. Parascandola has an impressive resume with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career he has had a number of rewards including being named National Rookie of the Year by Prudential and president of The Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable. He has also worked as co-manager of the the New York branch, which has more than 400 financial members.

Parascandola earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University in New York. Under his leadership AXA has become a a leading financial company and one of the country’s top providers of insurance products. Currently they have more than six thousand professionals who provide strategies and products to tons of people across the globe. With an incredible track record and a dedication to excellence Parascandola and AXA figure to be around for many years to come.