Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Anti Aging Research

Over the past decades, modern medicine has taken a reactive rather than proactive approach to managing age-related conditions. Minimal research has been carried out to address conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses that the older people are predisposed to. That’s why it is worth appreciating individuals such as Jason Hope who make a point of spearheading anti-aging research to find lasting solutions to the problem.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist based in Arizona. He is famously known for his contribution in anti-aging research and funding the SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation, a group that aims at finding answers to age-related illnesses and how to better manage them. In his website, Jason Hopes confesses that philanthropy has become an integral part of his life. He acknowledges SENS Foundation and the efforts it is making towards improving the quality of life.

Jason’s Involvement in the SENS Foundation

Jason was first involved with SENS in 2010 when he donated $500, 000 to the organization for anti-aging research. His donation significantly helped the foundation as it enabled them to establish a new laboratory at Cambridge and launch new initiatives towards anti-aging research. Since then, Jason Hope has been passionate towards contributing to this noble course. This has seen him advance over $1 million to promote research at the organization.

Jason states that he believes in the foundation’s work, and understands that the world is in dire need of better management of age-related conditions. Most diseases like heart and lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease are only detected and managed after their occurrence. Hope believes that it is possible to come up with ways to stop these illnesses from ever happening. This can be helpful in promoting longer, healthier life.

Jason has recently donated funds that are to be targeted towards the development of AGE-breakers. These are forms of treatments that focus on AGES (advanced glycation end-products), which are waste substances that tend to build up in the muscles and skin as people age. These are to blame for most of the age-related diseases that are experienced today. At the moment, research is underway to establish how AGES can be removed from the body to prevent these illnesses.

Besides providing financial support to the SENS foundation, he has also been actively involved in some of their initiatives. For example, he has played an active role in the group’s outreach activities. These include sensitization of the public on these illnesses and how to prevent them and lead a long, quality life.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Jason Hope sees huge, unforeseen benefits of self-driving vehicles

One of the most stunning developments that have taken place in the technological sector over the last 10 years has been the development of self-driving cars. Although no state currently allows for the complete autonomous operation of vehicles, many are on the cusp of implementing driverless car licensing, particularly in the state of California, where there are currently special lanes designed for self-driving cars.

One of the nation’s leading entrepreneurs, Jason Hope, has recently been writing about the many benefits that will accrue to those who are able to avail themselves of the incredible efficiency gains of self-driving cars. Hope says that many of the benefits that self-driving cars will ultimately confer on areas of roadway safety, fuel efficiency, speed and ability of drivers to maintain productivity while commuting to and from work will be absolutely earth-shattering.

Hope believes that the advent of widespread self-driving cars will eventually lead to the virtual elimination of traffic accident fatalities. Because of the fact that traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death in almost all groups below the age of 40, this has the potential to significantly increase life expectancy in the United States as well as the overall safety of the populace. Hope says that self-driving cars will be able to almost completely avoid all fatal traffic accidents due to their ability to enter communicate with one another, leading to complete prevention of the chain of errors that so often lead to traffic fatalities.

Hope also argues that another area in which self-driving cars will dramatically improve the life circumstances of many average Americans is through their ability to vastly increase the speed with which people will be able to commute to and from jobs, school and vacation destinations. Hope says it is completely feasible that within the next few decades, self-driving cars will be able to begin attaining speeds far higher than any human would otherwise safely be able to operate. Hope believes that self-driving cars may someday achieve speeds of greater than 200 miles per hour, putting capabilities similar to owning a private jet into the hands of every family in America.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: https://twitter.com/jasonhope