Rapid expansion of OSI Group under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is one of the oldest and yet the biggest food manufacturer in the world. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company has a long history, started in 1910 by a German immigrant, OSI Group grew from a butcher shop in Chicago to a multinational with plants in 17 different countries and their products being sold in numerous countries. The company is led by CEO Sheldon Lavin who is assisted in management by President David McDonald. The company is rapidly expanding its business operations to different regions outside the United States. Most of the growth in the company has been recorded in the last one decade.

OSI Group mostly supplies value-added protein products such as hamburgers, pizza, sausages, among other products. The largest expansion of business currently is happening in China and Europe. The growth rate is impressive and has seen the company supply even non-meat products to the consumers.

In 2016, OSI Group made one of the largest acquisitions Baho Food of this century when it acquired Dutch food company- Baho Food. This company has operations not only in the Netherlands but Germany and about ten other countries. The company also purchased another company known as Flagship Europe which has now been renamed creative Foods Europe. There were also acquisitions of other companies in Europe which included Germany’s food company Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. The company even opened a European headquarters office in Gersthofen.

OSI Group is not only expanding its plants, but it is also expanding its product line. As it ventures in different regions, it is introducing products which are relevant to the people. The company has no aim of interfering with the culture of the people and therefore is not interested in introducing products but providing what is accepted in the area. The company is also leaving the management of its acquisitions mostly to former management of the defunct companies since they are the ones who understand the tastes and preferences of the people. Food is a sensitive issue, and the company would not like to go against the wishes of the people. Meet Sheldon Lavin, the Man Behind the Success of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has been part of the company since 1975 when he joined in a managerial role. He was introduced by sons of the founder (Otto Kolschowsky) to assist them to manage the company as a financial expert. They later retired from the company leaving Sheldon Lavin to run the company alone. Sheldon Lavin has not disappointed. He has pushed the company to a higher level making it one of the greatest in the world.

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OSI Food Processing Network Professional David McDonald Makes Business News

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Food Processing Group Inc. has been proudly established since 1993. They remain a trusted network as one of the first to respond to a stabilized food network. Their customers have been guaranteed a nutritional diet backed by the strict guidelines set forth through food regulation. OSI was willing to respond outside of infractions or huge penalties. Today, thousands of customers choose their diet to feed their family. Their products have become the leading diet among too food competitors. In fact, they never make you guess what’s in your food or where it comes from.

OSI Inc. Professional Bio: David McDonald

David McDonald, graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Business School. He has over 16+ years experience in the food processing with a start in food during his early 20’s. He is proud be a part a putting nutritious meals on the tables of millions of families and works alongside their current COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together they have together a family iniative designed to give their partners business growth while expanding their current portfolio. McDonald says, he’s proud to serve millions of restaurants, delis, and eateries worldwide.

McDonald’s Recent OSI Contributions

OSI has had a very successful international partnership under the leadership of McDonald. He was able to recognize the significance of the EU food industry. He was quickly able to secure a partnership deal worth $7 million dollars and will operate from their popular Flagship Europe food group. They will process vegetables, meat patties, and food condiments. Their success in Europe caused them to become an attractive partner for the Dutch food industry. OSI will also introduce their organic vegetables to an Indian overseas food market. They would like their success to mimic that of their United States and Asian food deals.

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OSI Industries Makes Impactful Moves In The Industry

OSI Industries is known around the world as the leading organization in food manufacturing. The company continues to expand and adjust its business model to the changing demands in a very complex industry. OSI made acquisitions of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group, which are two well-established European manufacturers. Baho Foods has been in business for over 60 years. The company has carved out a very unique niche in the region and will help OSI establish its presence in Europe. Flagship Food Group is also a well-respected company in food manufacturing. Flagship Food Group staff is excited to become a part of a large organization such as OSI Industries.

Tyson Foods was acquired by OSI when the news came that it was going out of business. Tyson Foods had been an operator in the Chicago area for many years. There were an estimated 500 jobs at stake if the closure took place. Leaders of OSI Industries decided to make the purchase and keep the company running. Many of the employees at Tyson Foods were offered positions with the OSI team.

OSI Industries is a progressive organization that is always prepared for the next trend. The company has grown to have over 20,000 employees. There is a recruiting process in place that allows OSI Industries to recruit people that belong at an international organization such as OSI. Recruiting bases exist in the United States, Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and the Asian-Pacific. Leaders at OSI Industries are proud of the fact that there is a very low turnover rate among staff. This is because the company recruits those who want to have a career with the organization.

OSI Industries evolved from a small family-owned business. It was originally a meat market known as Otto & Sons. Otto Kolshowsky founded the company and ran it with his family. He became very successful over the years as a provider of product to local food businesses in the Chicago area. By the 1950s, Otto had settled into retirement and his sons were running the business. They began a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. The move took Otto and Sons to a different level of business operation.

Otto and Sons built a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in order to accommodate the new contract with McDonalds. The facility had innovative concepts such as meat cutting machines and cryogenic freezing chambers.

Otto and Sons’ successful business methods earned them the right to be the sole provider of product to the McDonald’s Corporation. Soon after they became known as OSI Industries.

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OSI Industries Expands Internationally

The OSI Group is a multi-billion-dollar company in the food manufacturing sector. It has recently acquired other food companies that are aligned with its values and goals. The OSI Group has always provided custom solutions as well as quality products for its retail brands. It is focused on growth. There have been seven new facilities that have opened across the globe last year for processing as well as the production of food items.

The President of OSI Group is David McDonald. He says that the company is focused on growth not only in terms of capacity but also product development. Hence it is partnering with its clients to promote products that can help them to grow their business. In this way, the OSI Group will be encouraging its suppliers to help them in achieving increased sales. Such kind of partnering process will be able to give consumers more options such as natural and organic foods, premium specialties and much more.

He further stated that the challenge has always been to provide food that is healthy and tasty too. Hence Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO of OSI Group, has been pushing the organization to offer wider food choices to its customers. This is why the OSI Group operates in 16 countries besides the United States.

OSI Group is always looking for expansion opportunities at home all the time. Recently the company had paid $7.4 million to buy Tyson Foods plant that was based in Chicago. It is a 200,000-square-foot facility. This will assist OSI Group by providing continued business support.

OSI Group provides beef items that include meatballs and hamburgers, as well as hot dogs, and bacon along with other pork items. It also offers poultry along with vegetable products. They have over a hundred years of experience in this business. It is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world today.

The OSI Group recently purchased the Flagship Europe. Now they can provide resources to new global clients. This Flagship Europe line includes several products ranging from frozen poultry, pies to dips, sandwich fillings, marinades, besides sauces and dressings.

In this way, OSI Group is creating a much wider presence on the continent. The company will be able to meet the growing needs of its customers. The current processing capabilities of the OSI Group get strengthened this way.

Now the OSI Group has been joined by Baho Food. This is a Dutch manufacturer. It will further expand its presence in Europe.

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