Lime Crime Pushes Forward By Bringing Fairy Tale Style To The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics brand Lime Crime has become one of the most popular new companies in the fashion industry over the course of the few short years it has been in operation for. New York fashion graduate Doe Deere is the brain behind the Lime Crime Facebook, which she formed as a response to the problems she found finding bright and bold colors for her self and her models to wear; According to Instagram, Lime Crime was established in 2008 by Deere after she struggled to find the right cosmetics to market the clothing Lime Crime was producing to sell via its own Online marketplace.

Upon first appearing in 2008 the Lime Crime brand was based upon the cosmetics Doe Deere had been creating for herself to wear each day after she felt unhappy with the options available from the traditional cosmetics producers. Deere was instrumental in switching the focus of Lime Crime from clothing to cosmetics; despite the success Lime Crime has been achieving in recent years Deere remains as active as possible in the research associated with new products, reportedly she feels happiest when working to produce the latest cosmetics products that will make the loyal followers of Lime Crime happy in the future.

Lime Crime has not been sitting still basing itself on the bright and bold colors the cosmetics brand made its name with in the past; instead, the brand has recently been looking to evolve into the future in the image of its founder, Doe Deere. The latest product launches from Lime Crime have seen a slight shift away from the boldest colors available to include more muted tones that can be used for more conservative events or work wear. The fairy tale nature of the brand remains as popular as ever as the marketing of the company still uses the founder in many of their marketing campaigns as the loyal customers of the brand look to her for inspiration and confidence based upon her social media platforms like the Lime Crime Twitter.