Redefining the Wedding Experience

The wedding industry has made remarkable improvements in the past fifteen years. These changes have in effect redefined the wedding industry making the process easier, fun and less stressful as opposed to previous years when wedding s were mired with a lot of confusion and unnecessary headaches.

The most significant changes have taken place in the wedding registries. Back in 2002, the wedding registries had employed a new but ineffective system that was commonly referred to as the registry gun. The system was so ineffective that it took couples a whole day to fill the registry list.

However, this system which was relatively new was slow, and ineffective to the extent that in some instances it duplicated items selected, further the only items available were those on the shelf.

Fifteen years later the situation has changed significantly, wedding industries have through technological advancements designed utility tools that are user friendly meant to be used in the registries. This developments have significantly made the process of planning for a wedding a lot easier for the couple as well as the guests.

The Knot registry for example gives couples an opportunity to review retailer prices as well as compare registry benefits. Further the knot registry offers couples tips on how to customize their registry as well as share their profiles on the knots website.

My registry offers couples a platform seeking to acquire few items from different retailers. This great site also has a mobile app which enables couples compare prices to find the best prices for gifts as well as pull up all registries and combine them into one. The app also gives guests a chance to contribute to buying expensive guests for a couple.

Honey Fund gives beyond the spectrum of gifts with the registry offering a platform for guests to contribute to airfare, lodging and any other expenses that may be incurred in the process of preparing for a wedding.

The future of Wedding industries is hinged on technological advancements from RFID and Image Recognition. The industry is set to make further head way in making the wedding process interesting through software development. The process of planning for a wedding should not be stressful, in fact it should be exciting and this is what RFID and mage recognition set out to achieve.

Slyce the company that has come up with a visual search technology through a mobile app are set on redefining the internet experience as well as playing a key role in redefining the marriage experience.

Slyce has in the recent past received much recognition from the development of the slice universal scanner, which offers the most accurate image recognition technology. The application offers customers a platform that is flawless by snapping or scanning anything around them and will receive a quotation of the exact match of the goods online with different prices from different retailers.

Based on this image recognition technology it is safe to conclude that the process of planning for a wedding will in the future be very reasonable and exciting.