Sahm Adrangi’s Critical Negative Report on The Promised Market Prices of St. Joe Company

Companies have a lot of incentives to be transparent to its clients, but they’re also tempted to do malicious acts just to get more investors to trust them. They could exacerbate their products’ positive points and mute the extenuating reasons that could jeopardize the reputation of their product. This is part of the game of investment trading, and it’s something that makes the whole economic system work. Fortunately, we still have investment firm officers like Sahm Adrangi who give negative reports and tell us about the products and assets for what they are. Right now, the negative report he gives for St. Joe company is a valuable information that investors should heed.

The PRNewswire report last Apr 24, 2018 indicated that Sahm Adrangi’s position on the value of St. Joe Company is on a negative. He argued that the land holdings under the operations of St. Joe Company could just be a result of media hype or paid advertisements that want to stir up attention for the company’s market prices. Even using most aggressive assumptions, Sahm Adrangi thinks it’s unlikely for St. Joe Company to meet the asset value it promises. It may even be said that St. Joe Company could still have a lower value because of the new SEC Liquidity Rules that the company is beholden to. It must abide by the restrictions and regulations. St. Joe Company has to file the right papers to get its licenses up and running. Without doing so, they risk delegitimizing their assets and even lowering the trust that clients could have over its products.

Sahm Adrangi also argued that there’s a lot of misplaced trust, assessment and confidence given to the firm. The promise of St. Joe Company to transform a desolate land into what it claims to soon be an ominous landscape of real estate developments is too good to be true. There’s a lot of variables that can delimit the promise given to St. Joe, according to the full report conducted by Kerrisale Capital Management, LLC, a long-term value investment firm founded by Sahm Adrangi himself.

Fortress Investment Group, Legal Tender And Tactics

Fortress Investment Group is a company whose reputation and prestige surpass the global expectations of a normal LLC Company. They were founded in 1998 by three distinct men whose names were Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone. Each of them with their will power, education, intellect, and desire ultimately built the now known company of Fortress Investment Group. They cover a wide plethora of different topics when it comes to the understanding and even psychology of money. The purpose that the company serves is that of individual people with exceptionally large amounts of dinero and massive corporations being able to confidently invest their earnings into the business system so that the company can then finalize the establishment of their return on investment. To even achieve this impressive and notable title that they proudly hold in making a sustainable return on investment happen for their clients, they go through the various scopes of information required to understand exactly what it is that they are choosing to become a backer of in order to get the high quality gains their clients signed up for.

They waste no time in the investigative stage of the process and elimination cycle when it comes down to taking action with the large sums of money entrusted to them by their prospects. They even shake hands with the CEOs and the board of directors of each business or venture they set out to capitalize in. With serious business discussions pertaining to whether or not the sustainable asset is actually sustainable, the organization of Fortress Investment Group weighs the pros and cons of each business endeavor to formalize an elaborate and systematic investment solution in the most effective way possible. With not only their knowledge and dedication to the much needed results on behalf on the client, they also pour in tremendous amounts of strategic and creative plans to execute each service with discipline and excellence. They crystalize these known strategic actions through creating ball point vision towards the asset that they are after for the prospect who put in their millions and billions of dollars into.

It gets better because the Fortress Investment Group also retrieves inquiry of how to attain the investments that they seek at the most frugal of prices.This gives them a double edged sword over all the other corporations who promise much of the same products and goods that they do. They are so good in fact that the owner of Soft Bank bought them out in order to achieve his long term goal of making Soft Bank one of the biggest banks in the entire known world. His determination and ambition translated to buying Fortress Investment Group out with a certain number that ranked in close to the assets the company initially produced. Yes, Fortress Investment Group got taken with an estimated amount of three billion and three hundred million dollars. The thing is that even though they were recently purchased by Soft Bank, the founding fathers of the group vowed to stay and continue their dedicated effort to help people and their companies grow wealth in such creative ways that can only be rarely found in other sectors of the world.


