Orange Coast College, “Giant Killer” of Rowing

Not many people know of the sport of Rowing, but it’s a sport that many partake in and a sport that even colleges participate in. One such competition was held back late in May of this year where Orange Coast College went up against roughly 40 other colleges to see who was the champion of rowing. What made this year notable for Orange Coast College was its team for the Rowing competition all of whom had their own unique stories to tell about how they got into the sport as well as how they made it on the team. And in the competition that occurred, Orange Coast College came in fourth place in the Nationals, a feat of considerable merit for a two year community college versus full-on four year universities that dominated the roster. While not the champions of the Nationals in a way Orange Coast College has lived up to the name their fellow College Rowing Rivals have given them, “Giant Killer.”


Orange Coast Community College is located in Orange County, California and was founded in 1947. Their school logo consists of an orange circle containing a wave of blue and fitting this theme of the sea their mascot is Pete the Pirate and their nickname is the Pirates. With a suburban campus consisting of 164 acres and a student count of 25,000 as of 2016, Orange Coast College boasts being one of the more renown and successful community colleges of California. Just recently the college has begun work upon building a brand new up-to-date Planetarium to replace an old outdated one on the campus. Learn more: