Capital Group Chairman And Chief Executive Officer

According to sources, Warren Buffet recently made a bet of $1 million for a charity in which he states that he can make higher investment returns than the top hedge fund managers. Since Buffet is one of the most successful investors in the world, he is likely to win the bet and prove once again that he is a top expert when it comes to investing.

One of the things that has allowed Buffet to succeed as an investor is his approach. Timothy Armour emphasizes that you must invest in securities that have proven to generate steady returns. Buffet also says that you will want to analyze various companies in order to find the best investment opportunities.

One individual who is also a leading investment expert is Timothy Armour. He currently occupies the position of chief executive officer and chairman of the investment firm Capital Group based in Los Angeles. For over three decades, Tim has been involved in the finance industry where he has held a number of different positions. He first began his career as an associate in which he would begin learning how to evaluate investment options and provide advice to clients. Tim would then become an analyst where he would research a number of financial securities.

Prior to beginning his career in finance, Tim studied economics at Middlebury College. He would finish a bachelor’s degree in economics from the college. This allowed Armour to possess a foundation in finance and how the economy works. He would use this knowledge to not only start his career in finance but also advance. Along with being a top executive at Capital Group, Tim is also a portfolio manager in which he oversees a number of investment funds.