Dr. Clay Siegall Helps Build Seattle Genetics Into Something Special

Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of research that develops targeted therapies for cancer treatment. Human antibodies are the basis of the pharmaceuticals that they develop in an effort to customize cancer treatment options. These antibodies are able to penetrate and destroy from within cancer cells. The company is rapidly growing and increasing revenues which they plow back into research and development to continue the war on cancer.

The market value of Seattle Genetics is around $10 billion and they currently employ around 900 people. They are fully committed to spending big dollars on research and development and plan on hiring an additional 200 people.

Dr. Clay Siegall is their founder, visionary, and CEO who is committed to the long term in the development of Seattle Genetics. He isn’t looking to turn a quick buck by selling off to some other larger player. He’s hoping to grow the company until they are the larger player with vast resources and a deep pipeline of experimental drugs in the offing.

International marketing is a new skill that Seattle Genetics is developing under Siegall’s leadership. Earlier in their existence, they had focused exclusively on product development and left the complexity of marketing to other parties. As they progressed and grew, however, they learned the skills required to market their products across the globe and have become more versatile.

The growth of Seattle Genetics has been spectacular and their share price has more than tripled over the past five years. Analysts disagree as to the cause of the expensive valuation of their stock, but one thing is clear. Seattle Genetics has increased their research budget by 64% revealing their strong emphasis on growing the company with innovative products.

The drugs that they develop have been called smart bombs because they target cancer cells exclusively. They avoid normal, healthy tissue and represent an entirely new approach to cancer treatment. This can greatly reduce the attendant side effects that plague patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. There are four drugs in the pipeline that could lead to significant sales and have the most immediate potential.

Dr. Clay Siegall received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He was inspired by a close family member’s struggle with traditional cancer treatments and horrified by their side effects. He became determined to find a better way and Seattle Genetics works diligently to accomplish just that.

Dr. Siegall has extensive experience in pharmaceutical and cancer research. He spent time working with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute.