How Ricardo Tosto is Evolving Legal Profession in Brazil

Ricardo Tostois a famous Brazilian lawyer, handling the business and corporate litigation. He has been handling the business-related cases for more than 22 years. With most of the cases involving the high-profile individuals, multinational enterprise, and large corporations.

Before establishing his law office, Ricardo Tosto used to work in the small law office where he gathered enough experience. Today, he has a vast litigation experience as well as the leadership abilities in a wide range of business legal engagements and commercial matters.

As he focuses on solving legal issues, Ricardo Tosto always bears in mind that business goals define legal strategies. He always takes the analytical and precise technique that is targeted to achieve the particular goals of the client.

Ricardo Tosto reported the case of cassation of the judicial decision a case about the division of the assets between a couple in a stable relationship, marriage or in a parallel relationship. He stressed that in the context, the decision was annulled, handed down in the recognition and the dissolution of a stable union and division of assets. This was because one of the co-workers was married and the wife was not summoned in the suit.

Ricardo Tosto further reported that apart from annulling all the original judgment, the ex-wife’s citation was determined by STJ. The superior court has the right to exercise the adequate defense in the case involving the ex-husband and the author of the action. He also claimed that the alleged couple separated, but also agreed that he had not left home permanently. Ricardo’s reports indicated that information provided by the author showed that the alleged partner was in Fortaleza during the weekend and lived with her in Mossoro during the week.

The accuser also contended that the ex-wife did not take part in the acquisition of the assets that she guarantees to be part of her estate together with the partner in the stable relationship. The man had already admitted the coexistence with the author but claiming to be a case of adultery as he was continuing to live with his wife. According to the report of the Ricardo Tosto, the ex-wife would have the interest of joining the defense to prove the maintenance of the conjugal coexistence.

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Animal Lover and Attorney Ross Abelow Starts Fundraiser

Ross Abelow isn’t just a successful New York attorney, he is also an avid animal lover. He is currently working with the city of New York to raise five thousand dollars to donate toward local shelters to help supply food and necessities to shelter animals. Started in January 2016, Abelow hopes to be able to provide more shelters with the necessary resources to house shelter animals during the cold winter months when many pets are left outside by their owners. The GoFundMe account can be found here.

Ross Abelow isn’t new to the New York area that he loves to help out in, having lived here for many years prior to attending school. He received his bachelors degree from the State University of New York and then ultimately received his degree in law from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. He has maintained a passion for his community and the animals that live in it during this time, and has dedicated much of his free time to charity work to provide for these animals and the shelters who care for them.

After licensing to practice law in the state of New York in 1990, he has spent the past two decades developing various areas of expertise in the law field and has quite the array of knowledge in multiple areas. Specialized to practice law for families, Abelow is a family attorney and marital attorney. He also has extensive background knowledge in the field of commercial litigation and entertainment law. He has spent the last 26 years helping those in need of an attorney, finally partnering at the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro.

In addition to being a successful attorney and animal lover, Abelow is also an avid writer. He spends much of his time blogging and submitting articles for Crown Point New York. Writing in his own blog is also a pastime of his, where he blogs about legal and financial topics to assist readers in gleaning some of his knowledge. For those with questions regarding his charity work and current GoFundMe account, Ross Abelow is available for contact via his GoFundMe page linked above.

Ross Abelow Hopes to Raise $5,000

Ross Abelow is a New York City attorney who specializes in family law. He has been working to defend the rights of his clients for more than 25 years. In the year 1990, he applied for his license to practice law in New York State, and the license was granted.

He has recently created a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit stray animals in the New York City. He hopes to raise at least $5,000. Once the money has been collected, it will be given to local animal shelters. The money is going to help animal shelters overcome some of their biggest challenges. Their first challenge is dealing with limited space. Sadly, when individuals bring homeless animals in, local shelters sometimes have to turn them away because they do not have the space to take care of them. The money is going to be used to expand the space that is used for homeless animals. The second challenge is that it will help them deal with is not having money to take care of things like purchasing food for the animals or buying medicine when they are ill.

This is an important campaign to contribute to right now since the weather is getting colder. When animals do not have shelter during the winter, they can get sick and die. The more money that is raised through this fund, the sooner the problem will be addressed. The great thing about contributing through a Go Fund Me campaign is that individuals can contribute only a small amount of money. Depending on the campaign, individuals can make donations for as little as $10. If everyone gets on board to raise $5,000 for this campaign, more animals can be brought to shelters and have their needs cared for.

Besides taking cases that have to do with family law, Ross Abelow will sometimes take cases that require expertise in entertainment law or civil litigation. Many individuals have benefited from the advice that Ross Abelow has posted on his personal blog. He mostly writes articles that concern financial and legal matters. Many individuals follow his social media pages where he posts useful legal information. He maintains an active presence on Mashable and Facebook.

As a longtime New York resident, the cause of helping to get homeless animals off the streets is important to Ross Abelow. He knows that it is extremely important to take care of this problem during the cold winter months.