Doe Deere: The Beauty of Being a Unicorn

Doe Deere, or the Unicorn Queen, has a fascinating sense of style. On any given day, you’ll see an Instagram photo of her in a hot pink coat, bright blue eyeshadow, and a cascade of neon red hair. But she is to be taken seriously. She is the founder of the wildly successful Lime Crime, a makeup company that sells bright hues of vegan and cruelty-free makeup. Her makeup is selling well, she has over half a million followers on Instagram, and Self-Made magazine listed her as one of the top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and spent her formative years in Russia and New York City. She delved into fashion by attending the Fashion Institute of NY (FIT) and then jumped onto another trajectory: music. She had dreamed of becoming a musician and intended to fulfill that dream. So she started a band, performed in New York, met her husband, also a songwriter, and spent years performing. Then her calling came.
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Her beginnings with makeup have always been extreme: the more extreme, the better. Discovery and experimentation were her journeys. Her shift towards makeup was out of necessity: Essentially, she was looking for brightly colored makeup and there were no products out there (or certainly none to her liking). Seeing an opportunity, she simply decided to make her own. Her company, Lime Crime, stands for breaking the rules. It is profitable, she says, because girls were merely searching for the same thing: makeup in bright colors. Looking back, her entrepreneurial spirit was always there. When she was 13, she sold temporary tattoos back in Russia. Starting Lime Crime years later in 2008 was another rung up that ladder.

Her website offers lipsticks, plushies, hair dyes and emphasizes a bold, carefree nature. Her makeup, she emphasizes, offers people the “freedom to express themselves without fear of judgment.”

The products come with fascinating names, too. Diamond crusher lipsticks and chocolate cherry or dirty mermaid hair dyes are available. The website’s “How You Wear It” section shows exactly what the makeup looks like when applied: the colors are gorgeous. She has reached a demographic whose needs were not being met, people who were also willing to shell out money for makeup without trying it behind a counter. Her advice to young, ambitious women? “Be in touch with yourself and really know yourself.”


The Success of Jackson Family Wines in Modern Day Society

Julia JacksonWine is one of those beverages that posses a sophistication. It has class as well as prestige. The grapes that are used to produce wine grows all over the world. The United States is home to one of the leaders and that company is Jackson Family Wines. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, the family-owned and operated business has set new trends, and it has changed the status quo. Jackson Family Wines give consumers great quality wines at a fair cost. Though it has numerous wineries around the world, its point of inception is in California’s Santa Maria Valley.Julia Jackson is a valuable asset of the business. She is woman of many titles, which includes being a salesman, a representative, a proprietor and a spokesperson. She is the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. While growing up, Julia worked in the fields with her other siblings. Sometimes this just so happened to be in extremely hot weather. Of course, this hard work has built character among the siblings in which they present to this very day. Jackson Family Wines offer the benefits of:

  • Expertise & Experience
  • A Strong Foundation
  • Numerous Wineries
  • Produces Great Tasting Wine
  • Serves A Huge Customer-Base

Julia does a lot here as she works with the international sales team, designs Julia Jacksonartwork for the company website, and she operates her very own nonprofit organization, which is known as Seeds of Empowerment. She is well-versed in the French culture, has attended Scripps College, and she has participated in professional modeling. Her range is very diverse and that makes her very special. Her very own Julia’s Vineyard sits 500 feet above sea level, and it produces eight different clones of Pinot Noir. Jackson Family Wines is leading by example as it is one of the 21st century’s top wine producers.

What Helane Morrison Loves About Working For Hall Capital Partners

Helane Morrison has a long history in law and enforcing investing and securities trading regulations, but she’s now working to help investors have a well-managed portfolio at Hall Capital Partners. Morrison has been the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel at this firm since 2007 and chose to come here because Hall Capital values transparency with the public and hires qualified individuals who know the markets to manage client investments. The firm specializes in both public and private equity and has clients ranging from corporate and institutional investors to private individuals. Morrison ensures that all portfolio managers and executives are following regulations and reporting guidelines in accordance with the SEC and tax laws.

Morrison currently resides in San Francisco, but she grew up in Brooklyn, NY and attended the Northwestern College of Journalism where she got her B.A. She became interested in financial law soon after and enrolled in the UC Berkley School of Law. She contributed to and eventually became editor-in-chief of the California Law Review journal while there and graduated with a J.D. The first part of her professional career was spent clerking for Richard Posner of the US Court of Appeals 7th Circuit, and later US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Morrison even points to this point in her career where she was influenced the most while sitting in on the various hearings.

Morrison decided to move from clerking into practicing law out in San Francisco, so she joined the notable law firm there known as Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. While serving there she focused on helping clients win lawsuits against bad investment managers, pharmaceutical companies that had failed to comply with securities regulations and internal matters within large businesses. In six years she became a Partner at the firm. The cases she won prompted the SEC to hire her as an enforcer for the San Francisco office.

As an enforcer she started going after violators that had carefully dodged suspicions of insider trading and embezzlement prior to Morrison taking over. Her reputation for catching financial predators soon preceded her and in 1999 she became the SEC’s Regional Director. After 11 years of working with the SEC, Morrison was invited by CEO Kathryn Hall of Hall Capital to lend her legal expertise to that firm. Morrison was glad to accept because she felt that people needed to know there were good firms in banking and investing and that she could make a difference working with this one.