Billionaire George is back to supporting political activities again and, this time, round he targeting the Latino voters. Soros and other liberal billionaires have joined hand in raising a good amount of money will be used by the Democratic party in seeking the Latino and all immigrant support in the coming presidential election. The billionaires have donated $15 million in total. George Soros has raised a third of the amount which is $5 million. The money is to be used by the Democratic Party in mobilizing the Latinos, Hispanics, and all the other immigrants to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate in this year’s election. This will be a sensitization program which considers using Donald Trump’s motive of limiting the rights of the immigrants to full advantage. The program which has been given the name the super PACs will target the states that have big numbers of Latinos and other immigrants.
George Soros is an immigrant from the Hungary. He came to the States during the Nazi domination of Hungary. He has therefore been making donations on political activities and funding many Latino and immigrant education and organization programs. He is remembered for having taken part in the expensive advertisement project which endeavored to remove George Bush from power. He has always backed the Democrat party which is thought to be more protective of the immigrants and other marginalized groups in the United States. George Soros believes that all the immigrants should tender their support to the Democratic Party. If Donald Trump and his Republican board ascend to power, it is expected by many that the United States will take a different turn. The biggest number of immigrants will be deported, and the rights of this e who are going to remain in the country will be frozen. Trump has publicly announced his detest for the immigrants already.

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With Trump’s intentions being already known to many, the immigrants who are targeted by the Super PACs project are therefore not going to be told to vote for the Democratic Party. However, the aim of the project is to mobilize the Latinos to vote. The Latinos support the Democratic Party and whatever needs to be done is to seek new supporters. The project will look to gain more than 500,000 new supporters. It will target Florida, Colorado, and Nevada states whereby the number of Latinos and immigrants are bigger compared to other states.
Bernie Sanders have also joined in the funding of the party’s activities and campaigning. He is among the liberal donors who made the contribution to the super PACs project. George Soros has been the party’s significant sponsor. He has spent $13 million in the party’s funding this year alone. He is much interested in seeing the party’s success.