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banking firms in the world. The firm is noted for providing advice on corporate finance, mergers and acquisition. The company boasts of an excellent team of professionals who are known for their ability to give the best financing and capitalizing suggestions keeping in mind the unique situations of their clients. Karl D’ Cunha is the current Senior Managing Director of the company.


The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The investment banking firm also has other offices in North America, Africa and Asia. The company offers a variety of financial and investment services like middle market investment banking, management of financial assets services, corporate services, business valuation services, financial reporting services, and financial opinion services.


The firm is known for understanding the effect of time on corporate finance and is very adept in responding to opportunities. The company has a unique ability to craft finance transactions with the dual goals of benefiting both the business owners as well as investors. They have a long history of successfully matching the buyers and sellers. They also match the requisite client situation with the corresponding financing and capitalization structure. Since its inception in 2005, Madison Capital is known for helping hundreds of clients to reach their goals in a systematized manner and within the set deadline. The banking firm provides solutions to a number of industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, aerospace, construction development, food &* agriculture, distribution, consumer markets, solar energy, transportation, logistics, mining & natural resources and Media & Telecommunications.


In 2016, Madison Capital helped in successfully arranging the growth capital credit facility for Centex Machining Inc. (Centex). Madison Capital has also been acting as a long trusted financial advisor of The Dowco Group of Companies. In Aug 2016, it helped the Dowco Group with the successful acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A. In June 2016, the investment company helped Pearl Human Care Pvt. Ltd. For the successful introduction of Henry Ford Health System in the Indian Market.


Madison Capital holds expertise in the following main areas of corporate advisory, business valuation, financial valuation, financial opinions, asset management and wealth preservation and tax planning. Over the years, Madison Capital has received a large number of awards and accolades. In 2015, the banking firm was awarded the title of Honoree of NACVA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award. In 2015, it also won the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year. In 2016, the firm was honored as the winner of three prestigious awards namely 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, 8th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards for Cross-Border Deal of the Year and 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards for Industrials Deal of the Year.

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The Foundation of CCMP Capital

CCMP is a global investment private equity firm specializing in buyouts and growth equity business transactions. The company was founded in 1984 and has progressively increased its business success throughout the years. CCMP Capital targets four areas of business they focus their strengths and expertise on. They are consumer/retail, industrial business structures, healthcare industries, and energy/chemicals. The company has many years of strategic and productive management processes which have established a high reputation of business for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. It has been named a world class investment partner due to their management and reputation.

CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. In 2006 CCMP Capital announced that they became their own independent firm in the business investment industry. The company is solely based and concentrates their line of business in North America and Europe focusing on the four different targeted areas. The expertise and depth of business this company has produced and allowed them to be extremely successful and hold a high reputation in the investment line of business. They continue to grow and expand their services, ensuring that each customer is totally satisfied with each business transaction.

Stephen Murray was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital, where he oversaw the conduction of business transactions and provided viable and valuable information to the company. Stephen has many years of experience in the equity and investment business. He attended Boston College in 1984 with his economics degree. He then decided to get his Master’s degree in business administration and graduated with that degree in 1989. He has over 30 years of experience where he has worked with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, MH Equity Corporation, Chemical Venture Partners, JP Morgan Partners and CCMP Capital. All of the companies he worked either merged together or branched off from one another, like CCMP Capital, which was a branch off of JP Morgan Chase. He was the co-founder for CCMP Capital, and spent many hours grooming and shaping it into the company it is today. In 2007 he was name the CEO of CCMP Capital where he oversaw every line of business and ensured that each transaction was carried through on an executive level of business. Murray also took part in many different boards that were related to major companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s Pinnacle Foods and many other boards. Murray also was a sole supporter for the Make A Wish Foundation of the Metro New York area and took part in the Boston College food bank supporting those in need a solid meal. He was still very active with the activities at Boston College and became a member of the chairman’s council. Sadly Murray passed away in March 2015, but he will be remembered for his great achievements, dedication and hard work.