Bustle Writer Tired of Same Old Shampoo Method Tries World-Famous WEN

Bustle contributor Emily McClure was frustrated dealing with her naturally fine, limp hair. She had seen the famous TV infomercials about the Wen no-poo cleansing method and decided to see if WEN could transform her hair into shiny, strong celebrity tresses. So, Emily reached for a bottle of Sephora Fig version of cleansing conditioner and took her own 7-day hair challenge for Bustle.com readers.
Emily was excited to try the no-lather shampoo method, because WEN prides itself on being a cleansing wash for all hair types found around the world. Celebrity LA stylist Chaz Dean had developed the amazing method, because he knew that the regular shampoos most people use, were actually damaging the hair by stripping and dulling it with their chemical formulas. Go to: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html.

The WEN system is so different, because only natural botanical ingredients are added to give hair strength, vitality and super shine.

Emily posted selfies every day to show her readers her bouncy, healthy-looking locks as she cleansed with Wen every morning. Even her girlfriends noted the difference in the gloss and softness of her hair. Her tresses were manageable and held a style, and Emily was pleased.

If Emily went away from the WEN AM cleanse, her hair did not seem to hold up and fell flat quickly. She admits that she can be lazy about her hair care, and she mixed up the schedule. One evening, she decided to use WEN at night, but unfortunately by morning, her hair had gone limp immediately. In another experiment, she skipped the WEN daily cleanse and hoped her hair would have enough bounce, but her locks felt greasy all day.

Emily McClure says that when you adopt a daily WEN wash, the results do not disappoint. She says she would return to the program if she weren’t so lax.